Serge Belamant: A Founding Partner of Blockchain Technologies

Alec Hogg, a prominent financial expert, once labeled Serge Belamant as the Steve JobsofSouth Africa. Mr. Belamant is a skilled applications and software developer. He is also a leading contributor to blockchain technologies. His innovations are useful in the sector of finance. Serge is credited with the implementation of the first blockchain of technologies that have been used in creating cryptocurrencies. He used smart cards with a unique micro-controller to make his innovative technologies. The skilled entrepreneur has also created a platform that allows banks and private clients to process their transactions faster.

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Born in 1953, Serge Belamant and his family moved to South Africa when he was 14. He learned how to speak in English and then enrolled in Highlands North Highschool. Being a bright student, he joined several clubs including bridge and science groups as a captain. He excelled in academic work. Consequently, in 1972, Belamant became the Head Prefect of the school. He participated in athletics and chess where he represented his club, the Southern Transvaal. Serge landed the sixth position in the 1972 South African Chess School Championships. Belamant won the Victor Ludorum Award in 1971. Later in the year, Serge Belamant graduated with a pass. He attended Witwatersrand University and studied engineering before joining the class of computer science and mathematics.

In his third year of school, he transferred to the University of South Africa and studied information systems. Serge Belamant joined the workforce at the age of 22. Belamant was employed at that age. He first served at Matrix as a software analyst in charge of cyber computers. He created different applications made to analyze water levels in the country’s dams. The same applications were also used to predict future droughts. He developed more intricate computer models particularly for projects in Industrial Research. As such, his skills were recognized. Balemant was promoted to serve at Witwatersrand and Vereeniging, a road planning project. His input and methods led to breakthroughs in digital mapping and creating graphic phases to enhance infrastructure network analysis. With an upward career trajectory, Belamant was employed to serve as a consultant at Bancorp. He dealt with risk management. His roles included creating a program that assessed risk and analyzed the sustainability of the business.

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Steve Lesnard on Successful Product Introduction

Marketing of new products has recently been transformed to foreign and changing trends by commonly and widely used social media and digital platforms. The use of social media and digital platforms to promote the marketing of new products is highly beneficial despite the probability of being counterproductive in the event of unbalanced leveraging. Successful brands always have their top most priority to be placing their consumers’ needs first before anything else. Introducing new products into the market, if successful, records remarkable benefits that complement consumers with an added value. Steve Lesnard advises on two key main principles that help in successful implementation of a new brand product in the market.

First, product marketing should be kept as simple as possible, in purpose of it being memorable. New product introduction, should clearly outline the benefits to the consumer and specify on what preferences are foreign and mostly preferred. Simplification of product introduction makes the product team base their work on innovative and amicable communication features. A successful brand such as Apple, marketing their famously known iPod, based their marketing campaign on the possible advantages and benefits of the product to the consumers. At a time, the communication industry was globally in competition for technical supremacy, Apple’s strategy was based on emotion and basic simplicity.

Another successful brand, Peleton, a Fitness industry company, provided their consumers with a product they referred to as Private Indoor Cycling Studio straight to their homes. Prior to their traditional premium product, a spinning bike, the fitness firm innovated their consumer preferences and experience. Steve Lesnard’s other key principle for successful product introduction is to successfully implement the brand product in faith of it being real to the consumers. This principle is based on the experience of the consumer. Once a brand’s storyline is successful in terms of clarity, the next step is to bring the product to life.

Lesnard discloses that the best innovative features are made possible by the use of social media and digital platforms within the correct context, and the ability and the opportunity to integrate a consumer testimony within the brand’s storyline.

Kisling, Nestico & Redick Goes Beyond Legal Practice to Help People in Ohio

Based in Akron, Ohio, Kisling, Nestico & Redick is a prominent personal injury firm that provides legal counsel and representation to victims of accidents who have suffered spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, internal injury, loss of limb, back injury, burns, catastrophic injury as well as other serious injuries. They specialize in wrongful death, car accidents, as well as medical malpractive.

With attorneys who have more than 500 years of combined experience in the legal field, Kisling, Nestico & Redick is highly conversant with matters associated with the insurance industry. It is built an impressive reputation in Ohio as a leading provider of compassionate, personalized attention as well as client-specific advice.

Gary Kisling, Rob Nestico, as well as Robert Redick came together to cofound the practice in 2005. They recruited three paralegals to help them in the fight for justice for victims of injuries. It grew rapidly to have more than forty attorneys as well as more than 100 support staff working tirelessly in 11 offices across Ohio. Kisling, Nestico & Redick and its team of attorneys have represented thousands of clients recovering over $450 million in verdicts as well as settlements on behalf of the clients. Additionally, the firm has been recognized as an agent of positive transformation in the industry by seeking to make roadways safer.

One of the goals of the firm is to bring to an end malpractices in insurance companies in the country. Large insurance companies often take advantage of people who are not able to fight back and according to Nestico, the firm is fighting to end the vice. Nestico was involved in an accident when he was young leaving him with broken bones and a severe hematoma in the head. Since they were immigrants, an insurance company took advantage of that when settling the claim. Since then, he devoted to fight for the rights of people who are not able to fight back by themselves.

The firm has been recognized widely alongside its attorneys. Nestico has been listed by “The National Trial Lawyers Association” as one of “Top 100 Trial Lawyers”. In addition to the many accolades, Kisling, Nestico & Redick supports several community causes in Ohio.

Agera Energy Residential Energy Plans

Agera Energy is an energy provider for both residential and commercial customers. The can provide both electricity and natural gas. Not all states offer residential customers a choice for energy providers. Agera Energy operates in many states that do give their customers a choice. Follow Agera Energy on

Their service is currently available in fifteen states plus the District of Columbia.

You can shop for your energy online if you are an Agera Energy customer. Enrolling takes less than five minutes. To start your enrollment process, you will need a copy of your energy bill. When you become a customer, you will have the ability to choose green energy options if that is important to you.

OSI Industries’ Strategy For Efficiently Conducting Business in the Food Industry

What would the world be like without food services? If the world’s food services were to shutdown, then society would literally come to a halt. Have you ever heard of a company named OSI Industries? If you haven’t heard about this progressive-acting company, then you’re not alone. OSI Industries is more than just a food provider. This particular company has grown into an enterprise of its own. Clients can choose from a variety of foods such as onions, pasta, panini, flatbread, cucumbers, pizza, Tofu, beef patties, hot dogs, turkey products, cheese, chicken wings, chicken nuggets, meatballs, fruit, pot roast, soups and many other foods.

Otto Kolschowski launched the company back at the start of the 20th century. Yes, OSI Industries has been around for more than a century. One of the biggest features of this company is that it has many technologically advanced facilities that are on multiple continents. There are a total of 65 technologically advanced facilities that reside in Poland, Ukraine, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Japan, Hungary, China, India, theNetherlands, Spain and many other locations. Having the ability to handle a wide load of topics is what OSI does best. From development to distribution, this food provider can do it all in the food industry.

OSI Industries can also be seen as a philanthropist thanks to partnering with numerous charitable organizations, including Ronald McDonald House and Northern Illinois Food Bank. The acquisition of controlling stake is another important factor in OSI’s success since it has acquired stake in a number of its competitors’ businesses. Excellence in global cuisine, an abundance of R&D specialists and custom food products has only made this food provider stronger. OSI Industries is basically winning by dominating the field, and that’s a guaranteed fact.

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Jennifer Walden is a Leading Cosmetic Surgeon That Practices Laser Hair Removal at Her Clinic in NYC

Jennifer Walden is one of the leading women in the field of cosmetic surgery, with certifications all across the board for her accomplishments and expertise. She is a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. For the latter, Jennifer Walden is also a director of the board and a commissioner of communications.

For many years, Dr. Walden lived in New York City while she was training for her career, so much so that she now calls it her second home. Jennifer’s true home is in Texas, where she ultimately moved after her accomplishments in New York to be closer to her family. Jennifer was born in Texas and graduated from the Univerity of Texas with honors and a biology degree before ultimately taking up a focus on the medical field.

Skintology MedSpa is a clinic Jennifer Walden opened up in New York City to help men and women with all of their cosmetic needs, from surgical procedures to skin treatments. Laser Hair Removal is also one of the services that Jennifer provides at her clinic, which is becoming increasingly popular every year. Regardless of where the unwanted hair happens to be, Laser Hair Removal can be the perfect solutions. While it is more common for a woman, the surgery is available and helpful to men that want to get rid of excess hair on the chest or back as well.

What makes laser hair removal so effective is that it targets hair follicles directly during the growth phase and breaks it down, disabling it from reproducing any more hairs in the future. While laser hair removal was still in its infancy, it was only effective on people with light skin and dark hair. Today, the technology has come a long way and people with all skin colors and hair colors can find results with laser hair removal.

Alongside her successful clinic in New York, Jennifer also owns the Walden Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center in Austin, Texas. Dr. Walden’s reputation in the medical field isn’t the only thing she’s building either. Jennifer is also an accomplished author and active commentator for cosmetic surgery, appearing on ABC News, VH1, E!, and Fox news.

Talkspace Continues Its Impressive Growth As It Branches Out Into New Territory:

Talkspace is a revolutionary platform that provides therapy through licensed counselors in a talk therapy manner that is accessed through devices such as tablets and smartphones. The service can operate via text or video. The original focus of Talkspace has been in the area of mental health and has dealt with patients that suffer from issues such as depression and anxiety. Talkspace has been rapidly growing in recent years under the leadership of its Chief Executive and founder Oren Frank. Now Talkspace is expanding its revolutionary platform to the area of therapy for couples. The team at Talkspace are making the bold claim that their platform can be as beneficial to couples as a real-time session in person with a therapist.

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The Talkspace platform allows for individuals, and now for couples as well, to connect with the licensed therapists that are able to help them with the problems that they may be facing. Regardless of whether a Talkspace user is at home, work or anywhere else, they will always be able to get ahold of a therapist when and where they need to. This is the revolutionary aspect that Talkspace offers to its users and it is something that is really picking up steam and growing impressively.

One of the major reasons why Talkspace has caught on so well and is helping so many individuals and couples is due to the fact that one of its goals is to provide therapy at a much more cost-effective price tag. It is also much more convenient as users do not have to physically go to an office to engage with a therapist. This heightened level of convenience also has the effect of getting some that may have previously been reluctant to seek therapy to do so. This is really what the Talkspace experience is all about. Getting people the therapy that they need when and where they need it is the goal that Talkspace has and the company has been quite impressive in its efforts to achieve this exact goal. The future certainly looks bright for this revolutionary new concept in therapy. Visit:

Health Benefits and Convenience of Organo Gold

Organo Gold Coffee has been pushing the market since it was introduced in 2008. The coffee is derived from organic Ganoderma which is a mushroom. This ingredient gives the coffee a very smooth taste and it contains many vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that make it appealing as a healthy alternative to bean coffee. Since it has been introduced it has grown in popularity due to its marketing platform. People are able to sign up as Organo Gold representatives and begin selling the product as a work at home business. Many of these representatives thrive with a strong Facebook presence which allows them to promote their business with social media posts and the sharing of health benefits of the product. Customers can purchase directly from their Organo Gold coffee representatives direct sale site. Products ship directly to customers. In addition to coffee, Organo Gold also features teas and hot cocoa products. These all carry the same healthy benefits that the coffee does. Organo Gold has been paving the way through the coffee industry. These drinks offer many health benefits that traditional coffee beverages do not. In addition to the health benefits they are known to have weight loss properties and are easy to make from home or while at the office. The convenience, cost and healthy benefits have been swaying loyal coffee drinkers to the ever growing Organo Gold customer base.

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OSI Industries, Global Leader in Food Production

OSI Industries began as a small food processing company that only sold meat. Currently, it is the largest food production and processing company in the United States. It not only has taken the US food production industry by storm but has also managed to reach a global scale. OSI is now in operation in seventeen countries in the world, and it has close to 65 facilities in these countries. OSI has more than twenty thousand people working in it as employees. Their global reach is attested to the quality products that they deliver to their customers worldwide. OSI ensures that all its food products are carefully inspected before they reach their customers. In terms of food-related services, OSI is the largest private company in the US.

OSI Industries uses its resources to give other food-related brands and restaurants an opportunity to grow. OSI does this through the partnerships it forms with these brands that are related to food. Most of these brands use OSI capabilities to expand their brands to a global scale. If one partners with OSI, they have the opportunity to develop their brand and expand their customer base internationally. OSI Industries controls the world’s food chain supplies, and this means they can leverage and secure the price. They can set standard prices that their consumers can afford and at the same time ensure the food products reaching them are safe. To know more about the company click here.

Safety and customer satisfaction is OSI’s main mission. This comes after the many deaths and diseases that are associated with unhealthy and poisonous food products. OSI Industries partners with other food brands to encourage them to produce food products that are safe for the customers and that contribute positively to their health. The poultry production at OSI was recently doubled from the normal twelve thousand tones to twenty-four thousand tones. This increase in production was made in the Spanish plant, and the decision came after a high demand for processed poultry. OSI is growing day by day, and this increase in demand goes to show how fast and quickly the company is expanding. Within no time, OSI will be on a larger global scale.

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DonataMeirelles Talk About Winter Fashion And The Importance Of A Good Trench Coat

DonataMeirelles is a prominent name within the Brazilian Fashion Industry and has risen to prominence for being a notable person who has impacted the growth of Vogue Brazil. She has an extensive amount of knowledge with regards to the fashion industry and has contributed to the development of the magazine in more ways than one. She is also looked up to as a fashion icon and is someone who has impacted the manner in which people perceive fashion in Brazil.

Her fashion sense is considered to be incredibly well put together and well defined. Because of this, thousands of people look up to Meirelles as an inspiration for the kind of clothing that they wear and the styles that they pull off. Because of her understanding of fashion, she has, on several occasions, given her advice on what to wear and what pieces of fashion are good to own. Her fashion tips are regarded as nothing short of remarkable are implementable for various different kinds of occasions. Follow Donata Meirelles on Instagram for updates.

Meirelles is known for her strong interest in luxury fashion, and has, on many occasions been featured in videos and articles that talk about the different brands and the fashion lines that they have put on. Some of the more recent posts that Meirelles was a part of was concerning the new Burberry Fall/Winter Collection. In this, DonataMeirelles gave viewers a few tips on the fashion pieces that they can incorporate into their wardrobe from this collection.

One of the tips that she gave readers during this exhibit was the fact that they should always own a good looking trench coat. A trench coat is a must in any winter wardrobe and is one piece of winter fashion that everyone should own for a well put together look. She then proceeded to pick out a few outerwear options from the collection and laid out a few of her favorites.

There were a number of additional pieces that Meirelles found and decided to talk about in the video. Some of the pieces of clothing that she gave her tips on included a fringed miniskirt, scarves and many others.

One of the biggest tips that DonataMeirelles stands by is that one should always have a few strong fashion pieces that can look good on their own, and which can also work well with a number of different outfits and different clothing styles.

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