Markus Rothkranz: Be Limitless

Health guru Markus Rothkranz has worked tirelessly to provide the public with food and health tips. Believing health is an important factor of our everyday life, Markus Rothkranz took the time to explain his tips on the journey to freedom.

Markus centered the video around his phrase “to be limitless you must rid yourself of limitations”. Many individuals seek the need to become free. Most individuals rarely take the time to shed the limitations placed upon them. Markus explains how those limitations will cause you to slow down. Without shedding limitations one can never achieve true limitless freedom.

Markus explains how we are born into limitations. From birth parents and society limit what is an acceptable accomplishment to the youth. By hearing “no” and “don’t do that” repeatedly, individuals manifest the idea that some things can not be achieved.

Markus strongly believes the only way to live limitless is to do what you feel is correct. He recommends all individuals seek personal satisfaction and happiness. Following true happiness will attract positive energy and people into your life. The more positive energy around you, individuals will experience a more powerful outcome. Living in a negative mindset will produce a negative outcome.

Markus urge individuals not to chase money. Finances is only a tool. He believes money will never change or shape the true character of a person. Markus explains the only journey to freedom is positive energy and self satisfaction. Mark recommends everyone take chances and stand out in the pursuit of their own happiness and freedom.

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  1. Some people will not listen and they will go about the world chasing some tools because they are not aware of it. Actually can be seen right now and I think it should put this to the right perspective. Many people truly follow their dreams and are passionate about making the world a better place for people to live in.

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