Sweet, Fresh and Healthy with Sweetgreen

Nathaniel Ru and his friends were in their final year at the Georgetown University in Washington DC when they were hit with the idea of Sweetgreen. They thought of the way they could provide a place where they could offer a healthy eating place within the University. After laboring for the first few years, Sweetgreen has managed to establish itself into a 21 store chain across the United States of America. They faced difficulty during the startup as the landlord would not listen to their idea. The landlord had a prior experience with these boys as she happened to be the landlord of the building that these boys lived in.


The three gentlemen could not be deterred by the landlord. To show their determination, they would call her at least once in a day for a whole month until she agreed to meet with them. For Nathaniel Ru, this would be the first day he wore a suit as well as the last one. During this meeting, they armed themselves with a business plan detailing their plan and a budget. The landlord advised these three gentlemen to look for an architect as well as some investors. She also advised them to prepare a real plan that would look appealing to investors. Nathaniel and his friends spent around three weeks looking for an architect and financial investors.


According to the head of marketing for Sweetgreen, the startup uses as marketing strategy similar to the one of Apple. First, the strategy allows the company to be social and at the same time smart and sexy. The strategy also focuses on been local. Despite having expanded to various cities, Sweetgreen has maintained its core values, and it continues to serve the community. Some of the core values of Sweetgreen include:

  • Win, win and win. This means that everyone should benefit from the startup. This includes workers, customers and even the owners and the entire community.
  • Every decision by Sweetgreen should consider the long term effects.
  • The third core value of Sweetgreen is keeping it real. This means that everyone and everything associated with Sweetgreen should be authentic and original.


Over the years, Sweetgreen has managed to open branches in other cities across the United States. There are stores in New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington DC. The startup continues to offer healthy and fresh products to its customers. To ensure local participation, Sweetgreen acquires its product locally. Over the years, the company has held educational forums in different states to educate students on the need for healthy living.


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