Jose Borghi of Mullen Advertising Promotes Brand Creation for Successful Marketing


Jose Borghi is prominent for having created some of the most untapped and unexplored talents in the advertising industry. His career in advertising commenced in 1988 when he worked at Standard Ogilvy. His works have extended to Talent, Leo Burnett, and FCB. In 1994, Jose Henrique Borghi worked as a stellar campaign developer at DM9DDB. He left to join Leo Burnett in 1999. In that agency, he was the chief executive officer. During his regime at Leo Burnett, he cheered most campaigns like Fiat. Most of the campaigns he initiated became market leaders for the first time in history.


Being a visionary man, Borghi quit establishing his agency, BorghiErh. This was a partnership with him being the head and core shareholder. He assumed the leadership position. In 2006, December, Borghi merged BorghiErh with a highly ranked agency called Global Network Lowe and Partners. Borghi was the chief creative officer. After restructuring in July 2012, the company changed names to Borghi Lowe. In 2015, Borghi was appointed as the chief executive officer of Mullen Lowe Group.

About Mullen Lowe

Mullen Lowe is an advertising agency geographically located in Brazil. Featuring multiple long arms, the company can deliver strong, sharp, and unified minds with creativity. This is unmatched talent. Their journey began with the partnership of two agencies with the same vision. Mullen Lowe, therefore, features a structure with complementary abilities. Most importantly, the management had a long history with entrepreneurial organizations. From scrap, the agency works with clients in collecting the ideas t the core. The result is a global creative boutique that shares the same objective. The aim collaborates with the world’s best revolutionary marketers. Click here to know more.


Mullen Lowe believes that most successful brands are quickly put to use. They are also loved because of consumer’s interests. They, therefore, focus on clients by initiating valuable conversations concerning product creation, marketing, and advertising.

Using SEO To Enhance Reputation Management

Sometimes the solution to online reputation management hides in how well the brand is publicly presented. This public presentation is referred to as, brand recognition and it’s linked to building a savory reputation. As opposed to an “unsavory” reputation, this is often the result of negative information posted online.

Modern digital marketing concepts call for search engine optimization (SEO) to strengthen the brand through building positive content. discusses four methods to manage online reputations. Using SEO, it’s possible to push negative information posted online into a lower position in the search results. SEO as a manner of online reputation management, can be easily integrated into any social media feed.

Essentially, the organic nature of search results sometimes takes their own course. Whenever something negative appears online about the product and services that your company offers; immediately write a positive post on either social media or by using a blogging format. An alternate way to respond is networking with the companies that support online businesses by publishing Q&A interviews with either backlinks or an embedded bio link.

In other words, your company’s brand can be positively impacted by SEO insertions. This also means creating “working” partnerships with businesses that provide “leverage links.” Leverage links are a special type of backlinks. Instead of being embedded in the content; they actually refer back to your website through a personal bio of a top executive that’s published on high quality websites.

Remember, online reputation management means to create a positive reflection of your business’ brand. It’s another way to create positive “press” without using an actual press release. Also make time to speak at local events and talk about the best aspects of your brand. Use subtle speaking hints to highlight what your business has to offer.

All forms of advertisements are temporary, unless they appear in a format such as a podcast or videos posted on YouTube. Using SEO and social media are the best ways to manage an online reputation. Because this can reframe the negatives and redirect the focus back to the positives.

The Best Beneful Dog Treats for Puppies to Senior Dogs

Beneful offers dog treats for every stage of development through a dog’s life. Each brand of Beneful dog treats contains healthy ingredients with a variety of different flavors and sizes for every dog. Beneful gives dog owners different options of treats including Baked Delights, Healthy Smile, IncrediBites and Break-N-Bites. For puppies, Beneful Baked Delights come in cheese and peanut butter flavors with a crispy outside texture and a soft center. Baked Delights give puppies a satisfying small bite that is easy to chew and digest. Click here to know more.

While senior dogs can eat all types of Beneful dog treats, Beneful Healthy Smile helps senior dogs with plague and tartar buildup that contributes to tooth decay in older dogs. Healthy Smile can be enjoyed by senior dogs because of its healthy natural ingredients of real parsley and peanut butter to clean teeth. With Beneful Baked Delights being the most popular dog treat among dog owners, each baked morsel contains 21.2 calories. As the best Beneful dog treat used for training and rewarding, Beneful Break-N-Bites gives natural healthy bites at just 9 calories a square.

In all varieties of Beneful dog treats there are different flavors offered such as peanut butter, chicken, beef, cheese and bacon. With the best flavor of Beneful dog treats being peanut butter, dog owners can be assured that different varieties of treats offer peanut butter flavor. To receive the best value on Beneful dog treats, dog owners can find coupons for all Beneful dog treats on the Beneful official website.

Whitney Wolfe Has Given Many People A New Way To Make A Love Connection

Romance and dating have always been two things that most people look for in their lives. The idea of finding someone to share time with is something that many people aspire to have in their lives. However, one of the hardest things for many people to find is a little romance and dating space in their lives. As technology has become a more integral part of the daily life of most people, the way that people seek out romance and dating has been shifted to adjust to this new way of life.

One of the ways that technology has shifted how people look at dating and romance is how people communicate. The days of people calling on landline phones is almost a thing of the past. This was the primary way that people communicated beyond face-to-face contact just a generation ago. Communication has transformed into something totally different now with recent technology innovations such as the smartphone.

Today people communicate in ways that were unthinkable a short time ago. In the view of the technology innovations that have occurred, new avenues have been developed for common desires such as romance and dating. One of the new developments are date apps, which provide a way for people to get to know others through the use of dating apps based on technology devices.

The Bumble date app that was founded by Whitney Wolfe is one of the most well known of these date apps. The Bumble date app provides an experience that is vastly different than other date apps. The Bumble date app has an approach that focuses on women and their needs. Many people who use the Bumble date app like the way that the app gives women the primary control in starting and continuing communication through the app.

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Whitney Wolfe is a technology veteran who is someone who understands the impact of technology on society. Whitney Wolfe founded the Bumble date app with the idea of making women the major concern of finding romance and establishing a dating life. Whitney Wolfe has helped to make the Bumble date app a place where more people are coming on a regular basis to find love and romance.

Seattle Genetics: The Outcome For Devotion And Dedication of Clay Siegall

A co-founder of Seattle Genetics, Clay B. Siegall became CEO, Chairman of Board and President of this company. An expert in his field with an importance on targeted therapies, Siegall made Seattle Genetics on the basis scientific innovation, drug development practices and rigorous research in addition to a passion for patients who are fighting with diseases.

Due to his expertise, devotion and hard working, Clay guided Seattle Genetics to its present leading position in producing latest antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) and also made it secure FDA approval for ADC product, ADCETRIS in 2011. By working hand in hand with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, That product is now a worldwide brand that is approved to use in above sixty-five countries.

Under Clay’s leadership, SG has entered into many strategic licenses because of its ADC technology, including with AbbVie, Roche, Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline which have above US$350 million till today. Across different collaboration programs, there are around 20 ADCs in clinical development using the technology of Seattle Genetics. Clay has led capital-raising activities of Seattle Genetics, securing US$1.2 billion through private/public financings, including the initial public offering of Seattle Genetics in 2001.

Clay also likes to be in touch with the latest technology and for that purpose he is also maintaining a blog. In one of the article, there is a discussion about a fungal pesticide that is an alternative to traditional chemicals. It mentioned in that that Pesticide is one example of biopesticides; it is a group that also includes biochemical and bacteria derived from plants. Biopesticides are a small segment of a local market for now. However, their use is projected to improve at a rapid pace than conventional synthetic pesticides over next few years.

One of the most notable blogs is about How Does Speaking Up can Change the Minds by Dalia Mogahed. After 9/11 incident, when Dalia saw a rise in negative perceptions of Muslims in international media, she took a stand and starting to speak about Muslim and how peaceful Islam his. Muslims are not extremists or terrorists like international media portray them. Muslims are a peaceful and cooperative nation, and Islam is a peaceful religion.