How Is End Citizens United Changing Campaign Financing?

I have been a part of what End Citizens United is doing for some time because I believe that they have the best chance of changing how campaigns are financed. It is easy for people to ensure that they are making a difference in government when they are supporting this PAC. This article explains how I am helping with End Citizens United, and I am quite proud to be a part of what they are doing. We have many people to educate about campaign finance, and we must start now.


#1: Who Is Learning?


There are quite a lot of people who are learning about campaign finance because of the stories that we are sharing through End Citizens United, and I have shown many people what this charity has to say about campaign financing. We want to see the laws changed because they will provide a way to eliminate all lobbying and special interests. Someone who is swayed by money cannot be elected to office because they cannot have their appointment paid for.


#2: Social Media


Social media is used by End Citizens United every day to share articles and stories about how government has been impacted by big money. Big money will change the way someone is elected because they are able to get more exposure, and we are hoping that people will notice how unfair that is. I share many stories from the social media pages of the company, and I believe that they will release more information that will help us educate the public.


#3: Corruption In Government


Many of the stories that are shared by End Citizens United relate to corruption in government that is caused by big money. I believe this is a problem that many people do not understand because the corruption does not change after someone is elected. These people will take as much as they possibly can, and they will continue to do corrupt things as long as they believe it is possible to get away with it.


#4: How I Help


I help people raise money for End Citizens United because it is a simple way to get the message out. I believe that it is important to ensure that people know that we need more funds to meet our goals. We have raised a few million, and we have many more to raise so that we may change the laws of the land. Changing the laws will eliminate the need for any of this fuss.


I support End Citizens United because they are doing a good job teaching the public that they have a part to play in elections. Big money must be removed to ensure that the best people are elected.


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