Puerto Rico’s Hurricane Relief and story and Glen Wakeman

The happening of any hurricane season is often devastating as it results in unfriendly outcomes that might even take time for the appropriate remedy to be found. Similarly, Puerto Rico is among those that already encountered such a hurricane season in the year (Angel.co). As a result, it is already a victim of an enduring economic crisis. This adds up to the fact that a population of about a million at the Island lost power after the 7th September Hurricane Irma clip.


Even though evading such challenges can be tough, it is worth appreciating the continued efforts of institutions such as Red Cross in being alongside the help of the donors, donors like Glen Wakeman. The establishment if the American Red Cross took place in 1981. It is broadly recognized for its role in working to meet its mission on preventing and alleviating human suffering whenever emergencies arise. They do this through enhancing the mobilization of the strength associated with volunteering as well as the donors’ generosity.


The efforts of the Red Cross has not only been swift but also targeted. This is seen through its possession of volunteers as well as employees at the Island ground before the happening of the landfall by Hurricane Irma. By working alongside federal, the corporate as well as the community partners, the organization has enhanced the mobilization of volunteers as well as relief supplies to the needy. The supplies include water, cleanup kits, insect repellant, work gloves, food, home repair kits, and hand sanitizer. None of which, could be accomplished without the donations of individuals like Glen Wakeman.


Additionally, the organization already prioritized o aiding the communication infrastructure of Puerto Rico. It is for this reason that it has executed the shipping of satellite phones alongside other technological items towards the Island. This is aimed at filling specific needs that the cell phone service leaves.


Glen Wakeman is often described as the man wearing several hats. This is seen through his occupation of various roles such as being an investor, an executive alongside global business, a mentor, an investor as well as an entrepreneur (http://www.glenwakeman.com/about-glen-wakeman/). This adds up to his part of coaching other CEO on the ways of bettering the management of their firms. From his experience, he has a broad understanding of the continually rising interconnectedness related to the international economy.

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