Lime Crime Reaches The Youth

Lime Crime has become one of the hottest brands of cosmetics that the young millennial crowd has seen. This is definitely the crowd that Doe Deere had in mind when she conceptualized this brand of cosmetics that is not specifically meant for men or women. Doe Deere wanted to be clear that she was on another level and she wanted to provide a rebel style of cosmetics that did not turn anyone away.

With LimeCrime what Doe Deere has managed to do is create a diverse selection of cosmetics that would be able to reach the consumers by advertising through social media.

Doe Deere could have easily run after customers through traditional print ads and television market. This is what many of her adversaries are doing. This may have gotten some exposure for the brand of cosmetics that she was advertising, but Doe Deere could have never reached the fan base that she has attracted with these traditional methods of marketing the Lime Crime cosmetics that she has pushed for.

Since a large number of the fans of her cosmetics line know her from YouTube videos it made more sense for her to focus on reaching the crowd where she had already grabbed their attention. The Internet would become the best place to create an online crowd and market to these people.

It also would become one of the most cost-effective ways for Doe Deere to realize what she was doing with her brand. So far, she has to create the type of company that is really pushing the boundaries, and consumers love it. There’s no doubt about it. Doe Deere is a rebel that has been able to take this brand to a bigger fan base because she has more consumers to connect to through various forms of social media.

Doe Deere has also been knowledgeable on what it takes to build a customer base by keeping people interested in the new products that she unveils. The addition of semi-permanent hair dye has allowed this brand of cosmetics to evolve with consumers that wanted a diverse products line.

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