Dr. Johanan Rand helps us age well, not just get old

Dr. Johanan Rand, specialist in age management medicine is based in New Jersey and assists both men and women with age related issues. One of his techniques is called bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Our bodies change as we age sometimes with multiple unpleasant symptoms and makes our bodies vulnerable to development of various diseases.

Depending on your lab results, Dr Rand’s program will be custom created for you providing the critical balance of hormones that we all enjoyed during our younger years. We we feel more invigorated everyday and our bodies can better ward off age related diseases.

We are all aware of how a woman’s body and mental attitude changes when she enters menopause, but less attention has been made of the required increased levels of testosterone needed by a man as he ages (https://www.northnewjerseyhcg.com/). This manly process actually has a name, andropause. But wait, there’s more! Not only does the level of testosterone decrease in men as we age but estrogen increases! The rate of testosterone drop and increase in estrogen for men is not as rapid as what women experience in menopause. Left untreated, increased testosterone deficiency can lead to obesity, increased risk of heart disease and hypertension. Fact is, men who suffer heart attacks are often found with lower levels of testosterone and higher levels of estrogen.

Dr. Johanan Rand only practices Peer-Review medicine. If he cannot support it with a medical journal or article he will not recommend or prescribe treatment. Dr. Rand is also a health and fitness expert and at 50 years old, a role model to his patents. Dr. Rand is also an expert in presenting the “evidence based support” of bio-identical hormones. After your initial visit that includes an executive physical examination, a comprehensive plan that identifies your total health picture will be initiated to include bio-identical hormones, fitness, nutrition and dietary supplements.


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