ClassDojo is Turning Classrooms into Communities

ClassDojo is the company behind an app that aims to allow teachers to rid themselves of the parent-teacher conference.

The company offers a messaging app that connects teachers directly to the parents of each child in the classroom. This enables the teachers to be able to contact the parent at any time to ask questions concerning a child’s individual educational and personal needs. Parents are able to contact the teachers as well.

With this technology, teachers are empowered to communicate with parents during work hours instead of making contacts after work or on the weekend. The goal of the app is to completely wipe out the parent teacher conference, enabling teachers to have a more open social life and to increase productivity of teachers all across the nation.

The app is not only built for teachers. Students are given their own platform to share events in the form of photos and videos to their parents. This creates a very satisfying sense of community with-in the class room by providing the students with a social media platform to post content that isn’t necessarily compatible with other forms of social media.

ClassDojo was founded in 2011 and is made up of a team of educators and web developers. Many of ClassDojo’s employees have been involved in the education industry for decade; the developers at ClassDojo have worked for such prominent companies as Amazon and Facebook.

Educators all over the country are aware of the fact that it is up to them to provide for their students in places that federal and state budget funds do not. ClassDojo allows teachers to innovate their education process from the ground-up. Teachers that are not making use of edtech like ClassDojo are not only unconvincing themselves but they are putting a hold on the advancement of the educational process.

If you are a teacher and are worried about such an app invading your privacy, you should know, ClassDojo comes equipped with a customization do not disturb feature to make sure that you get to pick the hours parents message and communicate with you.

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