Jeff Aronin Working for the Greater Good

Jeff Aronin is a husband and a father. He and his wife Lisa have three daughters together. But Aronin is also a busy man in the office, working as the chairman and CEO of Paragon Biosciences. He is also a board member of the Economic Club of Chicago, Discover Financial Services, and the Museum of Science and Industry (

The peers of Jeff Aronin have extraordinary things to say about him. He is known to think of his patients as more than just patients. Jeff Aronin thinks of his patients as people who have husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters. He always puts his patients first. His colleagues think of Jeff Aronin as very easy to work and collaborate with. He surrounds himself around great people and realizes where he stands in his field when he sees who he works with.

Jeff Aronin thinks that it is really important to help other people out when it comes to starting a business. He knows exactly how to help them because he also started multiple businesses himself. He knows that he has the knowledge to help someone start a business, so he figures that he should help them out and not just keep that knowledge to himself. Jeff Aronin finds it very rewarding to see someone else go out to pursue their dream, and successfully make it into a reality.

Jeff Aronin is very determined to make the world a better place, He is driven to help cure rare diseases and help anyone that he can possibly help out. He feels very fortunate to be able to help out and be a part of the Weizmann Institute. He really understands what the Weizmann Institute is trying to accomplish. Jeff Aronin is all about helping the world conquer its problems and that is why he feels so grateful to receive the Weizmann Institute Award for 2017

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