Dr. Johanan Rand Promotes Anti-Aging

Peri-menopause in Women

In women, peri-menopause is a well-known age-related stage. It deserves extensive attention compared to the two hormones Estrogen and Progesterone. Peri-menopause is prevalent in women aged 35 to 50 years. At this stage, Estrogen and Progesterone levels decrease by approximately 25%.

Old Age

Old age is a bitter pill to swallow for many people. That is why there is a quest to look younger or prevent age-related signs from showing. Aside from the look an individual possesses at old age, many age-related diseases can be avoided if aging symptoms are dealt with. That is why for Dr. Johanan D. Rand, establishing anti-aging facilities to cater for people who need reconstructive procedures has been a major success.

Background Look

Dr. Johanan Rand founded Healthy Aging Medical Centers in New Jersey (https://www.doximity.com/pub/dov-rand-md). The dedicated physiatrist understands how vital it is for people to maintain their youthful looks. He is trained to offer reconstructive procedures that contribute to patient’s youthful looks. Johanan trained at the Medical Centre of Albert Einstein. He is a peer-review medical doctor. Johanan would never support a procedure that he cannot handle.


Johanan is working on a book titled ‘Not Too Late to Live Past 100’. The book will inspire people who have given up on seeking corrective skin treatment for a youthful look. Johanan provides evidence-based support to all his claims. He loves his job and is against the idea of administering anti-aging pills to patients.


Healthy Aging Medical Centers is a facility that provides patients with many anti-aging services. These services assist men and women in preventing age-related diseases and side effects of growing old. The clinic has comprehensive programs made through non-invasive therapies. These programs help patients to restore vitality. They also play a pivotal role in improving vitality.

Additional Information

Through Johanan’s leadership, patients at Healthy Aging Medical Centers are allowed to access anti-aging doctors through emails, phones, and messages during the first treatment session. This is equivalent to receiving treatment from a personal doctor. Johanan motivates patients to seek health treatment methods when dealing with age-related diseases as well. He is enthusiastic and committed to providing excellent results.


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