Johanan Rand’s success in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

Johanan Rand is a physiatrist located in Wayne; he attended medical school at Howard University College of Medicine. Currently, Rand is qualified to operate in New Jersey and works in Chilton Medical Center.

Johanan Rand has worked on several projects and has had several years’ experience in the medical field. However, one recent project that he has been working on is therapy for replacing bioidentical hormones in women.

Johanan Rand has devised an approach to women’s health. Rand deals with women aged between 30 and 60; during his check-up, one common issue affecting a high number of his female patients is the lack of energy, fatigue, and low libido.


Johanan’s Approach to Women’s Health

Rand starts by taking a detailed health history which he carefully analyses; this helps him to understand the patient’s body mass, fats as well as the metabolism rate.

He then studies a patient’s blood work; this study helps him identify cholesterol and inflammation marker, as well as the vitamin and hormone level. The third approach is a physical examination.

All the three approaches are helpful in guiding Dr. Rand to come up with a suitable bioidentical hormone therapy that fits your body and will work efficiently to balance the hormones.


How Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Works.

The estrogen and progesterone in women start to reduce; the decline is approximately 25 %. As one grows older, the drop becomes faster, and this causes hormonal imbalance. Hormonal imbalance has several hostile symptoms, and the imbalance may lead to the development of certain illnesses. Some of the conditions that occur due to hormonal imbalance include; breast cancer, depression, uterine cancer just to mention a few.

It is therefore important to manage the imbalance, and bioidentical hormone therapy works towards helping women age gracefully. When the estrogen hormone is in balance with progesterone helps protect women from conditions linked with aging.

The bioidentical replacement therapy creates a balance between the hormones and this method has proven to be effective since women who have used the treatment have a healthier life and for a longer time compared to women who had not undergone the treatment.


Dr. Mark Holterman — the Accomplished Pediatrician and Surgeon with Charitable Experiences

Holterman wears many hats mainly as an accomplished pediatrician and surgeon with charitable experiences. He has gained many results in these areas. Plus, the entrepreneur follows a pattern of aiming for information from others, which makes him more successful.

As an educator of different cures, (Markjholterman) has a specific focus in science and medicine. His effort is to make sure the community and all children can get quality medical treatment. He supports the College of Medicine as they deliver pediatric-medicine training to students. The pediatrician aims to promote the scholarly study on the protection and efficacy of innovative therapy techniques.

The diversified practitioner team is committed to improving pediatric medicine and regularly carrying out researches on childhood diseases. Dr. Mark Holterman has had a distinct edge in bringing a broad selection of life and medical knowledge to the area of scientific research. And, because of his forty years of experience in medicine, he prepared to create the Mariam Global Health Fund. Thus, the corporation has successfully developed significant ideas in advancing healthcare treatment.

Mark Holterman has written health-related papers and texts on various medical routines, including bariatric procedures. Also, he has up-to-date research about stem cell cures. In fact, Mark is famous for his bone marrow and stem-cell solution’s analysis. Similarly, the pediatric surgeon has applied efficiently many of his ideas during clinical assessments on bone marrow cells.

The visionary’s journey has been a long one all the way from his upbringing in Wisconsin. What’s more, Mark’s parents had no college education. Because of Holterman’s ambition and understanding during high school, his teacher recommended him going to Yale. So, Yale University was where he started the training background of a biology major.

Even then, he set his heart on becoming a pediatrician, and after graduating from Yale University in 1980, he continued at Virginia University — where he finished with a medical degree. Dr. Mark Holterman is a good listener and fast, creative thinker in deciding. That said, he came to be a surgeon and pediatrician after being inspired by a medical-resident, Ai-Xuan Le who eventually became his wife.

Ai-Xuan Le Holterman is a native of South Vietnam where she, and Mark united with the chief surgeon in creating a Vietnamese medical station. Without a doubt, Dr. Mark Holterman’s successes are so many to predict, especially how his current IPSAC-VN facility is in place to help the needy children of Vietnam.



Dr. Johanan Rand helps us age well, not just get old

Dr. Johanan Rand, specialist in age management medicine is based in New Jersey and assists both men and women with age related issues. One of his techniques is called bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Our bodies change as we age sometimes with multiple unpleasant symptoms and makes our bodies vulnerable to development of various diseases.

Depending on your lab results, Dr Rand’s program will be custom created for you providing the critical balance of hormones that we all enjoyed during our younger years. We we feel more invigorated everyday and our bodies can better ward off age related diseases.

We are all aware of how a woman’s body and mental attitude changes when she enters menopause, but less attention has been made of the required increased levels of testosterone needed by a man as he ages ( This manly process actually has a name, andropause. But wait, there’s more! Not only does the level of testosterone decrease in men as we age but estrogen increases! The rate of testosterone drop and increase in estrogen for men is not as rapid as what women experience in menopause. Left untreated, increased testosterone deficiency can lead to obesity, increased risk of heart disease and hypertension. Fact is, men who suffer heart attacks are often found with lower levels of testosterone and higher levels of estrogen.

Dr. Johanan Rand only practices Peer-Review medicine. If he cannot support it with a medical journal or article he will not recommend or prescribe treatment. Dr. Rand is also a health and fitness expert and at 50 years old, a role model to his patents. Dr. Rand is also an expert in presenting the “evidence based support” of bio-identical hormones. After your initial visit that includes an executive physical examination, a comprehensive plan that identifies your total health picture will be initiated to include bio-identical hormones, fitness, nutrition and dietary supplements.


Jorge Moll: A Man Quickly Making an Impact

Believe it or not, helping others may be as beneficial for yourself as it is the people you are assisting. In a study done by Jorge Moll, several people have posted a dilemma: if they were to somehow acquire a large sum of money, how would they use it? Would they give the money to charity, or keep it for themselves? While some of the participants decided to keep the money in this hypothetical scenario, an interesting side effect emerged for those who wanted to give it away. Upon making the decision that they would give the money away, these individual’s brains were “lighting up” in an interesting way. After making the decision, their brains demonstrated patterns similar to one’s onset by either food or sex. These findings were remarkable and lend credence to the possibility that altruism may be more than a social construct; instead, it may be a biological instinct that all humans possess. What started as a simple study for Jorge Moll ended up being so much more, and this discovery in 2006 paved the way for further investigation on the matter.

Jorge Moll, one of the essential parts of the study discussed above, has lived a productive life through both his time schooling and his contributions to the field of medicine and psychology afterward. Jorge Moll graduated from the Federal University of Rio De Janeiro and eventually obtained his doctorate at Sao Paulo University. After spending many years refining his knowledge and skill set in these programs, Moll found the D’Or Institute of Research and Education and the Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience Unit (Youtube). Without a doubt, Moll is one of the key thinkers in humanity’s ever-growing understanding of the human brain and the way it behaves. For those interested in neuroscience and other related fields, Jorge Moll is a great person to keep tabs on as he continues making enormous strides and progress.


Heal-N-Soothe: A Better Way To Ease The Pain

To simply get to the matter at hand, Heal-N-Soothe has become one of the most popular natural supplements today. People in 50 different countries have turned to using this dynamic product, and it works great for a wide array of issues. Since this article is about pain management, then we’ll stick to the script. Whether it’s joint pain, or it’s muscle pain, there is a supplement that can handle the toughest of painful situations. That supplement is known as Heal-N-Soothe, and it has revolutionized pain management.

What makes Heal-N-Soothe so great? Heal-N-Soothe is so great because it reduces pain, it repairs damages at a cellular level, and it’s side effect-free. That’s right! Unlike the popular over-the-counter medications of today, this supplement hasn’t been reported to causing any damage to internal organs. That can’t be said about many of today’s popular drugs such as Tylenol, OxyContin, Ibuprofen, Naproxen, Celebrex, Motrin, Percocet and others. Long-term use of these drugs can be and have been fatal. Yes, the FDA must approve standard pain medications on all levels, but the FDA is generally part of the problem. This institution works hand-to-hand with the big pharmaceutical companies. If and when the medications become a problem from overuse, the FDA will do a recall of the medication. By this time, the pharmaceutical companies will have already made a fortune and the process continues. On the other hand, Heal-N-Soothe is a natural product and the FDA can’t put restrictions on the anything that grows from the earth. This is why you’ll never see natural/organic products getting the same admirations as standard drugs. Why? Since the FDA can’t monetarily benefit from natural products and the products can’t be regulated, the FDA won’t even recognize it. View Related Info Here.

Heal-N-Soothes blend of Ginger Extract, Devil’s Claw, Papain, Bromelain, TurmericExtract and other fine ingredients has a proven record of success. These ingredients work great for reducing pain and for erasing inflammation. Heal your bodily pains the natural way for greater success. Vitamin shops, organic retailors and Amazon is where you can purchase this extraordinary product.



Jeff Aronin Receives Weizmann Award, Here’s Why

Driven. Passionate. Inspiring. These are the words Jeff Aronin’s colleagues and contemporaries use to describe him, and they are also the words that explain why he received the Weizmann Institute leadership award. By putting patients first and by developing important medicines to help humanity, Aronin, chairman and CEO of Paragon Biosciences, is a deserving recipient of this prestigious award (

Jeff Aronin’s work in the pharmaceutical industry has helped thousands live better lives. His singular focus on patients has attracted other leaders to join him at his company, Paragon Biosciences, and Paragon’s portfolio companies, among other businesses that he has started.

One quote defines his commitment to entrepreneurship and innovation in healthcare: “problems people have deemed unsolvable are problems worth solving.” Aronin and his team at Paragon Biosciences live this every day by focusing on healthcare challenges that others may have missed or avoided altogether. By developing novel treatments for unmet medical needs, Aronin and the team at Paragon are living up to the ideals of the Weizmann Institute, a global leader in advancing science and medicine.

Part of leadership means inspiring the next generation of biotech entrepreneurs, That is one important reason behind Jeff Aronin’s decision to found MATTER, a healthcare incubator based in Chicago. More than 200 companies at MATTER are in various stages of development, but all of them are committed to improving healthcare.

As Aronin and his team create innovative biotech startups, they also are helping others do the same — the very essence of what the Weizmann Institute is all about.



Lacey and Larkin comments about Arpaio pardon

If there is a man who deserves to be in jail, then it is one former Maricopa County, Sheriff Joe Arpaio. While serving as the sheriff, he perpetuated some of the worst crimes in the history of the United States. He used his powers to crackdown illegal immigrants in the county and then subjected them to the most inhumane treatment ever.

Joe Arpaio who served from 1992 up to the last general election survived for that long in office, because he used discrimination of the immigrants as a way of retaining his seat. He knew the voting patterns of the state so well such that he could easily get elected back to office despite being unpopular for crimes against the immigrants. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

According to journalist Jim Larkin, the crimes that Joe committed were from a calculated political strategy. The county comprised of many nationalist who regarded him as a hero for the crackdown on illegal immigrants.

Unlucky for Joe, he did not just go off the hook for his crimes so easily. He has been through a number of court cases for the crimes he committed. However, his friend and a person who they share the same sentiments regarding immigration, President Trump has come to his rescue with a presidential pardon. Read more: Michael Lacey | LinkedIn and Michael Lacey | Twitter

This might not be the best gesture from a president of the United States in the current times, but trump being an incompetent president, it is not outrageous that he pardoned Joe. Larkin adds that Trump and Joe are anti-immigrants and they have both condemned immigration into the United States especially for the Mexicans. Trump campaign call was for Americans to reject the migration of Mexicans into the county. He even proposed setting up a wall that would separate the United States from Mexico.

Joe Arpaio, according to another journalist Michael Lacey committed crimes that need not be condoned. It is outrageous that for someone who committed crimes against humanity, he has been let free through a court pardon. Joe was not punished for the crimes he committed which included torture, illegal imprisonments, sex crimes and even deaths.

According to Lacey, Joe Arpaio used his office to channel jail money to other programs. He set up a concentration camp in the county which would be used to punish illegal immigrants in the country. The conditions in the concentration camp were awful, the temperatures during the summers would go up to 135 degrees. This is clear indication of human torture in the name of fighting illegal immigration.

Arpaio is also accused of causing the death of a woman with diabetes after denying her medication. Other crimes happened in the concentration camps such as beatings and deaths caused by strangulation. For Larkin, it is hard to believe that the justice system and president trump have allowed a man who had committed all these crimes to go scot free.

Lacey and Larkin are victims of his illegal actions. In October 2007, they were arrested in the middle of the night for a story they had done about grand jury proceedings.