Centre for Policy Studies Trusts Graham Edwards of Telereal Trillium to Lead Housing

With the concurrent facts of a real post-Brexit market situation vastly approaching, many corporations are delving into the preparation of policy recommendations customized to deal with the particular issues that might be vastly approaching as the change comes. Some of the organizations that have recognized the need to work on such policies include The Centre for Policy Studies, a leading and revered organization known for producing some of UK’s think tanks.


Background Data

One, Sir Keith Joseph, established the Centre for Policy Studies with the assistance of Margaret Thatcher in the year 1974. The primary reason for founding it was appended to the fact that the society needs principles. Therefore, the institution has played a pivotal role in the dissemination of viable economic advice to various markets. As such, the latest move to elect a number of influential thinkers to head multiple policy-making departments is part of the revolutionary strategy. With that said, Graham Edwards is one of the candidates that the board of directors has pinpointed to chair this organization.


Why Graham Edwards?

Graham Edwards is a famous household name in the business and leadership worlds. Known as the chief executive officer of one privately owned company called Telereal Trillium, he is better placed as a massive contributor to the state of housing in the ever-transitioning industry. So far, he has worked hard to cement his name in the company’s leadership department since 2001 and now, he has earned massive leadership titles thanks to his effort to work on major business deals in the past. Also important to note is the fact that Graham Edwards has walked Telereal Trillium towards excellence since its inception.


The Overview

Moreover, Graham Edwards Telereal has integrally been linked to executive dealings in the company. For instance, he was the project manager for the initial transformation of the company where Telereal Trillium laid the groundwork to initiate the transfer of 6,700 properties from one TB to Telereal.


More into Graham Edwards

Before joining Tereleal, Edwards was the chief investment officer of one Talisman Global Asset Management. And before that, he served at Merrill Lynch Investment Management where he oversaw the operations of the finance department.


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