Digital Politics with NGP Van

The political campaigns, as well as fundraising, has been transforming since 1950 and it has become one of the sophisticated events in the world with the latest technology and grassroots events. In today’s political world data is widely used to connect voters who will support the candidate campaigning. The modern-day voter model allows Democrats to positively identify their supporters who will come out during the voting day to vote for them. The power of technology in politics was symbolic in 2008 and 2012 during the election and the re-election of the former President of the United States of America Barrack Obama. NGP Van was responsible for the big move.


The Democrats officials running for office use the NGP Van services, and they utilize all the mobile as well as web services available to conduct a successful campaign. NGP Van can be described as a website-hosting as well as a database group which is used by the Liberal party from Canada and the Democrats in the United States of America. Apart from the political groups NGP Van also delivers their services to labor unions as well as progressive organizations. The group is a leader in technology and the Democrats benefit from getting data-driven and technology-based campaigns which are used in the current world.


With the change in technology, political candidates should work hard to keep up with it, especially when it comes to re-election. Technology has been changing and campaigns must consider keeping up with the latest technology trends for the sake of the political candidate and keep up with the competition. Campaigns should never ignore the use of the latest mobile technology including smart-phones and the use of apps to avoid losing voters. In the 20th century, the television, as well as the radio, was considered new technology and every politician was to appear on TV and also conduct a campaign on the radio. However, the 21st-century campaign strategies have changed. Daniel Kreiss known as Prototype Politics offers an analytical understanding of why the political are transforming to become more digital and technology-intense. The use of data has led to the big transformation in the political world. In the book, Mr. Daniel explains the use of technology in the election and re-election of President Obama.


The computer-savvy programmers in the political world have a new role due to the use of web-tools in the campaigns. The websites and apps used in the campaigns must be designed in a way that hacking will not be easy, and it will not be complicated to use. NGP Van is in the front line to assist Democrats to win their elections through the latest technology.

Collective Efforts, Collective Elimination: Sightsavers

When it comes to defeating a worldwide problem, this must be done with a collective effort. Let’s take a look at just what happens when various forces combine to rid the world of an age-old phenomenon.

Trachoma is a very devastating disease in that the eyelashes literally grow inverted causing severe pain which will ultimately lead to blindness. This is a worldwide phenomenon that has been around for thousands of years and there are more than 180 million people at risk of going blind from this. Some of the world’s most destitute communities are the biggest sufferers. When you look at the effects of trachoma, you will see the beginning of a vicious cycle that often leaves communities in poverty. Leading the efforts collectively is Sightsavers, a group that is dedicated to eradicating trachoma in these communities and spearheading efforts across the world to eliminate it completely. With the group Sightsavers, it is understood that it will take a team to defeat such a worldwide phenomenon. Working with pharmaceutical companies, donors, Ministries of Health, Etc. Trachoma can be eliminated.

The World Health Organization has a very unique strategy that has proven to be successful in the eradication of various problems across the world. This strategy has been called SAFE, this is an acronym that stands for Surgery, Antibiotics, Facial cleanliness, and Environmental improvement. With this in mind, the first step towards defeating Trachoma is having the necessary resources to ensure that each step in the process is completed. Recently there was a very interesting development in the fight against trachoma. Sightsavers is coordinating The New Commonwealth of 2018 – 2020 Fund in close collaboration with the Ministry of Health, local communities, and other members of the International Coalition for Trachoma Control. This Collective effort came about as the United Kingdom announced a 20 million British pound funding commitment. This is the beginning of success and such a step is being taken with the most courageous efforts of all involved.

In conclusion, the fight against Trachoma is a very easy one when all parts of the collective body are working in unison. No longer does the world have to fear such a disease. Massive efforts are being put up for that will assist in eradicating this plague. With more donations, dedication, and energy, the world will be free of trachoma. This is the goal and with Sightsavers at the forefront, it is a reachable goal.

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, A Literary Excursion by Sean Penn

Academy award winning actor Sean Penn has just entered the literary arena with the publication of his first novel, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.” Mr. Penn’s book has been met with confusion, criticism, and praise. Although the merits of the satirical novel are widely discussed, few deny its artistic style and social critique. The book’s prose is described as using uncommon descriptive languages full of symbolic and hidden meanings. For those willing to read between the lines, many find a social critique of our current society as well as wisdom.

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is a dystopian novel set in a world very similar to our own. The main character is Bob Honey, a septic tank salesperson who is also a government hitman, charged with saving the country by killing off the members of the elderly population who have used up too many resources. The concept itself is a comment on the nature of American ethos. Sean Penn uses poetry interspersed with the ranting of his main character to take on the world’s social problems. He takes on the epidemic of mass shootings, Russian interference in the elections, Black Lives Matter, Scientology, the government’s reaction to natural disasters and disaster relief. The authors greatest rants are reserved, the election, tweeting habits and general administration of the President, whom he refers to as the “landlord.” The only movement that he mentions by name is the #MeToo movement, which the author, who believes in women’s rights, sees as diminishing the importance of the issue by promoting lynch mob mentality at the expense of due process.

It is no wonder that Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff has drawn criticism and praise from nearly all sides of the political spectrum. Sean Penn was attacked by media supporters the president, such as Laura Ingram, while also drawing the ire of the #MeToo movement. Many see the personal and political beliefs of the author heavily reflected in the passionate and angry ravings of the main character. The character even engages in similar humanitarian pursuits as the author. It is no wonder that this book controversial, but Sean Penn has never shied away from controversy. So how does the new author handle it? He plans his next book.


Jim Toner’s Reproductive Success

Jim Toner, or also known as Dr. Jim Toner, is a prominent fertility doctor. He has been practicing for approximately twenty-seven years. He has been practicing with the Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine, for the past eighteen years. At this center he assist couples and individuals with issues such as infertility, high risk pregnancy, menstrual disorder, along with many others. Within his practice, Jim Toner also offers In Vitro Fertilization, acupuncture, and ovulation induction. The center currently accepts seven forms of insurance carriers such as Atena, Blue cross blue shield, and a few others.

Dr. Jim Toner‘s academic background is vast. He acquired a Psychology degree from St. Joseph’s College. Later he went on to acquire both an M.D and a Ph.D at the University of Pennsylvania. Jim Toner completed his residency and fellowship at Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine. He continued his love for academia by continuing on at Jones Institute as an associate professor for fifteen years.

During his career Dr. Toner has been acknowledged for his work through multiple awards. Some awards included in his collection are The Berlex Foundation Faculty Development Award, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologist Ciba-Geigy Award, and the AFS/ Ortho Fellowship. Each of these awarded due to Dr. Toner’s dedication and work within the field of reproductive medicine.

Based on client feedback and available online survey results, Jim Toner is considered excellent in the four areas that are assessed for. The areas assessed for are trust-worthiness, explains condition(s) well, answers questions, and time well spent. Along with Jim Toner, his staff was also declared excellent in online provided feedback. The areas assessed for staff and team performance are scheduling, office environment, and staff friendliness. This information was gathered from Jim Toner’s healthgrades profile, which eight clients have provided feedback.

Jim Toner’s clients have raved about his work in their personal testimonies. Clients report that they found Dr. Toner to be pleasant, optimistic and hopeful. They also experienced that he does not provide false hope, which can be comforting while working with issues of fertility. These testimonies demonstrate the kindness and caring that Dr. Toner embodies throughout his work.

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Igor Cornelsen Offers Insightful Investment Tips for Your Success

By all means possible, I try not to be controlled by most analysts alongside professors who believe that they know everything. Moreover, I think that it is far much better to make personal decisions independently instead of depending on other people’s opinions. Those are the words of Igor Cornelsen, a significant financial analyst, a successful entrepreneur and investment advisor.

A Look at Cornelsen

Mr. Igor Cornelsen came into this world in 1947. Growing up in Brazil, he attended the Federal University of Parana for engineering. Later on, he decided to advance his education by pursuing economics from the same institution. Perhaps his reasons for remaining in the same school were based on familiarity and the convenience of dealing with the same administration. Having garnered competitive skills from school, he was now in a position to leverage his services to a banking institution. You may be wondering why a banking institution instead of an engineering firm? Well, for starters, banking required employees with very high intelligence quotient. Moreover, there were no computers or calculators in the past. Therefore banking involved the calculation of decimals and complicated figures. Surprisingly Cornelsen was quite good at it.


Unlike his peers who experienced difficulties in job seeking,Cornelsen landed a job straight from the university. Moreover, he was trusted to serve as an executive investment banker at Multibanco. After a few years of service, he left to work at Unibanco, a leading investment firm in Brazil. Unfortunately, things took a negative turn when Brazil’s financial services industry experienced exploding inflation.


Consequently, Igor Cornelsen left the banking institution to work at Libra Bank PLC. In his capability as a leader in the banking firm, Cornelsen advocated for better interest rates for his clients. Seeing that he was very instrumental, his salary scale escalated for the better. Later on, he landed an opportunity as a board member at Standard Chartered Bank.

The Outline

That was the memorable point of his career as he was now able to establish a job as an investment manager. Right now, Igor Cornelsen is an astute investment banker who has vast experience in banking and has worked in some of Brazil’s leading banking institutions. Aside from that, he works as a primary consultant for banking institutions and individual clients.