Igor Cornelsen Offers Insightful Investment Tips for Your Success

By all means possible, I try not to be controlled by most analysts alongside professors who believe that they know everything. Moreover, I think that it is far much better to make personal decisions independently instead of depending on other people’s opinions. Those are the words of Igor Cornelsen, a significant financial analyst, a successful entrepreneur and investment advisor.

A Look at Cornelsen

Mr. Igor Cornelsen came into this world in 1947. Growing up in Brazil, he attended the Federal University of Parana for engineering. Later on, he decided to advance his education by pursuing economics from the same institution. Perhaps his reasons for remaining in the same school were based on familiarity and the convenience of dealing with the same administration. Having garnered competitive skills from school, he was now in a position to leverage his services to a banking institution. You may be wondering why a banking institution instead of an engineering firm? Well, for starters, banking required employees with very high intelligence quotient. Moreover, there were no computers or calculators in the past. Therefore banking involved the calculation of decimals and complicated figures. Surprisingly Cornelsen was quite good at it.


Unlike his peers who experienced difficulties in job seeking,Cornelsen landed a job straight from the university. Moreover, he was trusted to serve as an executive investment banker at Multibanco. After a few years of service, he left to work at Unibanco, a leading investment firm in Brazil. Unfortunately, things took a negative turn when Brazil’s financial services industry experienced exploding inflation.


Consequently, Igor Cornelsen left the banking institution to work at Libra Bank PLC. In his capability as a leader in the banking firm, Cornelsen advocated for better interest rates for his clients. Seeing that he was very instrumental, his salary scale escalated for the better. Later on, he landed an opportunity as a board member at Standard Chartered Bank.

The Outline

That was the memorable point of his career as he was now able to establish a job as an investment manager. Right now, Igor Cornelsen is an astute investment banker who has vast experience in banking and has worked in some of Brazil’s leading banking institutions. Aside from that, he works as a primary consultant for banking institutions and individual clients.

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