Collective Efforts, Collective Elimination: Sightsavers

When it comes to defeating a worldwide problem, this must be done with a collective effort. Let’s take a look at just what happens when various forces combine to rid the world of an age-old phenomenon.

Trachoma is a very devastating disease in that the eyelashes literally grow inverted causing severe pain which will ultimately lead to blindness. This is a worldwide phenomenon that has been around for thousands of years and there are more than 180 million people at risk of going blind from this. Some of the world’s most destitute communities are the biggest sufferers. When you look at the effects of trachoma, you will see the beginning of a vicious cycle that often leaves communities in poverty. Leading the efforts collectively is Sightsavers, a group that is dedicated to eradicating trachoma in these communities and spearheading efforts across the world to eliminate it completely. With the group Sightsavers, it is understood that it will take a team to defeat such a worldwide phenomenon. Working with pharmaceutical companies, donors, Ministries of Health, Etc. Trachoma can be eliminated.

The World Health Organization has a very unique strategy that has proven to be successful in the eradication of various problems across the world. This strategy has been called SAFE, this is an acronym that stands for Surgery, Antibiotics, Facial cleanliness, and Environmental improvement. With this in mind, the first step towards defeating Trachoma is having the necessary resources to ensure that each step in the process is completed. Recently there was a very interesting development in the fight against trachoma. Sightsavers is coordinating The New Commonwealth of 2018 – 2020 Fund in close collaboration with the Ministry of Health, local communities, and other members of the International Coalition for Trachoma Control. This Collective effort came about as the United Kingdom announced a 20 million British pound funding commitment. This is the beginning of success and such a step is being taken with the most courageous efforts of all involved.

In conclusion, the fight against Trachoma is a very easy one when all parts of the collective body are working in unison. No longer does the world have to fear such a disease. Massive efforts are being put up for that will assist in eradicating this plague. With more donations, dedication, and energy, the world will be free of trachoma. This is the goal and with Sightsavers at the forefront, it is a reachable goal.

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