Southridge Capital LLC: a Financial Solutions Company in Connecticut

Southridge capital is dedicated financial advisories, which offer the economical solution to clients to help them make out the most out of their ventures. This firm attributes its success to their team of experts that help to establish the most effective strategies that will undoubtedly offer real-time remedies to the most pressing client needs. Since 1996, this firm has been able to invest more than $1.8 billion in various growth ventures worldwide. Additionally, they have financed more than 250 public entities. As such, they have the most relevant expertise to address the most common financial challenges that face clients.



Southridge Capital LLC Best Practices



Similarly, under the same advisory umbrella, this firm also caters to all economic basics. This entails the finical analysis where Southridge Capital generates projected and detailed financial statements, which are in terms of the business operational and financial assumptions. Additionally, they also help companies to maintain a right balance between their equity and debt, through the provision of balance sheet optimization. This is a move aimed at making desirable returns as well as avoiding landing into bad debts. Southridge Capital LLC also offers significant help when it comes to settling of litigations. This is done through the clearing of all defining legal requirement hence reducing the cost and time spent by the client in the course of sorting such issues. You can visit for more.




Stephen M Hicks: founder and CEO of Southridge



According to PR Newswire, Stephen M Hicks is the founder and the chief executive officer at the Southridge. In this position, he generates strategic plans, which help to run Southridge companies, and he is responsible for execution as well as the other business operations. Having served in the financial entities for more than 30 years, Mr. Stephen M Hicks is experienced in risk arbitrage, investment banking, derivatives, and financial structuring.



Schooling and business


He is also a scholar having earned Bachelor of Science in business administration from the king’s college, New York. Furthermore, he is also a master degree holder in business administration from the Fordham University, New York. The ideal of Southridge initiative came to Mr. Stephen M Hicks when he was still serving in one of the smallest hedge funds in New York. However, he used the vast experience gained in his operations to bring this idea to life.


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