How To Dominate Your To-Do List According To Upwork

Upwork, a renowned freelancing site, takes a modern and convenient approach to freelancing. Creators on this site run the gamut from graphic designers to web developers. For budding innovators, Upwork promises opportunity, fair pay, and the chance to distinguish yourself from the competition. For clients, this nifty marketplace enables them to cherry-pick a creator that complements their needs. Though Upwork’s primary purpose is to connect creators with clients, they offer pearls of wisdom, feel-good stories, and articles of topical interest on their blog. In one of their more recent posts, they detailed “10 powerful tips” for conquering the items on your to-do list.

  1. The list kicks off by urging to-do listers to jot down tasks for the day. When you make a note of your duties, you give your brain permission to focus on the activity in hand.
  2. We then graduate to a more simple concept: creating the list in advance. Making a to-do list the night before is the most prudent course of action.
  3. Compile your tasks in one cohesive place. While there are hundreds of organizational tools across the web, you should only be employing one implement.
  4. Hold yourself responsible for executing the task promptly. Creating and enforcing a deadline helps get the ball rolling.
  5. Rank your priorities from least critical to most demanding. Handling the pressing matters first and foremost will both unburden you from stress and make you more likely to deliver on your task.
  6. Bid farewell to tasks that don’t require attention. In other words, if you deem a responsibility insignificant, flex your procrastination muscles and save it for later.
  7. If you’re someone whose to-do list includes giving tasks to others, be sure the project in hand doesn’t fall by the wayside.
  8. Make your tasks meaningful. Not only will they feel more rewarding to complete, but you’ll also be more motivated to get started.
  9. Categorizing your tasks using labels such as “phone,” “email,” or “in person” proves rather convenient. As opposed to bouncing all over the place, you can tackle all “email” tasks at the same time.
  10. Take note of your productivity levels. Some tasks are menial; others are taxing. When your body needs a rest, focus on the former. Similarly, if you’re feeling up for anything, dedicate time to the physically and mentally demanding duties.


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