Wes Eden’s Wealth and Investments

Wes Eden’s Wealth and Investments

Wesley Robert Edens, also known as Wes, or Wes Edens, is an American who was born in the year 1961 in New York. Wes Edens is the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group LLC, alongside other four principals. The firm was founded in the year 1998. He serves as his company’s private equity chief investment officer and invests in several industries such as financial services, real estate, healthcare, infrastructure, and transportation. He is also the company’s co-chief executive officer, co-chairman, head of private equity, president of private equity, principal, and private equity chief investment officer. Edens is the founder and owner of a number of other companies that include Brightline Train, the team FlyQuest, and recently, he alongside another billionaire purchased the Aston Villa soccer team. Wes Edens has made his career a big success due to the choice of courses he undertook in school which were finance and business administration at Oregon State University. He received his Bachelor of Science in Finance and Business Administration in 1984.

Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group LLC is a leading diversified global investment company with approximately forty billion dollars of assets as of March 2018. During this time, Fortress had 932 asset management employees, including 205 investment professions in their affiliate offices around the globe. Fortress expertise expands to pricing, owning, financing, and overseeing the management of physical and financial assets.

Wes Eden’s Brightline Train

Wes Eden brought the Brightline train to life in May 2018, a commuter train that transports passengers from Miami to Fort Lauderdale, South Florida. The train trip takes only 30 minutes, unlike driving which takes 45 minutes. The train is designed by Rockwell Group and has the passenger’s comfort in mind. Passengers get to enjoy features such as leather seats, food service, and Wi-Fi. The train operates 365 days a year with adjusted schedules for holidays. According to Wes Edens, his vision for Brightline extends beyond the state of Florida. This rail system is co-managed by Fortress investment Group.

Wes Eden and Aston Villa

Wes Eden, alongside Egypt’s wealthiest person, Nassef Sawiris, reached an agreement to buy a majority stake by injecting significant investment capital into Aston Villa football club. This transpired when Aston Villa nearly missed rejoining the premier league. Wes Edens believes that this investment will strengthen the club and ensure that it returns to its rightful place in the upper ranks of the English Premier League. Bucks Wes Edens’ ‘take-home pay’ is $54M: New York Times


Health Coach Christopher Emmanuel Gives Tips for a Quick Workout

Christopher Emmanuel aka Chappy Callanta is a well known health coach for Herbalife Nutrition in the Philippines. He shares some of his best fitness tips to stay healthy and fit. Chappy is a member of the FAB. Which stands for Herbalife’s “Fitness Advisory Board”. Chappy is knowledgeable about fitness, as he has a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Science from the University of the Philippines. Also, he is an internationally certified strength and conditioning specialist.


One of Chappy’s recommendations, if you are short on time and want to get a quick workout in, is to do at least one move in the main five categories of exercise. Which would include:







He finds it useful to incorporate them in a mini session, including a pair of dumbbells or kettlebells. To make sure you cover all the categories try using these exercises:


Goblet Squats

Push-ups/ Shoulder press

Low rows

Farmer’s walk


Chappy enjoys working out in outdoor parks with a great view. He also shares some of the best places he likes to exercise. One is a beautiful park in the Netherlands with a track that encircles the lake. The Sunken Garden and Academic Oval located in the University of the Philippines. Chappy also enjoys the parks and running tracks in the Bonifacio Global City. He shares that he likes to travel to new cities. Some favorites were Venice Beach in Southern California and Paris.


He was also asked the question “What is in your gym bag”, Chappy responded with the following: Sports towel, reusable water bottle, Herbalife Nutrition Shaker with Herbalife24 rebuild strength protein, clean clothes and a book. When asked what is your favorite playlist to workout to, Chappy said that he enjoyed listening to the “Head Full of Dreams Tour” on Spotify.


Herbalife Nutrition, founded by Mark Hughes in 1980, is a global corporation that manufacture, market and sell health products. Such as nutrition supplements, personal care products, weight management and sports nutrition. It is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, operating in 95 countries and has over 3 million independent distributors.


Herbalife Nutrition prides themselves on helping the world to become more healthier and happier. They are dedicated to providing solutions to the problems of poor nutrition, obesity, an aging population and high healthcare costs. They try to resolve this problem by offering high-quality products that are backed by science.




Guilherme Paulus’ Plans For Expanding CVC Revealed

Guilherme Paulus is a Brazilian businessman who is a co-founder and chairman of the board of directors for CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A. He established this tour operations company in 1972 when he was just 24-years-old. He started this company along with a business partner who was a Brazilian politician but that partner left in 1976. Guilherme Paulus has led this company into becoming the biggest tour operator in Latin America.

His company was privately held for many years but he held an initial public offering about six years ago. Eight years ago the private equity firm Carlyle Group had purchased just over 63% of Guilherme Paulus’ company for about $420 million. It was in 2005 that he founded his second company, GJP Hotels and Resorts. He now owns more than 15 resorts and hotels located along the coast of Brazil. He is also seeking to build additional hotels near airports in that nation in order to capture the dollars of tourists and business travelers who fly to that nation.

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Guilherme Paulus established CVC’s headquarters in the city of Sao Paulo. His company now has annual revenues of R $5.2 billion and he has been opening about 100 storefronts each year. He has storefronts in over 400 malls across the country and also places them inside of commercial galleries. He used to only open stores in cities with populations larger than 60,000 people but lately he has gone against this norm and is opening them in smaller towns.

In 2017 Guilherme Paulus was named Entrepreneur of the Year in the services category. He was interviewed by TV Dinheiro’s FOREIGN CURRENCY program for his thoughts on winning this prestigious award. When they were getting ready for the interview some of the people taping it were talking about going on vacation soon. True to form Guilherme Paulus handed them all his business cards and said that he would personally appoint some his staff to get them set up on vacation packages. During the interview itself he said that he hasn’t retired yet at age 68 because he really enjoys what he does for a living.

How Whitney Wolfe Herd Built A Tech Company Quite Different From Others In The Industry

Whitney Wolfe Herd is an Austin, Texas, based entrepreneur. She founded and is the chief executive officer of Bumble, the popular dating app. She founded this company in December 2014 and it is now the second most popular dating app in America. Her company is now worth $1 billion making it a unicorn. She is now worth $230 million and has yet to hit age 30.

She was one of the co-founders of Tinder which is the other major dating app. She was the vice president of marketing as she had a natural talent for marketing products and service. After Whitney Wolfe Herd left this company she wasn’t really very interested in returning back into online dating apps and had come up with the idea of a social network just for women. She met Andrey Andreev who is a Russian billionaire and pitched him her idea on this. He loved her passion for this project but steered her back into the dating apps arena.

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Whitney Wolfe Herd further developed this idea and came up with the concept of an app where only women could make the first move. Many women receive a lot of unwanted attention on other apps so this would make them feel safer using an online dating app. This idea was an instant hit and welcomed by millions of people. The CEO is now developing Bumble into further directions, such as Bumble BFF which allows women a way to make new friends. She also created Bumble Bizz which is a way for women to create a professional network in order to advance their careers.

Bumble’s headquarters is known as “The Hive”. It is located in Austin, Texas and is decorated with honeycomb-yellow. Whitney Wolfe Herd sponsors manicures at her company’s headquarters, a private room where moms can breastfeed their babies, and a Mommy Bar. 85% of Bumble’s 80+ employees are women. Work hours are kept flexible and people who have children are able to bring them into the office if they need to. They also get their therapy and/or gym memberships paid for as some the other additional perks for working for Bumble.

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Sheldon Lavin Humble Beginnings To Major Organization

Today, Sheldon Lavin is the CEO and Chairman of the OSI Group, which is a food processing organization that has certainly revolutionized the food processing industry with their original technological advances. The fact is that Sheldon Lavin and this high profile organization has experienced tremendous growth over the years. Today, OSI is a global industry, providing services to countries across the world. However, most people are not aware that OSI had very humble beginnings. Let’s take a look at their beginnings.

Early Beginning

It’s interesting to note that OSI Group grew from a small shop that was opened by a German immigrant living in Chicago, Illinois around the turn of the century. The name of the German immigrant was Otto Kolschowsky. He opened up a small meat market to provide high quality food to the locals in the neighborhood. His business enjoyed great success and expanded out to the suburban areas. A decade later, the business was renamed Otto & Sons. Later on, the family based business established a connection with the McDonald’s franchise. Soon, the family business was recognized on a global basis scale and transitioned to the OSI Group. Today, Sheldon Lavin is the CEO of the food processing organization. Clearly, his leadership is taking the organization to even greater success.

Sheldon Lavin/Otto & Sons

It is important to note that Lavin has a long connection with OSI Group. Previously, he worked with Otto & Sons and helped with financing their family run business. The fac is that Lavin had great ambitions for the small family business. He wished to make it a global organization. He fulfilled that desire. Today, the OSI Group is in more than 60 countries across the world. Lavin has been repeatedly recognized for his contributions to the organization along with the incredible technologies he has introduced to improve the company. His strong leadership and contributions have made OSI a global organization and provided employment for a multitude of people. Lavin also has plenty of plans for the OSI Group in the future. Certainly, his strong and very positive leadership will lead to more awards and stronger recognition for the organization.

Story Behind The Nihi Sumba Island Owned By Chris Burch

Chris Burch is a world renowned businessman also known by the former name of J. Christopher Burch. He is the co-founder of his wife’s renowned brand Tory Burch. He is also the Chief Executive Officer CEO and founder of the Burch Creative Capital. Burch Creative Capital is based in New York and their major target and manages investment ventures and also invests to develop brands. Chris Burch is a very prosperous businessman and was features in Forbes Magazine’s list of world’s billionaires in the year 2012. Chris is also the owner of the Nihi Sumba Island and has also acquired the Nihi Hotels and resorts.

Chris Burch took birth in Pennsylvania and was raised there. He belonged to a middle class family. After completing education he proceeded forward towards his business dreams. He has experience of over 40 years of managing Business ventures. Chris Burch’ knowledge in investment and financial sector has helped him to create successful business ventures. Chris Burch found out about Nihi back in the year 2012. Claude and Peter Graves come forward with the idea of building a hotel in the island for people to come and visit and explore the beauty of the place. But it was having some complication with its expansion and proper regulation. That is when Chris showed interest in the project. He then contacted one of the hoteliers of South Africa and visited the island. He then implemented his ideas to proceed forward with the venture and acquired Nihi Hotel. In both the year 2016 and 2017 Nihi Hotel was also featured in the Travel plus Leisure Magazine.

The billionaire has invested great knowledge and skill in this venture of establishing the five star hotel and resort in the Sumba Island. Chris has used his business skills to develop the hotel and make it one of the best hotel and resort of the world within a very small time. Chris Burch has worked immensely hard to establish the hotel and raise it to the top level of the hotel industries, check (Ideamensch.com).

Nihi Sumba Island was initially called Nihiwatu, means “mortar stone”, and was christened by the first settlers. It has a rich story related to the ancestor named Marapu. The people who live in the island are called the Sumbanese and they had strong spiritual believe. They believed that their ancestor Marapu’s spirit dwelled in the island and protected its people. The island was acquired by settlers in 1988, as stated on instagram.com.


Robert Ivy lifetime achievements

Robert Ivy lifetime Achievements

Robert Ivy the CEO of The American Institute of Architects has been awarded the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and letters.This award is given to people from the Mississippi area whose work has created an inspiring impact on the community. This passion and desire for creating such work are what makes them incredibly worthy of this special honor. Mr. Ivy joins a group of distinguished people to be honored with such an award. The other few people that have been given this incredibly high-status award are people such as Morgan Freeman And Walter Anderson.

One of his major achievements is making architecture more accessible to the general public as a whole. Nobody else has been able to do this like Robert Ivy.The American Institute of Architects Robert Ivy has grown the image of Institute. With Robert’s help, American architects from all over the country have been able to bring architecture do the entire world.After earning his Bachelor’s in English from Sewanee University. Ivy attended Tulane University where he received a Master of Architecture degree. However, before he launched his career in architecture he served in the United States Navy.

Is education from Tulane University no doubt no doubt has helped them to become the architect that he is today with his bachelor’s degree in English help give him the skills to publish his book, Fay Jones. Fay Jones is currently in its Third Edition and helps showcase architecture two others. The style in the book comes from American architecture. It was published in 2001.Robert Ivy has proven himself to be an astounding architect over the course of his amazing career. The Noel Folk Achievement Award is the symbol of all his hard work, his contributions to the Mississippi area, and to the world as a whole. Learn More.

Fortress Investment Group: A pioneer in Alternative Asset management

Fortress Investment Group is an innovative investment firm that was started out in 1998 by three partners, Randal Nardone, Wes Edens and Rob Kaufmann. All three founders had a rick and distinguished investment banking expertise from decades of working in firms such as UBS, Lehman’s Brothers, and Goldman Sachs. Seeking to break from the mold of ‘traditional’ investment banking, Fortress Investment Group chose to focus on alternative investments. One of the partners, Rob Kaufman, retired in 2012 from active management to focus on his passion, car racing. The company grew very fast within its first decade, from its humble beginnings as an investment management firm managing $400 million in assets to managing more than $43 Billion in assets for more than 170 investors from all over the world.

While it had some focus on capital market investments, Fortress Investment Company also invested heavily in asset acquisition either regarding real estate or equity in corporate entities. Fortress Investment Group has also set itself apart from their investment management firms due to its aggressive acquisitions strategy. The company employs managers with industry-specific expertise to assist in the management of the corporate entities that it acquires. In 2007, Fortress Investment Company became the first major asset management firm to be traded on the NYSE after it offered its IPO. The company has headquarters in New York, San Francisco, Singapore, and Shanghai.

This is not the only testament to its global reach, but also to the diverse asset holdings that it has. Some of the industries it operates on include real estate, hospitality, rail transport, casinos, debt securities and capital markets. The company has also been interested in the tech industry, with recent efforts to get into the cryptocurrency industry being noted. In 2017, Fortress Investment Group was bought by the Japanese conglomerate, Softbank. While fully owned by Softbank, Fortress Investment Company still operates semi-autonomously under the management of two of its founding members, Edens and Nardone. With the company still maintaining its core DNA, and the increased resources at its disposal, Fortress Investment Group is expected to maintain its course of the path of success that it has carved itself.

Randal Nardone’s Write-off To The Prosperity of Fortress Investment Group

The immeasurable success of Fortress Investment group can be attributed to its co-founders among them being Randal Nardone. He founded the company that has been managing assets for close to 1750 clients worldwide is based in New York in 1998 with two partners, Rob Kauffman and Wes Edens. Before the birth of Fortress Investment, Randal was the managing director of the Union Bank of Switzerland, a Swiss banking giant. He was commissioned with a Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in biology from the University of Connecticut and later enrolled for his doctorate in jurisprudence in Boston University Law School. Randal’s career picked in Thatcher Wood and profit where he worked as a partner in the legal department. He realized his interest in Financial Investment and moved to Blackrock Financial management serving as the principal before advancing to USB.

Randal’s years of experience working in leadership positions gave him enough knowledge to start and operate his company.Today Fortress Investment Group has approximately 2500 employees, and they all praise Randal Nardone for being a good team player and for providing a conducive work environment. The Forbes Billionaires magazine ranked the financial investment master as the 557th well-off individual with a net worth of 1.8 Billion dollars. In 2006, he was delegated to the board of directors in Fortress Investment Group and in 2013 was promoted to become the CEO. In addition to these roles, he holds offices in 8 organizations running in 20 separate industries. For the Euro Castle Investment Limited and Florida East Coast Holdings, Randal Nardone holds the office of the managing director. He was appointed the non-executive officer of the Alea Group Holdings Bermuda Ltd and is the chairman of Spring-leaf Reit INC and Spring-Leaf Financial Holdings Ltd.

In December 2017, the SoftBank Group acquired the Fortress Investment Group and even then, maintained the leadership and team that had driven it to become a global force in the investment industry. They were dropped from the New York Stock exchange and from then on, their statements would be reflected under the SBG statements. In his opinion, Randal Nardone passed this as a systematic move to lift the company’s private equity assets that were not doing so well. He argued that after the acquisition, Fortress Investment would have more assets and would be able to recreate their client’s confidence and make new opportunities for them to invest.