Sheldon Lavin Humble Beginnings To Major Organization

Today, Sheldon Lavin is the CEO and Chairman of the OSI Group, which is a food processing organization that has certainly revolutionized the food processing industry with their original technological advances. The fact is that Sheldon Lavin and this high profile organization has experienced tremendous growth over the years. Today, OSI is a global industry, providing services to countries across the world. However, most people are not aware that OSI had very humble beginnings. Let’s take a look at their beginnings.

Early Beginning

It’s interesting to note that OSI Group grew from a small shop that was opened by a German immigrant living in Chicago, Illinois around the turn of the century. The name of the German immigrant was Otto Kolschowsky. He opened up a small meat market to provide high quality food to the locals in the neighborhood. His business enjoyed great success and expanded out to the suburban areas. A decade later, the business was renamed Otto & Sons. Later on, the family based business established a connection with the McDonald’s franchise. Soon, the family business was recognized on a global basis scale and transitioned to the OSI Group. Today, Sheldon Lavin is the CEO of the food processing organization. Clearly, his leadership is taking the organization to even greater success.

Sheldon Lavin/Otto & Sons

It is important to note that Lavin has a long connection with OSI Group. Previously, he worked with Otto & Sons and helped with financing their family run business. The fac is that Lavin had great ambitions for the small family business. He wished to make it a global organization. He fulfilled that desire. Today, the OSI Group is in more than 60 countries across the world. Lavin has been repeatedly recognized for his contributions to the organization along with the incredible technologies he has introduced to improve the company. His strong leadership and contributions have made OSI a global organization and provided employment for a multitude of people. Lavin also has plenty of plans for the OSI Group in the future. Certainly, his strong and very positive leadership will lead to more awards and stronger recognition for the organization.

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