How Sheldon Lavin Joined OSI Group And Made It Into A Sustainable Operation

Over the course of his lifetime business executive Sheldon Lavin has seen a number of achievements. After graduating from college he entered the world of finance. A business in his area, Otto & Sons, was one of just four suppliers of beef to the restaurant chain McDonald’s. They needed to build another plant in Chicago which would be solely used to supply beef to McDonald’s and needed Sheldon Lavin’s services to find the right lending partner.Sheldon Lavin came through and the plant was built. The owners of Otto & Sons were very impressed by him and asked him to join their company as a partner and its senior executive. Otto had long since passed away and his sons, nearing retirement age, wanted to leave the company in good hands.

During the transition to this new leadership, they renamed the company OSI Group and this was the company that Sheldon Lavin took over. He says that from the beginning he saw that OSI Group was full of potential and possibilities. He started making overseas investments which led to his company becoming an international concern. Today his company has subsidiaries and partnerships in many countries around the world such as the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, the Philippines, Germany, The Netherlands, and India. It operates a highly efficient global supply chain that offers a huge economy of scale to those companies it works with.

From the start Sheldon Lavin wanted OSI Group to be a company that was environmentally friendly and operate a sustainable business model. He makes sure his leadership team stays current on new technologies that will limit the impact of his company’s activities on the environment. An example of this is at his company’s Spanish facility which recently completed a €17 million renovation. The main reason for this renovation was to double the production of chicken but Sheldon Lavin went well beyond that. The new facility uses 20% less electricity consumption. Another improvement was adding a heat recovery process which drives energy efficiency even higher as waste heat is used to power equipment. Because of his commitment to sustainability the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund supplied money to this project.

Milan Kordestani: Student, Businessman, Founder Of Milan Farms

Milan Kordestani is in his first year at Colorado College. Just in his first year of college, Milan is already an enterprising entrepreneur who founded Milan Farms as a young high school sophomore. Also in high school, Milan Kordestani published six articles for the Huffington Post covering agriculture, mental health, and politics. Milan has also founded his record label, Gunn Records.

Milan is also affluent in the languages of Spanish, French, English, Farsi, and Persian. Milan while at Sacred Heart started the Sacred Heart Stock Exchange. This exchange gives students the ability to buy, and sell stocks as if they were buying and selling in the real world. Also, while at Sacred Heart, he started the Dean’s Ambassador Group, a group giving students a platform their needs and issues to the school administration.

Millan graduated from Sacred Heart Preparatory in 2017. Milan is a noted equestrian, winning many awards, including ranking in third place at the Worlds Championship Horse Show, among other honors.

Milan Farms

Young Milan started Milan Farms in his sophomore year of high school. Beginning his journey into the farming business in 2015, he began raising poultry and started the production of pure saffron. Since launching his farms in 2015, the farms produce saffron, organic eggs, and milk. Using a natural approach, Milan Farms endeavors to provide their customers with full transparency on how their products are being farmed and raised.

Since the farm’s beginnings in 2015, Milan farms has expanded to three significant farms. These farms produce and distribute organic eggs, and saffron all around the world.

Milan Kordestani has accomplished his original goal of creating a connection to all farmers here in the United States. In 2018, in less than three years Milan has built a national distribution network for his organic eggs and saffron.


Milan Kordestani is an energetic young man he has accomplished more by his first year in college than most professional will complete in a lifetime. His dream of Milan Farms as a young teenager is now a full-fledged reality. Started eagerly at the young age of 16, Milan has made his farms into a worldwide operation.


The Coffee of Organo Gold

Organo Gold has refined coffee and personal wellness products that complement the lives of very busy individuals. Today’s rich coffee culture in the U.S. has its roots in Greenwich Village in the 1960s but quickly spread throughout the rest of the country. Today it is very common to see Starbucks and various independent brewers just about everywhere. What Organo Gold does is distribute to independent distributors and directly to consumers. Watch this video on Youtube.

To this end, they offer a full line of coffee beverages and single serve brews. In addition, they also distribute various other kinds of flavored beverages, teas, organic products for body management, and personal care products. Its most treasured product is the Gourmet Organic King of Coffee, the only instant coffee to have Ganoderma Lucidum Spore Powder.


Organo has so many different kinds of coffee-related products because they know that the U.S. is full of coffee aficionados who insist on a wide range of options as far as beans, add-ons, milk, creams, and coffee flavorings. If you are interested in becoming a distributor for Oregano Gold or just buying their products for your own enjoyment, you can connect with them on Twitter. You can also visit them at Organo Gold has given much access to international coffees from Brazil, Costa Rica, Columbia, Jamaica, Ethiopia, Mexico, Guatemala, Zimbabwe, and Saudi Arabia.

Organo Gold was first founded in 2008 with the goal of bringing the very best that the world had to offer to consumers. To get your adventure started with OG, contact them today. Visit to know more.