Genucel Provides Anti-Aging Using Products From Nature

A History Of Research

For hundreds of years, we have been searching for the ultimate cure for aging. Several folks have spent tons of money on finding the secret while others have searched until their demise. Since no one could ever crack the code staying young forever, the secret seemed to be more of a fantasy. There was a worldwide acceptance that aging is just a part of life.


Breakthrough Development To Combat Aging

Even though aging is inevitable, no one says we can’t remain beautiful during the process. There’s one company on the right track to help us age gracefully. Genucel is a therapy mixture of plant stem cells that are manufactured by Chamonix. Chamonix’s pharmacist founder George Faltaous began making anti-aging remedies back in 1999.


Why George Faltaous Believed In Using Nature

Faltaous figured that nature could be instrumental in helping create an anti-aging solution for a couple of reasons. The first reason is nature has always been there, long before test tubes and labs. During the time before labs came into the picture, Egyptians and Mayans were already depending on nature to give them anti-aging plants and herbs that are still around today. The second reasons are manufactured creams and serums tend to be harsh and have negative side effects. This happens because all of the chemical compounds in the formulation may not be mixing well. The clash of the chemicals causes dark patches, burns, puffiness and other issues. Sometimes it can take years before the effects start.


Avoiding Potential Side Effects

Using natural products helped Faltaous avoid all of the potential dangers of lab-developed solutions. Genucel contains products like grape seed oil, calendula flower extract, and other natural products that have vitamins A, E, and Ester C, which blocks the side effects of lab-developed chemicals. It looks like our ancestors were on the right track with finding the building blocks to fight aging, however, it was the use of technology that has allowed us to mix the right ingredients to make the long-lasting results.


Paving The Anti-Aging Way

In history, herbalists and palace physicians came up with the anti-aging systems. Genucel’s anti-aging solutions were derived from thousands of dollars spent on research and development and several years of cautious experimentation. By using the information that our ancestors started with to treat aging, Chamonix has come up with the perfect remedy to aging. You can expect long-lasting results from using an all natural treatment.

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