TheRealReal on Living Luxuriously

Ever heard of TheRealReal? It is a rather unique type of consignment shop. It puts emphasis on providing luxurious services to their sellers and buyers. Not only do they have a collection of secondhand high end brands at the tips of your fingers or in a click, they make great efforts to ensure that the merchandise sold is authentic and the best quality. The seller and its product is highly valued to the extent of TheRealReal providing a deluxe ride to transport your product into their brick-and-mortar. TheRealReal takes pride in giving the best overall spending experience and have you leaving knowing that your new addition is the perfect fit.

TheRealReal’s Instagram account captures elegance, color and aesthetics all wrapped into one. The stories set the tone behind their message. That is to extend the lifecycle of fashion and create sustainability of our environment. It also to know what you are buying and the value of preserving the pieces.

The ambiance of the cozy Proper Hotels and Residences creates the tone of knowing that balance between work and play. This photo screams ultimate evening/night cap. The general area is covered with bright, funky artwork along the walls and furniture surfaces. The sofas and chairs has a very welcoming aesthetic.

Amidst a background filled with a display of tote purses galore, stands a woman posing with her hand on one hip and a beautiful orange tote on the other with some bad snake skin boots to set it off. Her face reads an “I am here” type of presence which TheRealReal tailor their experiences around.

Finally, this is when the jewelry makes you! Here is a depiction of facial features shaped with jewelry from the eyes to the ear and the ear to the lips. Talk about timeless classic!

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