How Rick Cofer Serves With Excellence

Finding representation when charged with a criminal matter in central Texas is no longer a problem. After almost a decade of working as a prosecutor Rick Cofer now has a private practice to help individuals charged with criminal offenses. His experience covers many criminal behaviors from drunk driving to murder and everything in between.


Mr. Cofer also has experience in both government and the non-profit sectors. Recycling is a big passion for Mr. Cofer. This passion was exhibited in his role of the Zero Waste Commission and as Vice Chair of the Parks and Recreation Board. He continually works hard to increase funding for recycling and acquisitions.


The scope of his experience also branches into politics. In this realm he has served on the Democratic National Committee as well as the state Democratic Executive Committee. Working hard for the people of Austin is no stranger to Cofer. His efforts have reached into helping end homelessness, conserving the parks, and working on many political campaigns.


Serving as the mental health attorney in his county opened Cofer up for even more experience with the less fortunate. There he worked with not only the courts, but also with mental health and social work professionals to serve people in the midst of emotional issues. These experiences gave him more insight into the defense of people charged with crimes.


In his many years as a practicing attorney, he has found one of the main keys to staying productive is to make sure all the small things are done everyday. Delaying something that takes less than ten minutes makes for complications in the long run. He stresses to not let things build up. It does not matter if it is the mail or even a text, get it dealt with as soon as possible.


His focus is service. Excellent service for every client that needs his help. Be decent to people and treat them well. There are not many times when people remember how they were talked to. Although, you will remember the people who treated you well.

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