How Richard Liu Qiangdong Help Grow

Richard Liu Qiangdong was involved in starting a restaurant, but the restaurant failed and this would lead to him creating a storefront called Jingdong. Jingdong would sell small computer parts. The name would be changed from Jingdong to Richard Liu Qiangdong contributes to the rapid growth of by having the company offer quality authentic products. avoided selling any counterfeit products. They were able to add new products to inventory to help growth. He believes has the logistics to be the best e-commerce retailer in China. popular products are fashion and consumer products. will attempt to deliver products within 6 to 20 hours with time depending on location in China. Richard Liu Qiangdong believes any product ordered before 11 AM in Beijing, China would normally take about 3 hours to deliver to the customers. Richard Liu Qiangdong has a typical day when he gets up at 7:30 in the morning. He would check emails. Richard Liu plans to use different strategies to acquire companies in different areas of the world. has a large variety of products to offer customers. Richard Liu Qiangdong feels has a bigger selection of products than the company, Walmart. Richard Liu makes efficient. He is well-known throughout China, and he is worth $12 billion according to Forbes.

Richard Liu Qiangdong feels the stocks of is a good buy. He has been able to lead the company to be worth nearly $57 billion. Richard Liu led to have over 100 million active shoppers. The investment of nearly $300 million in a company called Farfetch would help Richard Liu increase the reach of in regards to luxury fashion. Richard Liu Qiangdong Has been able to accomplish several goals in his professional career as a leader and CEO with an education he received from Renmin University of China and China Europe International Business School. While at the Renmin University of China, he was able to teach himself how to program computers. Richard Liu continues to drive to accomplish several business achievements and grow in size that matches a company such as Alibaba.

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