Dr. Saad Saad’s Two Major Medical Inventions

Dr. Saad Saad is a renowned paediatric surgeon. In his career, Dr. Saad has conducted several paediatric operations on children. He has always been looking for ways to better the current procedures and methods in surgery. He always went an extra mile to find means of reducing pain as well as the risks that the patients faced. Due to these aspirations, Dr. Saad has come up with two inventions and created many new procedures for paediatric surgery. He has been in the medical field for over 40 years. During his surgical career, he has carried on complicated paediatric operations on patients from his community and outside his town. Dr. Saad has been working in his neighbourhood in America as well as assisting adults and children in the Holyland. He has had four missions related to medicine in the US and eight others in West Bank and Jerusalem where he conducted free operations on kids from low-income families. Dr. Saad has the patents for the two inventions.

Dr. Saad Saad’s first invention was about medical catheters. These are tubes that serve a wide range of purposes. Precisely, these tubes are implanted into the body to treat conditions or assist conduct a surgical process. The machines can offer access to the instruments used for surgery, drain fluids and gases as well as perform other duties depending on catheter type. For surgeons to put the catheter in the right place within the body, they must be able to trace its real position. Traditionally, doctors had to perform an X-ray to see the correct area of the catheter. While one X-ray has got almost no risk to the patient, recurrent X-rays can expose a patient to extreme radiation doses. Alternatively, doctors can conduct an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) to trace the catheter instead of the X-ray. However, an MRL is almost an unrealistic option because there are large machines that are not portable. It was for these reasons that Dr.Saad decided to come up with a device that could track the catheter without machine scanning the body of the patient. Thus, the creation of electronic location identification device came up.

The second invention of Dr. Saad Saad is supposed to better the endoscopes use. Endoscopes are optical machines that doctors use to see the inside of the body of a patient during surgery. They are used to examine the windpipe, the throat, the bladder, colon and the stomach. The endoscopes help the doctor to know what is going on inside the body without a scan or surgery. However, human bodies are full of fluids that can bring problems to the endoscope thus obstructing a doctor from getting the best results. Dr. Saad,s invention addresses the issue by coming up with a suction-irrigation device which clears up the doctor’s view. The machine sucks away any liquid that hinders the doctor to get the best view of the body organ he is examining. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/saad-saad


Cosmetic Surgery with Dr Walden

Most people have some part of the body parts they feel could have been better if they looked some other way. Some people admit that they do not even get the confidence to stand and explain their point in public because they feel like everyone is focusing on their ‘’defects’’. Dr.Jeniffer Walden advises such individuals to undertake the cosmetic surgery. She explains that it helps individuals regain their control and power.

Dr Walden has been in the cosmetic field for more than eight years. She was initially practising cosmetic surgery in New York, which she describes as the mecca of cosmetic surgery. Being a single mother by choice, she moved back to Austin to let his sons grow up with family.

The patients of Dr Walden describes her as a very compassionate person. They say that from the time you step in their compound, you become their responsibility. Dr Walden holds a counselling session before surgery to ensure that it is what the patient wants. This is because patients who are in terms with the surgical process heal faster compared with those with doubts. The patients are also happy with the calls they receive from the facility after going home to track their progress.

One patient says that she was a victim of a cosmetic gone wrong. After she heard of Dr Walden, she decided to go for the surgical correction. The results she got were more than what she expected the first time she was going for the surgery. She encourages people who may need a cosmetic correction to visit Dr Walden.

Another client had lived with small breasts all her life and was hesitant about undergoing the process. The moment she went for the surgery and saw the results she was pleased with the outcome that she went preaching the great news to everyone.


Jim Toner is Making Way for Medicine in the Future

When it comes to Jim Toner he is known to many as being an Atlanta fertility doctor. He also happens to be a board-certified specialist in both Infertility and also in Reproductive Endocrinology. In 2000, he decided that he wanted to join the Atlanta Center of Reproductive Medicine, this was after he had already achieved having a very successful career with the Jones Institute of Reproductive Medicine that is located in Norfolk, VA. While working at the Jones Institute Toner was the director of both the Institutes Third Party Reproduction Program and also the director of their Fellowship Program.

Dr. Jim Toner’s career first began when he graduated from St. Joseph’s College, that is located in Philadelphia. He then amazingly graduated with his B.S in Psychology and then decided to go on and attend the Medical Scientist Training Program, that was also located at the University of Pennsylvania. Amazingly he went on to achieve both his Ph. D and his M.D. in 1985 from the Medical Scientist Training Program. Over time Dr. Toner was given the opportunity to then pursue both his fellowship training and his Residency through the Jones Institute, this was achieved directly under Howard W. Jones, Jr., M.D, who is the institute’s founder.

Over the years Dr.Toner was recognized for many of his achievements that he had made. One of these recognitions being in 1989 when he received the Resident of the Year Award. Another organization that he happened to of been inducted into was the Alpha Omega Alpha in the same year, 1990. It was through all of these accomplishments that Dr. Toner learned a lot about his career and the career that he wanted to pursue. He has been able to set an amazing record at having published well over 80 articles, 100 abstracts and 20 different chapters all having to do with topics on reproductive medicine. Many of Dr. Toner’s patients have continued to want to come back to him for many years claiming that he is the best doctor they have ever been to. They say that the way that Dr. Toner takes care of each of his patients is the exact same way that he would take care of his family members.

Roseann Bennett Minds The Mental Health Of Marriage

Millions of people and health care providers across America celebrate Mental Health Awareness every year during the month of May. Dr. Roseann Bennett shows her support to the world of mental health by helping hundreds of married couples save their marriages by addressing what usually seems to be the root cause of the crack in the foundation. That root cause is found to be untreated mental illnesses. Roseann Bennett has helped couples deal with various forms of mental illnesses, from Depression to Bipolar Disorder, and other symptoms that include anxiety, and irritability. Dr. Roseann Bennett has made it her mission to help these individuals receive the guidance and care that they need to regain balance within the household, and stability within the mind.


As a result of Dr. Bennett’s hard work in bringing a sense of peace to the marriages of her clients, hundreds of her patients have been able to make amends with their spouses. Dr. Roseann Bennett knows that divorce and separation are the last thing that a loving couple wants to deal with and does her best to save something that is so sacred. Dr. Roseann Bennett recommends that both parties involved go get help, and perhaps to join each other in receiving the guidance they need. Sometimes this helps with other underlying issues that the couple may be experiencing in their marriage. When it comes to dealing with the throes of a mental illness of a loved one, it does the patient and everyone else involved in the patient’s life, a great amount of good when the spouse, or even the family, is involved. Having the other parties involved, and helping them understand what is happening, can aid in a boost to recovery. Read more Why Self-Care Is An Important Part Of Any Business Strategy


Surely, the patients who are and have been treated by Dr. Benett can say that they have seen a positive change in their spouse’s behavior, as well as a positive change change in their own lives. Dr. Bennet is truly gifted in her ability to find the root cause of the mental issues within the marriage, that also allow for other problems within the marriage to be fixed.


Roseann Bennett founded the Center for Assessment and Treatment with her husband Todd, Roseann’s mission was to bridge the gap between in-home therapy and outpatient therapy. In-home therapy provided some valuable tools but once the person was released to become an outpatient, these tools disappeared. Marginally disenfranchised populations who either couldn’t afford in-house therapy or had no access to it were affected the most. Visit This Page for additional information.


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Southridge Capital LLC: a Financial Solutions Company in Connecticut

Southridge capital is dedicated financial advisories, which offer the economical solution to clients to help them make out the most out of their ventures. This firm attributes its success to their team of experts that help to establish the most effective strategies that will undoubtedly offer real-time remedies to the most pressing client needs. Since 1996, this firm has been able to invest more than $1.8 billion in various growth ventures worldwide. Additionally, they have financed more than 250 public entities. As such, they have the most relevant expertise to address the most common financial challenges that face clients.



Southridge Capital LLC Best Practices



Similarly, under the same advisory umbrella, this firm also caters to all economic basics. This entails the finical analysis where Southridge Capital generates projected and detailed financial statements, which are in terms of the business operational and financial assumptions. Additionally, they also help companies to maintain a right balance between their equity and debt, through the provision of balance sheet optimization. This is a move aimed at making desirable returns as well as avoiding landing into bad debts. Southridge Capital LLC also offers significant help when it comes to settling of litigations. This is done through the clearing of all defining legal requirement hence reducing the cost and time spent by the client in the course of sorting such issues. You can visit scribd.com for more.




Stephen M Hicks: founder and CEO of Southridge



According to PR Newswire, Stephen M Hicks is the founder and the chief executive officer at the Southridge. In this position, he generates strategic plans, which help to run Southridge companies, and he is responsible for execution as well as the other business operations. Having served in the financial entities for more than 30 years, Mr. Stephen M Hicks is experienced in risk arbitrage, investment banking, derivatives, and financial structuring.



Schooling and business


He is also a scholar having earned Bachelor of Science in business administration from the king’s college, New York. Furthermore, he is also a master degree holder in business administration from the Fordham University, New York. The ideal of Southridge initiative came to Mr. Stephen M Hicks when he was still serving in one of the smallest hedge funds in New York. However, he used the vast experience gained in his operations to bring this idea to life.


Read more: https://www.newswire.com/southridge-partners-ii-formerly/188538



4 Facts About Bundled Payments According to Deirdre Baggot

A recent announcement came from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Innovations which signaled the end of fee-for-service from physicians called bundle payments. As we all know, if Medicare does this, all commercial payers will quickly follow in their footsteps.

According to Deirdre Baggot Bundle payments are predicated to be effective when it comes to effective decision-making. That being said, healthcare organizations will need to completely understand what it will take the make these new bundled payments really work. Here are four facts about bundle payments that need to be considered. View at ideamensch.com to know more.

#1: Only provide patients with what they need

For many, it can be a tough balancing act to provide only the needed procedures and test that the patient needs while still following the request of the patient and their family. With bundle payments it is necessary to have the discipline to provide nothing the patient doesn’t need as part of the new fee-for-value commitment.

#2: There Is Zero Volume Play With Bundled Payments

A perk that does not exist in the bundle payment pilot expansion is the fact that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services will no longer offer its applicants a market exclusivity like it did with ACE Demonstrations. A larger discount than the original 3% will be obtained by the development and implementation of the new gain sharing programs. This clearly says that if the bundle payment sponsor can not lower the staggering cost of their care, the financial repercussions could be devastating.

#3: Enable Change Through Leadership

Bundle payments will require competent leadership, which may mean a change in management. The effective leaders needed will be able to encourage the change and ability to grow both errors and accomplishments. They will know that through hard work and good decision making, this will grow into something that is both beneficial and profitable for them.

#4: Don’t confuse accountability with attentiveness

As an evidence-based way of dealing with the healthcare reform, it is hinged on feedback that will inform individual clinicians upon the failure to provide only the test and procedures needed. Many physicians have a hard time differentiating between what is known as excellent bedside manners, which include compassion, empathy and caring, with providing only what the patient needs versus what they want. With bundle payments there is no option, a physician must adhere to the standards best practice.

Deirdre Baggot PhD, MBA, BSN, attended the University of Colorado and is the vice president of a healthcare consulting firm located in El Segundo, California called the Camden Group.

Read more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/deirdre-m-baggot-phd-53b11824

Digital Politics with NGP Van

The political campaigns, as well as fundraising, has been transforming since 1950 and it has become one of the sophisticated events in the world with the latest technology and grassroots events. In today’s political world data is widely used to connect voters who will support the candidate campaigning. The modern-day voter model allows Democrats to positively identify their supporters who will come out during the voting day to vote for them. The power of technology in politics was symbolic in 2008 and 2012 during the election and the re-election of the former President of the United States of America Barrack Obama. NGP Van was responsible for the big move.


The Democrats officials running for office use the NGP Van services, and they utilize all the mobile as well as web services available to conduct a successful campaign. NGP Van can be described as a website-hosting as well as a database group which is used by the Liberal party from Canada and the Democrats in the United States of America. Apart from the political groups NGP Van also delivers their services to labor unions as well as progressive organizations. The group is a leader in technology and the Democrats benefit from getting data-driven and technology-based campaigns which are used in the current world.


With the change in technology, political candidates should work hard to keep up with it, especially when it comes to re-election. Technology has been changing and campaigns must consider keeping up with the latest technology trends for the sake of the political candidate and keep up with the competition. Campaigns should never ignore the use of the latest mobile technology including smart-phones and the use of apps to avoid losing voters. In the 20th century, the television, as well as the radio, was considered new technology and every politician was to appear on TV and also conduct a campaign on the radio. However, the 21st-century campaign strategies have changed. Daniel Kreiss known as Prototype Politics offers an analytical understanding of why the political are transforming to become more digital and technology-intense. The use of data has led to the big transformation in the political world. In the book, Mr. Daniel explains the use of technology in the election and re-election of President Obama.


The computer-savvy programmers in the political world have a new role due to the use of web-tools in the campaigns. The websites and apps used in the campaigns must be designed in a way that hacking will not be easy, and it will not be complicated to use. NGP Van is in the front line to assist Democrats to win their elections through the latest technology.

Collective Efforts, Collective Elimination: Sightsavers

When it comes to defeating a worldwide problem, this must be done with a collective effort. Let’s take a look at just what happens when various forces combine to rid the world of an age-old phenomenon.

Trachoma is a very devastating disease in that the eyelashes literally grow inverted causing severe pain which will ultimately lead to blindness. This is a worldwide phenomenon that has been around for thousands of years and there are more than 180 million people at risk of going blind from this. Some of the world’s most destitute communities are the biggest sufferers. When you look at the effects of trachoma, you will see the beginning of a vicious cycle that often leaves communities in poverty. Leading the efforts collectively is Sightsavers, a group that is dedicated to eradicating trachoma in these communities and spearheading efforts across the world to eliminate it completely. With the group Sightsavers, it is understood that it will take a team to defeat such a worldwide phenomenon. Working with pharmaceutical companies, donors, Ministries of Health, Etc. Trachoma can be eliminated.

The World Health Organization has a very unique strategy that has proven to be successful in the eradication of various problems across the world. This strategy has been called SAFE, this is an acronym that stands for Surgery, Antibiotics, Facial cleanliness, and Environmental improvement. With this in mind, the first step towards defeating Trachoma is having the necessary resources to ensure that each step in the process is completed. Recently there was a very interesting development in the fight against trachoma. Sightsavers is coordinating The New Commonwealth of 2018 – 2020 Fund in close collaboration with the Ministry of Health, local communities, and other members of the International Coalition for Trachoma Control. This Collective effort came about as the United Kingdom announced a 20 million British pound funding commitment. This is the beginning of success and such a step is being taken with the most courageous efforts of all involved.

In conclusion, the fight against Trachoma is a very easy one when all parts of the collective body are working in unison. No longer does the world have to fear such a disease. Massive efforts are being put up for that will assist in eradicating this plague. With more donations, dedication, and energy, the world will be free of trachoma. This is the goal and with Sightsavers at the forefront, it is a reachable goal.

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, A Literary Excursion by Sean Penn

Academy award winning actor Sean Penn has just entered the literary arena with the publication of his first novel, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.” Mr. Penn’s book has been met with confusion, criticism, and praise. Although the merits of the satirical novel are widely discussed, few deny its artistic style and social critique. The book’s prose is described as using uncommon descriptive languages full of symbolic and hidden meanings. For those willing to read between the lines, many find a social critique of our current society as well as wisdom.

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is a dystopian novel set in a world very similar to our own. The main character is Bob Honey, a septic tank salesperson who is also a government hitman, charged with saving the country by killing off the members of the elderly population who have used up too many resources. The concept itself is a comment on the nature of American ethos. Sean Penn uses poetry interspersed with the ranting of his main character to take on the world’s social problems. He takes on the epidemic of mass shootings, Russian interference in the elections, Black Lives Matter, Scientology, the government’s reaction to natural disasters and disaster relief. The authors greatest rants are reserved, the election, tweeting habits and general administration of the President, whom he refers to as the “landlord.” The only movement that he mentions by name is the #MeToo movement, which the author, who believes in women’s rights, sees as diminishing the importance of the issue by promoting lynch mob mentality at the expense of due process.

It is no wonder that Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff has drawn criticism and praise from nearly all sides of the political spectrum. Sean Penn was attacked by media supporters the president, such as Laura Ingram, while also drawing the ire of the #MeToo movement. Many see the personal and political beliefs of the author heavily reflected in the passionate and angry ravings of the main character. The character even engages in similar humanitarian pursuits as the author. It is no wonder that this book controversial, but Sean Penn has never shied away from controversy. So how does the new author handle it? He plans his next book.


4 Questions About Dr. Eric Forsthoefel Answered

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is a well-respected doctor. Here are four questions about him answered.

What Is Dr. Eric Forsthoefel Educational And Training Background?

The doctor graduated from medical school in 2012. He attended a well-known medical school in the city of New Orleans, more specifically the Louisiana State University School of Medicine. Prior to going to school in New Orleans, he want to the University of Louisville and graduated in 2009.

Although he is knowledgeable about general medicine, his specialty is in emergency medicine. He has six years if experience under his belt. The education he’s received, the training he has undertaken and the experience he has working in emergency medicine has helped him be able to admit and treat patients for various emergency medical issues.

Where Does The Doctor Work?

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is based in the city of Tallahassee, located in the state of Florida. He works at the Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Hospital, where he has the authority to admit patients and treat them for various conditions.

Does He Accept Insurance?

Yes, he accepts over 60 types of insurance. However, it’s always best to double check to make sure Dr. Eric Forsthoefel and/or the hospital he works at accepts specific insurance.

Are There Reviews Written About Dr. Eric Forsthoefel?

There are a number of reviews written about the doctor. On one prominent site that allows people to rate doctors, he maintains an overall rating of 5 1/2 out of five starts. Comments about him mention that he takes time to answer questions, clearly explains conditions, treatments as well as provide follow up if needed. Generally speaking, most of the reviews out there are positive in nature.

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is passionate about helping patients who need emergency care. For those interested in learning more about the doctor, they can visit the hospital’s website.