Using SEO To Enhance Reputation Management

Sometimes the solution to online reputation management hides in how well the brand is publicly presented. This public presentation is referred to as, brand recognition and it’s linked to building a savory reputation. As opposed to an “unsavory” reputation, this is often the result of negative information posted online.

Modern digital marketing concepts call for search engine optimization (SEO) to strengthen the brand through building positive content. discusses four methods to manage online reputations. Using SEO, it’s possible to push negative information posted online into a lower position in the search results. SEO as a manner of online reputation management, can be easily integrated into any social media feed.

Essentially, the organic nature of search results sometimes takes their own course. Whenever something negative appears online about the product and services that your company offers; immediately write a positive post on either social media or by using a blogging format. An alternate way to respond is networking with the companies that support online businesses by publishing Q&A interviews with either backlinks or an embedded bio link.

In other words, your company’s brand can be positively impacted by SEO insertions. This also means creating “working” partnerships with businesses that provide “leverage links.” Leverage links are a special type of backlinks. Instead of being embedded in the content; they actually refer back to your website through a personal bio of a top executive that’s published on high quality websites.

Remember, online reputation management means to create a positive reflection of your business’ brand. It’s another way to create positive “press” without using an actual press release. Also make time to speak at local events and talk about the best aspects of your brand. Use subtle speaking hints to highlight what your business has to offer.

All forms of advertisements are temporary, unless they appear in a format such as a podcast or videos posted on YouTube. Using SEO and social media are the best ways to manage an online reputation. Because this can reframe the negatives and redirect the focus back to the positives.

The Best Beneful Dog Treats for Puppies to Senior Dogs

Beneful offers dog treats for every stage of development through a dog’s life. Each brand of Beneful dog treats contains healthy ingredients with a variety of different flavors and sizes for every dog. Beneful gives dog owners different options of treats including Baked Delights, Healthy Smile, IncrediBites and Break-N-Bites. For puppies, Beneful Baked Delights come in cheese and peanut butter flavors with a crispy outside texture and a soft center. Baked Delights give puppies a satisfying small bite that is easy to chew and digest. Click here to know more.

While senior dogs can eat all types of Beneful dog treats, Beneful Healthy Smile helps senior dogs with plague and tartar buildup that contributes to tooth decay in older dogs. Healthy Smile can be enjoyed by senior dogs because of its healthy natural ingredients of real parsley and peanut butter to clean teeth. With Beneful Baked Delights being the most popular dog treat among dog owners, each baked morsel contains 21.2 calories. As the best Beneful dog treat used for training and rewarding, Beneful Break-N-Bites gives natural healthy bites at just 9 calories a square.

In all varieties of Beneful dog treats there are different flavors offered such as peanut butter, chicken, beef, cheese and bacon. With the best flavor of Beneful dog treats being peanut butter, dog owners can be assured that different varieties of treats offer peanut butter flavor. To receive the best value on Beneful dog treats, dog owners can find coupons for all Beneful dog treats on the Beneful official website.

Whitney Wolfe Has Given Many People A New Way To Make A Love Connection

Romance and dating have always been two things that most people look for in their lives. The idea of finding someone to share time with is something that many people aspire to have in their lives. However, one of the hardest things for many people to find is a little romance and dating space in their lives. As technology has become a more integral part of the daily life of most people, the way that people seek out romance and dating has been shifted to adjust to this new way of life.

One of the ways that technology has shifted how people look at dating and romance is how people communicate. The days of people calling on landline phones is almost a thing of the past. This was the primary way that people communicated beyond face-to-face contact just a generation ago. Communication has transformed into something totally different now with recent technology innovations such as the smartphone.

Today people communicate in ways that were unthinkable a short time ago. In the view of the technology innovations that have occurred, new avenues have been developed for common desires such as romance and dating. One of the new developments are date apps, which provide a way for people to get to know others through the use of dating apps based on technology devices.

The Bumble date app that was founded by Whitney Wolfe is one of the most well known of these date apps. The Bumble date app provides an experience that is vastly different than other date apps. The Bumble date app has an approach that focuses on women and their needs. Many people who use the Bumble date app like the way that the app gives women the primary control in starting and continuing communication through the app.

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Whitney Wolfe is a technology veteran who is someone who understands the impact of technology on society. Whitney Wolfe founded the Bumble date app with the idea of making women the major concern of finding romance and establishing a dating life. Whitney Wolfe has helped to make the Bumble date app a place where more people are coming on a regular basis to find love and romance.

Seattle Genetics: The Outcome For Devotion And Dedication of Clay Siegall

A co-founder of Seattle Genetics, Clay B. Siegall became CEO, Chairman of Board and President of this company. An expert in his field with an importance on targeted therapies, Siegall made Seattle Genetics on the basis scientific innovation, drug development practices and rigorous research in addition to a passion for patients who are fighting with diseases.

Due to his expertise, devotion and hard working, Clay guided Seattle Genetics to its present leading position in producing latest antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) and also made it secure FDA approval for ADC product, ADCETRIS in 2011. By working hand in hand with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, That product is now a worldwide brand that is approved to use in above sixty-five countries.

Under Clay’s leadership, SG has entered into many strategic licenses because of its ADC technology, including with AbbVie, Roche, Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline which have above US$350 million till today. Across different collaboration programs, there are around 20 ADCs in clinical development using the technology of Seattle Genetics. Clay has led capital-raising activities of Seattle Genetics, securing US$1.2 billion through private/public financings, including the initial public offering of Seattle Genetics in 2001.

Clay also likes to be in touch with the latest technology and for that purpose he is also maintaining a blog. In one of the article, there is a discussion about a fungal pesticide that is an alternative to traditional chemicals. It mentioned in that that Pesticide is one example of biopesticides; it is a group that also includes biochemical and bacteria derived from plants. Biopesticides are a small segment of a local market for now. However, their use is projected to improve at a rapid pace than conventional synthetic pesticides over next few years.

One of the most notable blogs is about How Does Speaking Up can Change the Minds by Dalia Mogahed. After 9/11 incident, when Dalia saw a rise in negative perceptions of Muslims in international media, she took a stand and starting to speak about Muslim and how peaceful Islam his. Muslims are not extremists or terrorists like international media portray them. Muslims are a peaceful and cooperative nation, and Islam is a peaceful religion.


Top Recruiter- Julie Zuckerberg

For the longest time now women have been known to be a weaker vessel. In the early years’ women were not holding leadership positions, but not anymore, they are now great managers, Chief Executive Officers, Professors as well as chairpersons and board directors. Women have been rising over the years, and they have also been portraying effective leadership skills in their leadership posts.

Julie Zuckerberg is one of the women who has shown exemplary leadership skills throughout her career and the positions she has held as a leader. Julie is an experienced recruiting manager who has been rising above her star. Julie’s mainly focuses on talent achievement and management in New York City. Her experience in the talent acquisitions and recruitment runs for over 15 years. Julie Zuckerberg graduated from High school and later joined the University Of New York Brooklyn College where she was a philosophy student. Julie is a go-getter she then changed a professional and studied law at the New York Law School.

Julie Zuckerberg graduated with a Degree in law and then began her career as a recruiter. She began her career at Citi and then joined New York Insurance Company where she held the position of both the Corporate Vice President and Experienced Hire Recruiting Lead. At the company, Julie was responsible for managing the recruitment process as well as analyzing the needs of their clients. At Citi, Zuckerberg served as the Vice President and the Executive Recruiter. She was responsible for various duties including sourcing g for talent internationally, offering advice for staffing plans, as well as negotiating for multiple job offers.

Julie has also worked as the Director of Candidate Placement for Hudson. She was accountable for recruiting attorneys, case managers, paralegals, and temporary support staff for financial institutions, corporations, and law firms. She portrayed excellent leadership skills and was also responsible for employee counseling and conflict resolution in the company. Her career success is as a result of her strong work morals and education base.

Since Julie began her career as a recruiter she has not been settling for anything less. Instead, she has been devoted to seeing her dreams and goals come to reality. Julie has been a role model and hopes to many women who want to hold leadership positions in top companies in the world. Currently, Julie Zuckerberg is the Executive Talent Acquisition Lead at Deutsche Bank a post she has held since 2014. Her current post gives her a unique opportunity to work with managers to assist in the recruitment plans as they help to advance guide process. Julie also plays a significant role in managing and negotiating top job offers, counseling administrative committees, and training her group of recruiters.

For great success in an organization, the managers need a great team. It may look easy, but in the real sense, it is not, this where Julie Zuckerberg comes to give company’s a helping hand. She can easily be described as a highly talented executive recruiter and leader.


Wen by Chaz Dean: The Seven Day Journey

Celebrity hair stylist and hair care entrepreneur, Chaz Dean, has helped redesign the hair care industry. The New Jersey native has introduced an array of innovative products which can be seen all around the globe. Establishing his very own approach to the ordinary hair care products, Chaz emphasize healthy and beauty in all products.

As Wen by Chaz continuously grows, many consumers have took to social media and internet blogs to declare their love for the products. Emily McClure decided to detail her Wen hair care journey. Using only Wen all in one products, Emily documented her week long Wen journey to the public.

By day 3, Emily noticed a significantly less amount of oil in her hair. The Wen by Chaz products had effectively removed the excessive amounts of unwanted hair oil. The all in one products replaced the greasy natural hair oil with specially designed healthy ingredients.

The innovative ingredients are known to promote healthy hair growth. As grease and oils build up on the scalp, hair follicles may have a difficult time growing. Wen products effectively counter this damaging effect. By removing the extra grease and oil, the hair is left feeling lighter and appearing healthier.

Following Emily’s 7 day journey, she concluded that Wen by Chaz products added a salon style polishing look to her hair. Emily acknowledged the shine left on her hair during her journey even after her use of the products.

Chaz Dean products were created for all hair textures and types. The Hollywood stylist introduced his products in attempts to correct unhealthy hair care routines and decrease damage left by harmful hair care products. The products are Sephora available and can also be ordered online via

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The Brilliant Lawyer from Sao Paulo Bruno Fagali

Bruno Jorge Fagali is a Brazilian lawyer graduated in Law from Pontificia Universidade Catolica de Sao Paulo (PUC/SP). He is a specialist in Administrative Law, Master in Law of the State by the Faculty of Law of USP. He is a lawyer who gave special emphasis on issues involving bidding law, administrative contracts, regulatory law, urban law, administrative improbity actions, administrative and civil liability processes arising from law. Bruno Fagali serves as the Corporate Integrity Manager of the new advertising agency specialized in public interest communication.

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As a successful lawyer who is working on for public trust, he is well known for his integrity and ethical work that is popular in public and civil actions and expropriate actions, injunctions and other things related to that. This includes the “Anti-Corruption Law” as part of his advocacy. Bruno Fagali is a very experienced lawyer and serves several institutions that are alike his work code. Bruno Fagali too, is a scholar. He also raised issues involving biggest corruption scandals in Brazil that led to his anti-corruption programs that he worked with. The said program became a practice of integrity on the field. Bruno Fagali then was successful in this field and acts on the standards of advertising agencies.

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Dr. Walden And Her Background

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a certified plastic surgeon who currently runs her own medical suite out of the Westlake Medical Center in Austin, Texas. She has been practicing cosmetic surgery for many years and offers some of the top procedures in her office. Below is some information on her educational background as well as her residency training, Fellowship training and current offerings.




Dr. Walden’s medical career first started when she began attending the University of Texas at Austin in August of 1990. She attended the university for four years before graduating with a ba in biology in 1994.


Walden then went on to receive her MD at the University of Texas Medical Branch located in Galveston, Texas. She graduated with highest honors as a class salutatorian in May of 1998.


Residency Training


After completing her time at both universities Dr. Jennifer Walden then went on to complete a general surgery internship at the University of Texas Medical branch in the department of surgery. She completed her residency training in June of 1999.


Immediately following that residency Dr. Walden began an integrated plastic surgery residency at the University of Texas Medical branch in the department of surgery, specifically the division of plastic surgery. She completed the residency in June of 2003.


Fellowship Training


Following her residency training Dr. Walden then went on to complete her Fellowship training. She completed an Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital located in New York, New York. She worked under the chairman Dr. Sherrell J Aston.


After completing her Fellowship training Dr. Jennifer Walden then went on to work as an associate of Dr. Sherrell J. Aston in her plastic surgery Private Practice which was located in New York, New York. Walden remained at this practice from 2004 until 2011 before moving back to Texas.


Once Jennifer Walden moved back to Texas she opened her own medical suite at the Westlake Medical Center. Her office specializes in a large range of cosmetic surgery procedures. Some of the top procedures her office has to offer is liposuction, tummy tuck, face lift, thigh lift and even arm lifts. Her office also specializes in hair transplants, body contouring, vaginal rejuvenation and liposuction. Dr. Walden became American board-certified in November of 2005 and is currently licensed to practice in three states.

The Achievements of JeanMarie Guenot in the Medical Field


JeanMarie Guenot is an industrious business executive, with an extensive experience in pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. She has contributed a lot towards the growth of every company that has worked with, both in public and the private sector in the pharmaceutical, business development, corporate and commercial development, and venture capital. Her expertise and interest in building new companies and restructuring the new companies to offer better services have made her a famous woman in the industry.

Jeanmarie started her career life as a team leader and principal scientist, preclinical R&D at Hoffman- La Roche in the year 1993 to 1999. She later became an Associate of Life Sciences at Atlas Venture from 2000 to 2003. From 2003-2008, she joined PDL BioPharma as the vice president, corporate and business development. She was a managing partner for one year in Guenot, LLC. With all the experience and achievements in all these companies, she founded SKS Ocular, where she was the first employee in her company from the year 2009 to 2012.

JeanMarie Guenot licensed the ophthalmic indication for the oncology drug to opisthotic, and she did this through her company SKS Ocular. During her term as the vice president of PDL BioPharma, she licensed mergers, acquisitions, and alliance management for PDLs, R&D and commercial portfolios. Her recent achievement in Ophthalmology has changed the lives of many people, and it was the best for all her contributions in her career life.

Newson6 media featured JeanMarie Guenot, through Amphivena Therapeutics, where she is a chief executive officer and the president. In her inventions, Jean discovered drugs that have been of her help to many people, mainly because her drugs are tested to cure metabolic diseases, inflammation, autoimmune diseases, and oncology.

Jeanmarie is an outgoing woman, in her Facebook posts in social media; she mostly posts on her new inventions in pharmaceuticals in her recent tweeted about AMV564, a CD 33/CD3, a drug that is targeting treatment of acute myeloid Leukemia, which is expected to be tested soon.

Copa Star: Leading In Luxury, Leading In Healthcare

The sector of luxury hospitals is one that is soon becoming the new market for hospitals to divulge into. More and more people are opting to choose hospitals that offer luxury treatments along with good medical care as opposed to the age old-fashioned hospitals. Looking to fill that void for luxury hospitals in Brazil is Copa Star, a leading luxury hospital and healthcare provider in Rio, which offers its patients an experience which is bound to leave them speechless.

Copa Star wanted to give their patients something which that had never experienced before in the city of Rio. It wanted to give people the option to choose a luxury hospital that treats its guest with the utmost hospitality, just like a five-star hotel would. Coupled with the best medical care facilities, the Copa Star is slowly becoming one of the leading hospitals in Brazil and is always receiving widespread recognition for their outstanding service.

At the Copa Star, patients can expect to be treated just as they would be a guest at a hotel. The Copa Star aims to give their patients a feeling of absolute comfort so as to speed up their recovery. A favorable environment is essential for a patient’s well-being and no one knows this better than Copa Star. The hospital is a beautiful blend of efficiency and architectural wonder, giving their patients an all around good feeling while they recover from their surgeries or illnesses.

One look at the hospital and anyone will mistake it for a luxury hotel, complete with the best of services. The hospital has a hotel within the premises which offers world class five star food, so that even while at the hospital, patients can enjoy a good meal. Also, patients have access to excellent meal choices while they stay at the hospital. The hospital believes in giving their patients the ultimate luxury experience so that their patients can get better in a comfortable environment.

In the overhaul of luxury services and architectural wonders that the Copa Star has to offer, it becomes rather easy to focus on the looks and what’s on the outside and take away from the primary purpose of the hospital. The Copa Star works hard to ensure that that isn’t the case. The hospital is known to be one of the leading centres for cardiology and neurological surgeries. The hospital is equipped with some of the latest in medical technology so as to give their patients the best medical solutions and overall care. The Copa Star only hires the best medical professionals in the field to ensure that healthcare never gets a backseat at the hospital. The hospital has round the clock medical care to ensure that a patient never goes unattended.

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