A Guide to Dherbs Supplements

Are you looking to get your health back on the right track? Have you ever heard of a health & wellness company that’s known as Dherbs. Well, Dherbs tend to focus on health via plant-based diets. Diets that are rich in organic ingredients tend to yield wonderful results, especially when they’re being consumed on a consistent basis. This California-based company has the knowledge, the experience and the expertise to get your body back into good shape. Of course, this is no fly-by-night operation. Dherbs is the quintessential health & wellness company because it:

  • Produces & Sells High-Quality Supplements
  • Supplies A Ton Of Information
  • Has A Proven Track Record
  • And more

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Dherbs.com has a plethora of options that will fuel your health needs. Bath drops, hygiene products, men’s-health products, natural-libido boosters, full-body cleansers, Bowel-support products, women’s-health products, herbal teas, cold-pressed juice, vitamins, minerals and aromatherapy. What more could anyone ever ask for from a health & wellness company?

So, who brought this brand into existence? The simple answer to this question is A.D. Dolphin. This remarkable man is a self-made entrepreneur. Dolphin’s family has a strong history of being business owners, and he has followed in his ancestors’ footsteps. John Dolphin, a music mogul of the 40s and 50s, was his grandfather. “I always new that I would be an entrepreneur,” said Dolphin. This man’s ability to teach comes from being a successful basketball coach. Dolphin, and two other individuals launched Dherbs back in 2004, and it has been a huge success ever since. Dherbs.com is just a manifestation of Dherbs itself. It’s online footprint has grown dramatically since the inception of the business. This is due in part to selling high-quality, top-of-the-line products that people could truly benefit from using.

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Randal Nardone’s journey to the billionaire businessman we see today

Ever since its formation in the late 1990’s, Fortress Investment group has always been a market leader. Its success in always setting the pace for other alternative investment firms can be attributed to its visionary leaders, led by Randal Nardone. The excellent aptitude that these leaders display can be accredited to the fact that they were all key players in the finance realm, before coming together to establish Fortress. Visit premiergazette.com

A look at Randal’s career before Fortress

Before Fortress, Randal Nardone served senior roles in other finance companies. For instance, he was one of Blackrock’s financial management company principals, and also served as the managing director at UBS for a year. He joined hands with the other principals of Fortress in 1998 to establish the firm, and since then he has been key to its success.

Currently serving as the CEO, Randal has been instrumental in the formation, and success of its many subsidiaries, such as the Fortress Investment fund IV which he serves as the CEO and COO.

His smart work at Fortress has not been beneficial to the company alone as it has brought him massive returns as well. He now holds a net worth of over $1 billion, and is among the wealthiest self-made individuals in the world, ranking 557 on Forbes list.

Other Roles

Besides Fortress Investment group, Randal Nardone also serves many different roles. For instance, he works with Aircastle limited, Seacube container leasing ltd., Mapeley Limited and many others as the director, making him one busy man. These are just some of the companies he works with on a daily basis as many others are adding to this list.

Randal Nardone’s Academic profile

Besides experience that he has gathered over time, his expertise can also be accredited to his stable academic foundation. Randal holds a law degree from Boston University. His first career was in a law firm, but later he shifted the gears to finance. He also has a BA degree which he earned from the University of Connecticut.

Nardone’s take on the recent Fortress-Softbank acquisition

His attitude towards the recent acquisition of Fortress by Softbank is quite positive, and he believes that it will help strengthen Fortress, thanks to Softbank’s vast resources.

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Talos Energy Expansion And Mergers

Talos energy is a company that focuses primarily on exploration and production of old and gas in the Gulf of Mexico. It was founded in 2012 and has its headquarters in Greater Houston Area in Southern US.

According to information on their website, their strategy at the moment is to uses a seismic database to acquire, explore and exploit valuable resources which were initially thought to be unreachable. Proprietary reprocessing techniques will aid this exploration in addition to expertise and geophysical and geological experience of operating in the basin.

Mergers and Expansion

Talos Energy has been experiencing tremendous growth over the years. One of the methods it has used for expansion is through mergers. The acquisition is one of the ways a company can grow in the E&P sector. By combining forces companies can utilize their assets to the maximum potential and hence be able to compete with global oil and gas companies.

Recently, the company acquired Whistler Energy II. Another milestone in international endeavors is the approval of its Zama Discovery appraisal program. This move has set the company as a significant player in the Oil and gas market due to their ability to capitalize on emerging opportunities. Whistler Energy was dealing with Bankruptcy issues before the acquisition. As part of the deal, Talos negotiated the release of approximately $77 million collateral cash which was security to whistler’s surety Bonds. It also completed the acquisition for $52 purchase price. From the whistler acquisition, tales acquired 100% working assets in newly acquired assets in three blocks Green Canyon 18, Ewing bank 988 and Green Canyon 60.

In May Talos merged with Stone Energy Corporation. This strategic move enabled it to offer stock to the public through having to incur the cost of an initial public offering. It is now publicly traded company. This development, also known as reverse IPO is a personal achievement to the company leadership.


Talos has received recognition for it’s its continuous growth. It was named number one workplace for companies under 150 employees. The company Chief Executive Officer Tim Duncan was named EY Entrepreneur of the Year for the Energy sector In Gulf Coast. It has annual revenue of $815.5 Million. Currently, the company is focused on exploratory drilling in Zama¬-1 field which is located in the Gulf of Mexico and aims at achieving initial production in 2022.

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Marc Beer Raises $42M to fund women’s Health Startup

Marc Beer is the CEO, chairman, and co-founder of the Renovia Inc. He achieved his highest education merit from Miami University (Oxford, OH). Marc Beer has been influential in bringing a positive change in the health sector helping women with pelvic floor disorders a condition that is believed to affect 250 million worldwide. Marc Beer has excellent experience in biotechnology, pharmacy, and industrial diagnosis. He has served as an executive in the development and commercialization for over 25 years. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/marcbeer


Pelvic Floor Disorders affect 250 million people globally according to the National Health Institute. Marc Beer aspires to give hope to millions of patients affected by the condition. Marc Beer earned a Bachelor of Science from the Miami University, Ohio. He molded his career around innovation and technology, related to his are of specialization, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals.


In 2016, Marc Beer founded, Renovia Inc, a leading health innovator. Marc Beer 25 years experience in the field makes him an expert in health innovation. Marc Beer Renovia Inc. CEO is determined to move on with the new products for pelvic floor disorders. This will be possible after Renovia Inc. under his leadership was able to close a $32million series B round and a $10 million venture debt. This will help in acquiring both diagnostic and therapeutic products for conditions such as urinary incontinence.


Marc Beer work at renovia is notable. Recently, he fundraised for Renovia a $42 million series B funding. In his words, he noted that the funding would go to financing the improvement and expansion of technology devices for treating pelvic floor disorders. The fund will also help in giving patients diagnosis and therapy. Marc Beer earlier this year obtained approval from the Food and Drug Administration to commercialize Lava a device used to diagnose and manage.


The funding will be channeled towards the testing of four more therapeutic and diagnostic products including the new generation of the Leva device. Renovia Inc. was able to achieve its first FDA product approval Leva, in April 2018. Marc Beer was definite and confident that the partnership with other health care investors would go a long way in helping to improve the lives and health of women affected by pelvic disorders. This was achievable through better diagnosis, and treatment. Beer believes that by combining innovation, proprietary sensor technologies and a digital health platform, the clients would be able to gate valuable data that is informative and knowledge impacting about pelvic floor disorders.


Earlier in the year, Renovia under the leadership of Marc Beer, obtained approval from the FDA to commercialize the devices. Renovia has been researching, developed and refined the apps with patients concerns at heart. Marc Beers’ determination to help women with pelvic floor disorders has seen him lead with positive energy and great vision, hence bringing in an irresistible change. His leadership has brought benefit to his customers.


Dr. Carlos and CAOA Chery Brand

Dr. Carlos is the founder of CAOA Company which deals with importing and manufacturing various automobile models. CAOA is among the top automobile companies in Brazil. It has been recognized by multiple popular magazines including the IstoE Dinheiro and the weekly magazine Carta Capital to be the ‟Good doer” and the ‟Most Admired” company respectively. Dr. Carlos possesses both leadership and entrepreneurial skills which enable him to run the company toward success; this has led to his acknowledgment as ‟the distributor of the year” from South Korea`s Hyundai motor company competing with competing with almost 200 Hyundai dealers across the world.

The principal reason for the success of CAOA Company is through organizing its market strategies to avoid any possible loss; it has also ensured that the employees are qualified for the jobs. The needs of the clients are what drives CAOA to produce high-quality products. The company also strives in creating new brands hence they established the modern technology of robot and even a research and energy efficiency center that is located in Annapolis. CAOA partnered with other institutions such as the Foundation for the Technological Development of Engineering hence promising efficient results.

In 2017, CAOA Chery brand was launched through a joint venture between CAOA, Chery company, and Latin America`s most massive automobile distributors and manufacturing conglomerate. CAOA Chery brand has support from the Chinese art technologists and a team of engineers and technologists form CAOA Company. The joint venture chooses Brazil due to its strategic location which creates an opportunity for the company expansion. The joint venture aims at;

  • Manufacturing of new brand vehicles

In addition to the existing brands, the joint venture will produce new brands of car for CAOA Chery brand at CAOA plant in Annapolis and Jacarei (a former Chery Factory).

  • Investments

The joint venture will invest up to USDD$500 million in CAOA Chery brand in a period of 5 years using its resources.

  • Customer satisfaction

They aim at ensuring that their clients gain satisfaction on Sales and services by providing high-quality products.

JD Power has ranked CAOA company at the first place for ensuring customer satisfaction in both sales and aftersales services.

The Chainsmokers Have A Profitable Year

Forbes Recently featured The Chainsmokers on their highest-paid list of musicians and artists. The duo of DJs who came together in New York made over $40 million in 2018, and they have proven to be a force because of the way that they create music and reach out to listeners. Take a look at why this duo has made so much money and how they are improving their overall presence in popular culture.

  1. The Earnings

The earnings for 2018 are something that might shock people who think that DJs are not real artists. These two men have been on the charts all year with songs like Paris and Closer, and they have been touring in support of their album while releasing new music. They have done many different appearances, and they have been partnering with different media makers who are using their music. Their partnerships have brought them to other shows that allow them to reach a larger audience, and their online streaming sales help them raise revenues quickly.

  1. Their Profile

The Chainsmokers have some wonderful hits that people will know even if they are not familiar with the duo at all. The people who are watching what The Chainsmokers are doing will be amazed that this duo always seems to show up somewhere new. They have been able to increase their profile by being heard in commercials, working with TV and movie markers, and by playing shows all over the world.

  1. They Can Remain On This List

The Chainsmokers can remain on the earnings list for musicians because they have tapped into a unique market. There are many people who want to live in a world of pop/DJ music, and there are others who I know them from the clubs. These two groups come together to make a wonderful audience for this band that earns them millions every year.

  1. Conclusion

The Chainsmokers are a great example of how powerful music can be. They have reached people through their music while also creating a following that will buy their music, come to their shows, and recognize them on the radio.



Wes Edens…..

Who is Wes Edens? What is his legacy and what is his role in life? Wes Edens, also known as Wesley Robert Edens is an American investor, business man, sports team owner, and private equity investor. He’s the hard working co founder of the Milwaukee Bucks, a national baseball association ( also known as NBA) a franchise located in Milwaukee Wisconsin and helped with other projects such as, League of Legends team FlyQuest, a group partnership with Edens and Nassef in 2018. He’s also co foundered the new fortress energy and the fortress investment group. As a teen, Wes Edens was a pretty good skier, and in the year 1984 he obtained a business administration degree from Oregon State university and a finance degree. Years later Eden helped develop the Brightline, the very first privately owned, passages rail road system in the United States of America. The rail road system will connect West palm beach, Miami to fort lauderale and later Orlando Florida. Read more about Wes Edens at Wikipedia

Wes Eden has served on a variety of commissions and professional boards, he is a trustee and supporter of the U.S ski and snowboard team foundation and is a well known philanthropist. Him and his family of six created the Edens family fund for climate change studies at the Princeton University, a present that launched the challenge within the urban Princeton Environmental Institute. He even worked as the inaugural co-chair of the brown school of public health Advisory Council and began a partnership at Macalester college in Minnesota and St. Paul. He also helped with a research fund project for solving environmental health hazards and treating diseases.

Before Wes Edens founded the fortress group in 1998, he was a management driector of the black rock financial management group and at the Lehmen brothers where he asserted investors with private equity funds.

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Genucel Provides Anti-Aging Using Products From Nature

A History Of Research

For hundreds of years, we have been searching for the ultimate cure for aging. Several folks have spent tons of money on finding the secret while others have searched until their demise. Since no one could ever crack the code staying young forever, the secret seemed to be more of a fantasy. There was a worldwide acceptance that aging is just a part of life.


Breakthrough Development To Combat Aging

Even though aging is inevitable, no one says we can’t remain beautiful during the process. There’s one company on the right track to help us age gracefully. Genucel is a therapy mixture of plant stem cells that are manufactured by Chamonix. Chamonix’s pharmacist founder George Faltaous began making anti-aging remedies back in 1999.


Why George Faltaous Believed In Using Nature

Faltaous figured that nature could be instrumental in helping create an anti-aging solution for a couple of reasons. The first reason is nature has always been there, long before test tubes and labs. During the time before labs came into the picture, Egyptians and Mayans were already depending on nature to give them anti-aging plants and herbs that are still around today. The second reasons are manufactured creams and serums tend to be harsh and have negative side effects. This happens because all of the chemical compounds in the formulation may not be mixing well. The clash of the chemicals causes dark patches, burns, puffiness and other issues. Sometimes it can take years before the effects start.


Avoiding Potential Side Effects

Using natural products helped Faltaous avoid all of the potential dangers of lab-developed solutions. Genucel contains products like grape seed oil, calendula flower extract, and other natural products that have vitamins A, E, and Ester C, which blocks the side effects of lab-developed chemicals. It looks like our ancestors were on the right track with finding the building blocks to fight aging, however, it was the use of technology that has allowed us to mix the right ingredients to make the long-lasting results.


Paving The Anti-Aging Way

In history, herbalists and palace physicians came up with the anti-aging systems. Genucel’s anti-aging solutions were derived from thousands of dollars spent on research and development and several years of cautious experimentation. By using the information that our ancestors started with to treat aging, Chamonix has come up with the perfect remedy to aging. You can expect long-lasting results from using an all natural treatment.





Why Herbalife Nutrition Products are Important to Mothers

The human body is unique in its needs and its ability, as far as nutrients are involved. As the world becomes more advanced, there are certain aspects of the human diet that are slowly fading away. Fortunately, Herbalife Nutrition has supplemented the human diet for nearly four decades now. With a focus on advancements, availability of products and research, the company is making the human body strong again. It is great to note that the company has expanded to more than ninety countries, all well spread around the globe. All these advancements have been achieved in just a span of nearly four decades. In order to improve on their outreach, the company’s representatives are well equipped with knowledge of each product and therefore more knowledgeable.


One of the most important investments (by the company), in the recent past, has been the mothers’ nutrition products. Over the years, the medical world has concentrated on the pregnancy journey and somehow neglected the motherhood phase in terms of nutrient intake. Although some diet routines have an impact on restoring new mothers recommended levels of nutrients, the consistency of these diet recommendations is uncertain in most cases. The uncertainty of different diet recommendations exposes the new mothers to many nutrient deficiency complications. Fortunately, Herbalife Nutrition is challenging this sad reality by well-designed products.


The company has a set of different nutrient products, for different mothers. These nutrient products offer an unmatched holistic approach to nutrients insufficient in women’s bodies. Products like “New Mom” equally, has a comprehensive approach to the needs of a typical young mother. According to medical pundits, this product is the ultimate solution to low levels of nutrients shortly after becoming a mother. Herbalife Nutrition, for example, puts Vitamin A. In addition, the product has calcium and Vitamin D, which are vital for restoring the body strength.


What makes Herbalife Nutrition such an exceptional company in this fast-growing niche? The company has one of the best distribution channels. Unlike the mainstream way of distribution, the company has many independent distributors around the world. These distributors, which are available in almost 100 countries, are important in making sure that the products are available to different clients and more importantly, the clients have a better understanding of how to use the products. Therefore, they are specialists, just as they are the company’s representatives. Through this model, the company has been able to consolidate a good client’s background in all these countries on top of changing lives.






Steve Ritchie’s on Restoring Papa John’s

Recently, Steve Ritchie admitted that the firm has a lot of work to do before it finally wins back its clients and fully recovers. After a reviewing the firm’s third-quarter earnings statement, the CEO stated the company’s executives have seen that the measures set by the firm are working and are optimistic about more opportunities. Ritchie commented that the company is making progress and that it had taken critical strides in the quarter. When Ritchie took over the company in January, the company’s executives decided to rebrand it and have their focus on employees. This move impacted the clients’ sentiments that as he hoped.

Still, the firm reported a tough third quarter on November 6th. The company did not meet its expectations is it witnessed a 10% drop in its earnings per share and revenue. Papa John’s reported earnings of $364 million, $30 million less as compared to that of Yahoo. The company was down by approximately 16%, for the previous year’s revenue. Reports indicate that the firm issued each share’s earnings of 20 cents (down from the previous year’s 60 cents per share), as opposed to analysts’ expectations of 22 cents.

Steve Ritchie said that the company’s restructuring of the executive suite would ensure the company focuses on its clients again. Mike Nettles is the individual who is leading the restructuring as the firm’s new vice president. As per people.equilar.com, apart from clients’ touchpoints, the firm created three other major roles of an executive vice president. These roles include technology and analytics, client experience, and branding and innovation.

During summer, the share prices of the firm had dropped. However, they had risen over the last six weeks when talks of a possible purchase surrounded the company. According to Reuters, the firm was looking for purchase offers. Last week, four investors had shown interest in Papa John’s.

Despite these issues surrounding the firm, Steve Ritchie Papa John’s stated that he is confident as the firm heads into the last quarter. He stated that the actions the company’s management put in place are slowly working and the company is heading in the right direction. He reported that the leadership’s focus is on moving the firm ahead to achieve greater success.

Article reference: https://www.nrn.com/people/papa-johns-promotes-steve-ritchie-coo