TheRealReal on Living Luxuriously

Ever heard of TheRealReal? It is a rather unique type of consignment shop. It puts emphasis on providing luxurious services to their sellers and buyers. Not only do they have a collection of secondhand high end brands at the tips of your fingers or in a click, they make great efforts to ensure that the merchandise sold is authentic and the best quality. The seller and its product is highly valued to the extent of TheRealReal providing a deluxe ride to transport your product into their brick-and-mortar. TheRealReal takes pride in giving the best overall spending experience and have you leaving knowing that your new addition is the perfect fit.

TheRealReal’s Instagram account captures elegance, color and aesthetics all wrapped into one. The stories set the tone behind their message. That is to extend the lifecycle of fashion and create sustainability of our environment. It also to know what you are buying and the value of preserving the pieces.

The ambiance of the cozy Proper Hotels and Residences creates the tone of knowing that balance between work and play. This photo screams ultimate evening/night cap. The general area is covered with bright, funky artwork along the walls and furniture surfaces. The sofas and chairs has a very welcoming aesthetic.

Amidst a background filled with a display of tote purses galore, stands a woman posing with her hand on one hip and a beautiful orange tote on the other with some bad snake skin boots to set it off. Her face reads an “I am here” type of presence which TheRealReal tailor their experiences around.

Finally, this is when the jewelry makes you! Here is a depiction of facial features shaped with jewelry from the eyes to the ear and the ear to the lips. Talk about timeless classic!

Sussex Healthcare and Its Stand on Healthcare Matters

Sussex Healthcare is an organization that cares for people suffering from dementia and other neurological conditions. The conditions could be as a result of injuries or illness. The company makes certain to hire the best caregivers for its charges. This ensures that people who visit their facilities receive the best possible professional care. It is important to Sussex Health that each and every patient gets the best and they, therefore, provide high-quality individualized attention.

The company has been hiring new assistants in order to better provide care for the residents. At Sussex Healthcare an assistant is expected to prepare individualized programs for each other residents. Depending on age and type of conditions different patients require a different type of care and activities, it is the responsibility of an assistant to prepare and customize one to their needs.

This recruitment drive has been I progress since November last year(2017). The company’s aim was to hire nurses that could not only make patients comfortable but also offer individual attention to the patients. They expected nurses to look after their health, offer medication and do follow up. It is expected that nurses can also identify exercise and activities that will be healthy for individual patients.

Currently, Sussex Healthcare is looking for a manager to supervise the other employees. He or she will be tasked with evaluating the effectiveness of set programs, training the incoming staffers and examine the effectiveness of each home. He or she will also be expected to share out responsibility to current and new staff members.

The organization aims at providing care to patients with neurological conditions such as lesions, motor neuron disease, multiple sclerosis among others. The company works towards providing treatments that alleviate symptoms of neurological disorders. Sussex Health ensures that residents have access to activities that better their memories and reflexes among other aspects.

About Sussex Health

Sussex Healthcare is an organization that is based in Sussex that cares for adults and elderly people suffering from neurological conditions. It was founded by Shafik Sachedina and Shiraz Boghani in 1998. Amanda Morgan-Taylor who began her career in nursing is the CEO.

Sussex Health received a Health Quality Service award in 2002 an has been accredited by the International Organization for Standardization.

Felipe Montoro Jens Remedy for Infrastructure Stagnation

About 20% of the total stagnated projects in Brazil are infrastructure in nature. This percentage is big owing to the fact that Brazil commits a huge percentage of the GDP to infrastructure projects. Felipe Montoro Jens estimates the figure to be about R $ 10.7 billion worth. As an infrastructure expert, Jens explores the reasons for these figures. Armed with reports and figures from Ministry of Planning and other affiliates organizations he tries to navigate the issue. The following is a comprehensive piece on the stagnation of infrastructure projects in the Latin America country.

Felipe Montoro Jens points out that the stagnation issue is contributed by many factors as opposed to a singular issue. Lack of proper planning is one of the main reasons why most projects in Brazil are incomplete. In most cases, the government invests in projects without proper visibility study. In some cases, the issue is mainly due to expropriation and bureaucratic compensation procedures. Lastly, Jens contributes the stagnation of infrastructure problems to lack of proper technology by the construction companies.

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What are some of the remedies to this menace? Felipe Montoro Jens suggests some remedies to ensuring that a huge percentage of the Brazilian economy is not lost through stagnated infrastructure projects. Some of these remedies include the following. First, Jens suggests that the relevant bodies should do a better feasibility study before starting any project. However, planning before and during the project is an important route to completed projects. Jens points out planning should be comprehensive in approach and all spheres of any project should be part of micro and macro planning.

Felipe Montoro Jens believes that stagnation has a spiral effect on the Brazilian economy. Therefore, the 2% of GDP lost in the stagnated projects should be part of the economic growth. Together with CNI (National Confederation of Industry) Jens has been vocal on a better approach to infrastructure investment. Learn more:–felipe-montoro-jens-os-vencedores-do-premio-ppp-awards-2018-revelados-em-dezembro

OSI Food Solution’s Rise To The Apex of Food Services

The food industry is one of the most vital industries on earth. This particular industry harvests, manufactures, ships, sources and develops a plethora of food products. If this exclusive industry were to shutdown, then the world would come to a complete stop.

OSI Food Solutions has become a major player throughout the world. The company has advanced facilities in up to 17 countries worldwide. Test kitchens, pilot plants, general offices and culinary-innovation centers are the actual DNA of this Illinois-based business. You are looking at more than 100 years of food service.

At the start of the 20th century, America was experiencing an influx of immigrants. When it came to the Chicago area, this particular city was taken in thousands of German-immigrants on a consistent basis. At one point in time, a quarter of the city’s population consisted of German-immigrants. Carl Sandburg, a famous poet during this time, stated that “Chicago is the city of big shoulders.” In addition to that, Sandburg has gone on say that “Chicago is the hog butcher of the world.” This is where OSI Food Solutions come into the picture because this company was founded by a German-immigrant.

OSI Food Solutions is a privately held company, and it has been ranked by Forbes on many occasions. As of 2019, this food processor has an estimated market value of over $6 billion. A lot of the company’s success has come from acquisitions. Yes, this is very true as OSI has acquired a number of competing businesses. In 2016, the Illinois-based food processor acquired Tyson Foods’ plant in Chicago for over $7 million. In addition to that, OSI Food Solutions would go on to acquire Flagship Europe as well as acquire BAHO Food. These two European food processors have expanded OSI’s range and have strengthened its foundation for the years to come.

Plan a Party That Wows!

When you are working on creating the perfect party, you might think it’s going to be easy and the party that you dream will be what you get. The truth is that it’s not always this way. You may need help to make it happen. That’s where Twenty Three Layers event planners can help you.


The theme is the backbone of the whole thing. This is what the party is going to be about and what people will think of the party after it’s long over. The theme cold be anything you want with colors and costumes that match with it or even a whole theme that plays out with the guests. This includes circus themes and weddings that are fun for everyone.


If you are doing a theme that needs costumes, you can rent costumes to your guests or you can request they dress for the theme. This will depend on what you want to do with your party and the themes you are using. You may also want to just keep it simple and request guests wear a certain color that goes with the theme you are doing. If you need corporate event planners NYC, this may not be a great thing for you.

Food and Drinks

If you are having a party for guest who are old enough to drink, you may want to look at a bar for your needs. An event planning company in New York  can help you with this or you can hire a company that does this. That way you don’t have to worry about licensing or any legal items.

There are so many things to think about when you are looking at creating a party that will be awesome. You might want to look at what Twenty Three Layers can do for you. This way you will be able to enjoy your party and not be worrying about how it’s going to be seen and focus on having fun.

Talkspace Uses Michael Phelps to Create Awareness for Mental Health Issues

Michael Phelps sees his partnership with Talkspace as a valuable way he can help fellow sufferers of mental illness. From the outsider’s perspective, Phelps seemed to have the world in the palm of his hands. Behind the scenes it was a very different story. Phelps admits that there were times he did not leave his room. Those episodes would sometimes last for days. He was lost, and he did not know where to turn for help. One of the things Phelps hopes to get out of the partnership is that people ask for help. Phelps thought it was a sign of weakness, but he now knows that it is the first step to getting better. Phelps has taken part in an online campaign to raise awareness for mental health issues and how Talkspace offers unique solutions.

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Talkspace fills a void that traditional therapy has failed to fill. Talkspace has a team of doctors and therapists that can help with a wide range of mental health problems. They are trained to help with anxiety, depression, OCD along with many other issues. They offer this service online which has a great deal of benefits. Their service is more affordable than in-person visits to a therapist, and they can be accessed from anywhere someone can get internet services. The Talkspace app is just one of the ways patients can contact their doctor or therapist. There are also options for text messaging, live chat and video messaging.

Some of the issues currently being discussed by the many blogs that also accompany Talkspace include LGBTQ issues, issues with living with someone and the stress that brings and questions people may have about the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a well known personality test, but many people might not know the exact details or how and where to take the test. These are just some parts of the services offered by Talkspace.

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Oren Frank Hires Neil Leibowitz to Expand Talkspace’s Reach

Oren Frank, the founder of the online therapy service Talkspace, has his sights set on expanding the services Talkspace can provide. Talkspace already offers therapy through a variety of online sources. People can use Talkspace’s app, online video messaging, texting and emails to contact a variety of doctors and therapists. It is a cheaper and more accessible way to access mental health services for people that might have no other way to get help. After 5 years, Talkspace has over 1 million users. For $79 a month patients can talk to therapists online. The service has so far earned tens of millions of dollars in revenue.

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Neil Leibowitz has recently joined Talkspace as their new chief medical officer. Neil Leibowitz has previously worked for UnitedHealth. Along with being able to use Neil Leibowitz’s vast knowledge of business and the health care industry, it will also allow Talkspace therapists to prescribe drugs. Neil Leibowitz has still to decide the exact medications that Talkspace will prescribe.

Oren Frank also hopes the new hire will be able to expand Talkspace’s corporate client base. Frank sees that corporate side as making up almost half of all Talkspace’s revenue by the end of 2018. It is in the best interest of companies to use Talkspace as many employees are looking for help for mental health issues.

Some of the recent posts on Oren Frank’s twitter feed show the wide variety of topics that can be discussed on Talkspace. There are posts about LGBTQ issues along with the issues surrounding the use of social media. Frank also has links to highly successful people who had to deal with mental health issues. He hopes to show that anyone can suffer regardless of their external circumstances. Frank also sees the need for preventative care, and he emphasizes the need for companies to be proactive with taking care of the mental health of their employees.

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Boraie Development Focuses New Jersey’s Growth Via Infrastructure Improvements

Infrastructure is one of the most important parts of an area’s development. With developed buildings and structures, there are overall safety, productivity, and chances for opportunities. Partnering with other people, Boraie Development is planning to develop New Jersey into a more prosperous state. Among its projects for infrastructure development in the residential building called “The Aspire” located in New Brunswick.

In just a few minutes of walk from the New Brunswick Train Station is “The Aspire”, a luxury apartment building which was built to accommodate 238 residents through its 238 residential units. The apartment features a 27/7 doorman in the lobby and an elevator that goes from the parking lot through the highest part of the building, which is a sundeck and garden. This space can be used for people who want to have BBQ parties with their families and friends. There is also a fitness center and a yoga space for people who want to stay fit by exercising or doing Yoga. For those who want to socialize, there are resident clubs where neighbors can meet together and talk.

The building is also near medical institutions like the Children’s Cancer Institute. Robert Wood Johnson Hospital System is also near the building. There is indoor bike storage for those who like cycling. For those who like to party, a nightlife party is available for the neighborhood.

Boraie Development’s other finished project is the CityPlex12, a renovated old theater which was one of the places the former basketball professional player Shaquille O’Neal would go during his childhood. It is located in Newark near Springfield Avenue. O’Neal spent his childhood during the 1970s on Newark, particularly in the old theater where his parents used to bring him.

The renovation of the old theater, which is now CityPlex12, is estimated to be $7 million and was completed in 2012. O’Neal partnered with Boraie Development to make this possible. A future partnership is expected among them in order to build more infrastructures in New Jersey, especially in the more financially distressed areas. The two is expected to work on more residential and commercial infrastructures around New Jersey in the future.

Boraie Development is known as a real estate company which focuses on real estate development, sales and marketing, and property management. In working with their projects, they like to partner with great talents in architecture, engineering, and financial institutions. They believe in quality over the quantity when it comes to projects.

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Hussain Sajwani: The Richest Billionaire in Middle East

Hussain Sajwani is the richest billionaire and most successful businessman in UAE.He is the founder and chairman of the global property development company called DAMAC properties.Having graduated from the university of washington he began his career as a contract manager at GASCO.GASCO is a subsidiary company of the abu dhabi oil company in Dubai.His humble beginning from a military catering business service owner to probably one of the world’s successful business proves his affinity to quality and excellence.In 2001 he acquired property in Dubai after shifting his career to real estate.In this business he was able to sell units in real estate within just a few months which strengthened his business position.

DAMAC Properties CEO, Hussain Sajwani pioneered the property market expansion industry in Dubai and in 2002 he identified a market gap for Property Investment.He founded DAMAC property which has grown to be one of the largest Middle East company. The company’s share capital in the Dubai Financial Market has shot upwards within the last decade therefore skyrocketing Hussain’s net worth within a very a short duration.

DAMAC property partnered with the Trump organisation to set up two branded golf courses in Dubai.The billionaire has gone on to strengthen his relationship with Trump which also has influenced the position of the company in both Dubai and the world.Hussain considers himself the middle western Trump business partner.

The DAMAC property company continues to grow in both statues and financial stability.DAMAC is a real estate company and was featured in its home exchange market as a very influential company.It was the first company in middle east to be listed in the london stock exchange market.DAMAC raised an initial public offer of US$379 Million through a global deposit receipt.DAMAC began trading in 2015 following an offer to exchange its global deposit receipt for ordinary shares.

Hussain has a joint initiative with DAMAC in philanthropy to support the development of learning and creative solutions in Dubai.This has resulted to the establishment of a sponsorship meant to fund one million arab coders as well as offer free programming training. You can find contacts to Hussain Sajwani at the DAMAC property official website.

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How Organo Gold Gourmet Café Mocha Stands Out from Other Beverages

Organo Gold is always on the verge of making smooth tasting coffee to suit the needs of different consumers. The company recently released Gourmet Café Mocha, which is a delicious beverage that combines the vast and creamy flavor of coffee and cocoa. Gourmet Café Mocha offers you the perfect, delightful drink needed to take during breakfast make your day more soothing.

Why Consume Gourmet Café Mocha?

Gourmet Café Mocha contains is a great-tasting coffee balanced and blended with whitener. The beverage comes flavored with a warm, excellent taste. Ganoderma lucidum, a plant extract, brings out this distinct taste. When consumed, it offers different mind stimulating effects needed to keep you awake and attentive as you handle your day-to-day activities.

Main Ingredients

Organo Gold mellowed the coffee with both cocoa and whitener to enhance its flavor and texture. Cocoa powder contains a distinct taste that makes it ideal for making chocolates. The powder also brings this unique flavor to Gourmet Café Mocha. Each Gourmet Café Mocha sachet contains about 2.4 grams of fiber, which is essential in promoting healthy bowel function.

Gourmet Café Mocha also contains Ganoderma that adds unique smoothness and thickness to the beverage. Organo Gold chose Ganoderma as one of the ingredients since it was a renowned traditional drug in the ancient Asian culture. Traditional Asian societies relied on the mushroom for spiritual healing purposes. They also used it as a herb for treating various diseases.

Consumption Instructions

To get the most out of Gourmet Café Mocha, you need to follow the instructions printed on the sachet by Organo Gold. Consider emptying one sachet of the beverage into a cup, pouring warm hot water in the cup and stirring for the coffee to dissolve. You can also mix Gourmet Café Mocha with ice if you want a creamy delicacy.