Matthew Fleeger

Combining his innate entrepreneurial skills with his business acumen, Matthew Fleeger became a stalwart in the oil and gas and waste management industries. However, before immersing himself in his trade, Fleeger first had to gain a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics of his field. While attending Southern Methodist University, Fleeger developed a deep-seated interest in finance and marketing. As a result, Fleeger went on to cultivate his prowess as a businessman. After earning a degree in business, Fleeger was equipped for the entrepreneurial realm. In the hopes of excelling in his industry, Fleeger vowed to spend eight years grasping the intricacies of his domain.

Transitioning from job to job, Fleeger earned ample experience before pursuing his own exploits. In 1993, Fleeger reached the pinnacle of his career when he founded MedSolutions, a company specializing in the disposal, treatment, and management of waste. As Fleeger shaped the company, his eminence blossomed. MedSolutions became such a standout in the waste management industry that the company came to be known as a regional leader in healthcare waste management. Over the next 14 years, Fleeger guided MedSolutions to industry success while creating a new pattern of excellence in his sphere.

Come 2007, Fleeger was met with a turning point in his career. Stericycle, a similar waste management company, approached Fleeger with a rosy offer. In exchange for ownership of MedSolutions, Stericycle would grant Fleeger $59 million. Fleeger accepted the offer, subsequently parting ways with MedSolutions after a successful track record. When Fleeger rejoined the business world, his options were endless. Fleeger ultimately decided that home was where his heart was, so he returned to his roots and accepted a position at his father’s company, Gulf Coast Western. No doubt a man of many successes, Matthew Fleeger demonstrates how hard work breeds enduring triumph.

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Collective Efforts, Collective Elimination: Sightsavers

When it comes to defeating a worldwide problem, this must be done with a collective effort. Let’s take a look at just what happens when various forces combine to rid the world of an age-old phenomenon.

Trachoma is a very devastating disease in that the eyelashes literally grow inverted causing severe pain which will ultimately lead to blindness. This is a worldwide phenomenon that has been around for thousands of years and there are more than 180 million people at risk of going blind from this. Some of the world’s most destitute communities are the biggest sufferers. When you look at the effects of trachoma, you will see the beginning of a vicious cycle that often leaves communities in poverty. Leading the efforts collectively is Sightsavers, a group that is dedicated to eradicating trachoma in these communities and spearheading efforts across the world to eliminate it completely. With the group Sightsavers, it is understood that it will take a team to defeat such a worldwide phenomenon. Working with pharmaceutical companies, donors, Ministries of Health, Etc. Trachoma can be eliminated.

The World Health Organization has a very unique strategy that has proven to be successful in the eradication of various problems across the world. This strategy has been called SAFE, this is an acronym that stands for Surgery, Antibiotics, Facial cleanliness, and Environmental improvement. With this in mind, the first step towards defeating Trachoma is having the necessary resources to ensure that each step in the process is completed. Recently there was a very interesting development in the fight against trachoma. Sightsavers is coordinating The New Commonwealth of 2018 – 2020 Fund in close collaboration with the Ministry of Health, local communities, and other members of the International Coalition for Trachoma Control. This Collective effort came about as the United Kingdom announced a 20 million British pound funding commitment. This is the beginning of success and such a step is being taken with the most courageous efforts of all involved.

In conclusion, the fight against Trachoma is a very easy one when all parts of the collective body are working in unison. No longer does the world have to fear such a disease. Massive efforts are being put up for that will assist in eradicating this plague. With more donations, dedication, and energy, the world will be free of trachoma. This is the goal and with Sightsavers at the forefront, it is a reachable goal.

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, A Literary Excursion by Sean Penn

Academy award winning actor Sean Penn has just entered the literary arena with the publication of his first novel, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.” Mr. Penn’s book has been met with confusion, criticism, and praise. Although the merits of the satirical novel are widely discussed, few deny its artistic style and social critique. The book’s prose is described as using uncommon descriptive languages full of symbolic and hidden meanings. For those willing to read between the lines, many find a social critique of our current society as well as wisdom.

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is a dystopian novel set in a world very similar to our own. The main character is Bob Honey, a septic tank salesperson who is also a government hitman, charged with saving the country by killing off the members of the elderly population who have used up too many resources. The concept itself is a comment on the nature of American ethos. Sean Penn uses poetry interspersed with the ranting of his main character to take on the world’s social problems. He takes on the epidemic of mass shootings, Russian interference in the elections, Black Lives Matter, Scientology, the government’s reaction to natural disasters and disaster relief. The authors greatest rants are reserved, the election, tweeting habits and general administration of the President, whom he refers to as the “landlord.” The only movement that he mentions by name is the #MeToo movement, which the author, who believes in women’s rights, sees as diminishing the importance of the issue by promoting lynch mob mentality at the expense of due process.

It is no wonder that Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff has drawn criticism and praise from nearly all sides of the political spectrum. Sean Penn was attacked by media supporters the president, such as Laura Ingram, while also drawing the ire of the #MeToo movement. Many see the personal and political beliefs of the author heavily reflected in the passionate and angry ravings of the main character. The character even engages in similar humanitarian pursuits as the author. It is no wonder that this book controversial, but Sean Penn has never shied away from controversy. So how does the new author handle it? He plans his next book.


Adam Milstein Calls On Jewish-Americans To Protect Their Identity Against Antisemitic Groups

The Third Reich may have been defeated more than six decades ago, but the antisemitism that arose out of it is still out there and is now very abundant with various radical Islamic groups. Adam Milstein, a Jewish-American social activist says Jews cannot become complacent about the spread of antisemitism because it is silently gathering followings on college campuses and could be only a matter of time till it reaches the public square. Radical Islam has had allies everywhere, but they’ve really formed close ties to some on the progressive left. Milstein even mentioned that 2016 Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders received funds from pro-Islamic and antisemitic groups. The most important thing he encourages Jews to do is to speak out against it and be prepared to do whatever is necessary to defend Israel.

Adam Milstein is one of three Managing Partners of Hager Pacific Properties and also Chairman of the Israeli-American Council. He currently resides in Los Angeles, but he spent most of his childhood and early adult life in Haifa, Israel. Before getting his education, he served in the Israeli Defense Forces and also happened to meet his longtime wife Gila while serving. After graduating from the Technion and USC, Adam Milstein decided to become a real estate broker primarily dealing in commercial properties, but he’s also acquired large family apartments and condos. Hager Pacific Properties manages housing and office space units in California, Texas and Illinois.

Adam Milstein‘s activism is comprised of conference organization, donating to Jewish educational foundations, meeting with political donors and religious leaders and writing articles. The Milstein Family Foundation that he and his wife started is where most of their philanthropy is channeled through, and he also is the chairman and president of the Israeli-American Council which connects various Israelis and Jewish-Americans in its endeavors to support Israel’s interests and strengthen its relations with the US. Other groups that the Milstein Family Foundation is closely tied to are the Hillel International group which is branched across multiple universities, Hasbara Fellowships, StandWithUs, Jerusalem U, Israel on Campus Coalition and AIPAC. Families are taught Hebrew through stories published at Sifriyat Pijama B’America also funded through the Milstein Family Foundation.

Greg Secker is a top entrepreneur and a philanthropist

Trading refers to an activity involving investing and carrying out business depending on the emerging trends in the financial market. Many people decide to venture into business with an aim of making good money. This enables one to be his/her own boss. This is well demonstrated by Greg Secker who claims that this success does not come without challenges. Thus it’s vital for individuals to be enlightened before venturing into Forex trading.

Firstly, Greg Secker asserts that one must first of all gain the basics involved in Forex market, the terminologies used. It’s also advisable for an individual to learn about the operation of the Forex market. Also, Greg claims that for one to succeed in this market, emulating a successful mentor is recommended. Through such, one is able to copy the trading techniques and methodologies of someone successful.

Secondly, Greg claims that one should keep emotions out of trade. This is because most of the beginners tend to make rash decisions when they are dealing with losses. Similarly, being realistic is recommended as one cannot expect to become a multi-millionaire in a fortnight. Perseverance, dedication and patience are required. A trader who is willing to succeed in Forex trade should define his/her goals.

For a Forex trader to decide when to buy or sell, they usually use the Forex Indicator. However, there is no “best indicator” as each indicator is different from each trader. Most of the traders usually use Simple Moving Average (SMA), the Exponential Moving Average (EMA), Economic Calendars and the Stochastic Oscillator.

Greg Secker, born in 1975 is a renowned entrepreneur, philanthropist and an international speaker. Greg is the owner of Smart Chart Software, Learn to Trade and Capital Index. He is the founder of Greg Secker Foundation. It’s a non-profit making organization that is committed to improve the living standard of people around the world.

Greg is also passionate about charitable work. He is also an international speaker due to his expertise opinion. Many people have recognized the man’s efforts in different capacities given his charitable activities. Greg is a role model to many people in the country.