Wengie’s Fresh Hair Hacks!


Wengie starts out this hair hack video with information on how to have healthy hair from the inside out. Vitamins, folic acid, and omega 3 fatty acids are a few of the nutrients Wengie talks about that are essential to hair health.


First, Wengie insists that keeping your hairbrush clean is step one to good hygiene. She uses a comb to pull out excess hair in her brush. Then, she shows how to give your hairbrush a brush bath using hot water and shampoo!


For best smelling hair, Wengie points out that perfume has alcohol which can dry out your hair. She uses dryer sheets punched through the top of her hairbrush to tame frizz and add a fresh scent to her locks!


To add moisture to your hair, Wengie recommends using a melted coconut oil treatment. This is a super easy hack using something you probably have in your kitchen right now! After melting the coconut oil in warm water, Wengie paints the oil onto her scalp and massages through her hair, leaving the mask on for thirty minutes. This treatment promotes scalp health and hair shine.


One of her most ingenious hacks in this video is to help tame fly-aways. She sprays a small amount of hairspray to a makeup brush, and then uses the brush to press down on fly-aways or baby hairs. This is a super easy hack using items you already have in your bathroom!


Wengie’s amazing hair hacks are extensive, useful, and easy for anyone styling their own hair. For more hair hacks, watch the video below!


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