Summer Beauty Essentials

Summer presents a host of beauty challenges. From sweaty brows to frizzy hair, the most fun time of the year can leave us looking and feeling like a wilted weed in a bed of flowers. The good news is that for every problem, there’s a solution. Here’s our top pick of summer beauty essentials to keep us looking and feeling our very best!


Regardless of whether hair is curly or stick-straight, we all struggle with how to tame our locks during the heat. Although summer inspires a more laid back style, that doesn’t mean we need to run around in ponytails all day. Beach waves are one of the hottest trends this summer and the look is super easy to achieve.

Consider slacking off on blow drying, straightening, and rolling. Focus on keeping hair moisturized and protected. A good texturizer provides lift and volume. It will add waves to straight hair and slightly relax curly hair, giving you the devil-may-care beach hair found on beauty models.


There’s a virtual ton of recommendations for skin care during the summer, but the most important thing we can do for our face is sunscreen. The sun damages collagen in the dermal layers, leaving us prone to wrinkles and spots.

The perfect sunscreen for your face will be hypoallergenic, waterproof and pack powerful protection against UVA and UVB rays. Despite the hype about high SPF sunscreens not being any better than low ones, aim for an SPF of over 30 to get the most protection. The key is to reapply it frequently throughout the day. It will work whether you use it under your foundation, on top, or by itself.


Summertime makeup is all about staying power and protection. For this, we have two recommendations to focus on: eyes and lips. When it comes to makeup, the adage less is more rings true. Use your eyes as a focal point with waterproof and smudge-proof liner and mascara. If brows are your thing, you can also find waterproof products for that too.

Lips are another important feature, but it’s a tossup between color and protection. If you’re dead set on wearing color, consider light tints and layer with a protective balm. Avoid anything using petroleum, which doesn’t really provide any moisture. The best ones, such as EOS Lip Balm, combine vitamin E, Shea Butter, and vitamins that actually improve your lips.

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