Marc Beer Raises $42M to fund women’s Health Startup

Marc Beer is the CEO, chairman, and co-founder of the Renovia Inc. He achieved his highest education merit from Miami University (Oxford, OH). Marc Beer has been influential in bringing a positive change in the health sector helping women with pelvic floor disorders a condition that is believed to affect 250 million worldwide. Marc Beer has excellent experience in biotechnology, pharmacy, and industrial diagnosis. He has served as an executive in the development and commercialization for over 25 years. Learn more:


Pelvic Floor Disorders affect 250 million people globally according to the National Health Institute. Marc Beer aspires to give hope to millions of patients affected by the condition. Marc Beer earned a Bachelor of Science from the Miami University, Ohio. He molded his career around innovation and technology, related to his are of specialization, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals.


In 2016, Marc Beer founded, Renovia Inc, a leading health innovator. Marc Beer 25 years experience in the field makes him an expert in health innovation. Marc Beer Renovia Inc. CEO is determined to move on with the new products for pelvic floor disorders. This will be possible after Renovia Inc. under his leadership was able to close a $32million series B round and a $10 million venture debt. This will help in acquiring both diagnostic and therapeutic products for conditions such as urinary incontinence.


Marc Beer work at renovia is notable. Recently, he fundraised for Renovia a $42 million series B funding. In his words, he noted that the funding would go to financing the improvement and expansion of technology devices for treating pelvic floor disorders. The fund will also help in giving patients diagnosis and therapy. Marc Beer earlier this year obtained approval from the Food and Drug Administration to commercialize Lava a device used to diagnose and manage.


The funding will be channeled towards the testing of four more therapeutic and diagnostic products including the new generation of the Leva device. Renovia Inc. was able to achieve its first FDA product approval Leva, in April 2018. Marc Beer was definite and confident that the partnership with other health care investors would go a long way in helping to improve the lives and health of women affected by pelvic disorders. This was achievable through better diagnosis, and treatment. Beer believes that by combining innovation, proprietary sensor technologies and a digital health platform, the clients would be able to gate valuable data that is informative and knowledge impacting about pelvic floor disorders.


Earlier in the year, Renovia under the leadership of Marc Beer, obtained approval from the FDA to commercialize the devices. Renovia has been researching, developed and refined the apps with patients concerns at heart. Marc Beers’ determination to help women with pelvic floor disorders has seen him lead with positive energy and great vision, hence bringing in an irresistible change. His leadership has brought benefit to his customers.


Clay Siegall PH.D, A Compelling and Compassionate Leader in Biotechnology, and a Successful Businessman

Dr. Siegall’s WorPress Blog:

Clay Siegall’s personal WordPress blog reflects his scientific and innovative thinking with articles that cover an array of topics from scientific news to current events. His blog includes an article written by Joe Palca, called, “Citizen Scientists Comb Images To Find An ‘Overexcited Planet.” The article goes into professional astronomers who have looked to the public for assistance in their astronomical research. So far, “citizen scientists” have helped in identifying distant galaxies and discovering gravitation lenses.

Another article on Clay’s blog was written by Jon Hamilton, and is called, “Cracking The Code That Lets The Brain ID Any Face, Fast.” The article covers some of the most recent advancements in facial recognition, and how the human brain accomplishes this with what he terms, “face cells,” within the brain. Macaque monkeys, who share the same ability as humans in facial recognition are helping scientists to better understand what parts of the brain are used in facial recognition.

Dr. Siegall’s blog offers much insight into his personal interests with articles that are sure to hold the interest of any viewer.

About Clay Siegal:

Dr. Clay Siegall began his career in bio-medical research and co-founded Seattle Genetics in 1998, where he is currently the CEO and Chairman of the Board. He has served as chief executive since 2002. With over nineteen years of service at Seattle Genetics, Dr. Siegall passionately pursues ways in which the lives of cancer patients might be improved.

Prior to Dr. Seagall’s work at Seattle Genetics, he accumulated an impressive list of professional accomplishments that began with his position as a Senior Research Investigator at the “Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute.” Dr. Siegall climbed the ranks and was promoted to the position of Principal Scientist before moving forward to become a Staff Fellow and Biotechnology Fellow at the National Cancer Institute. Following his promotions, Dr. Siegall set his sights on a joint effort to launch, “Seattle Genetics.”

Dr. Siegall’s professional achievements have demonstrated a commitment to the implementation of scientific research. Seattle Genetics is at the forefront of biomedical advancements.

Dr. Siegall was named Entrepreneur of the Year In 2012 by Pacific Northwest Ernst & Young. In 2013, also received the University of Maryland Alumnus of the Year for Computer, Math and Natural Sciences after being recognized for his momentous contributions to the medical and scientific communities.

In a recent article, by Staff Writer at the Puget Sound Business Journal, Casey Coombs, wrote about one of Seattle Genetic’s recent business ventures in which Seattle Genetics, Headed by Dr. Siegall, signed a $2 billion dollar deal with Immunomedics of New Jersey, for the license rights to a cancer drug.

According to Casey Coombs;” When the deal is completed, Bothell-based Seattle Genetics (Nasdaq: SGEN) will have exclusive global rights to develop, manufacture and commercialize sacituzumab govitecan. Which is a solid tumor drug known as IMMU-132, and is currently in clinical trials for triple negative metastatic breast cancer as well as other forms of cancer.”

Dr. Clay Siegall is not only a fascinating minded man with a vast array of interests (as demonstrated in his WordPress blog,) but also a compassionate leader in the Biotechnological field, with a sincere desire to advance medical treatment that will offer relief to cancer patients. He is also a skilled business builder and leader. Dr. Siegall is a man who is outstanding in his field as well as a dedicated and commendable human being.