The Chainsmokers Have A Profitable Year

Forbes Recently featured The Chainsmokers on their highest-paid list of musicians and artists. The duo of DJs who came together in New York made over $40 million in 2018, and they have proven to be a force because of the way that they create music and reach out to listeners. Take a look at why this duo has made so much money and how they are improving their overall presence in popular culture.

  1. The Earnings

The earnings for 2018 are something that might shock people who think that DJs are not real artists. These two men have been on the charts all year with songs like Paris and Closer, and they have been touring in support of their album while releasing new music. They have done many different appearances, and they have been partnering with different media makers who are using their music. Their partnerships have brought them to other shows that allow them to reach a larger audience, and their online streaming sales help them raise revenues quickly.

  1. Their Profile

The Chainsmokers have some wonderful hits that people will know even if they are not familiar with the duo at all. The people who are watching what The Chainsmokers are doing will be amazed that this duo always seems to show up somewhere new. They have been able to increase their profile by being heard in commercials, working with TV and movie markers, and by playing shows all over the world.

  1. They Can Remain On This List

The Chainsmokers can remain on the earnings list for musicians because they have tapped into a unique market. There are many people who want to live in a world of pop/DJ music, and there are others who I know them from the clubs. These two groups come together to make a wonderful audience for this band that earns them millions every year.

  1. Conclusion

The Chainsmokers are a great example of how powerful music can be. They have reached people through their music while also creating a following that will buy their music, come to their shows, and recognize them on the radio.

Clayton Hutson Explains How he Spends his Days in his Event Management Career

Clayton Hutson is one of the living legends of the music industry, with his skills and expertise recognized by most of the artists for hosting their events during their entertainment activities. He has been renowned event organizer in the region and every person in the region applauds him for the great work that he does for both the artists and their audience. He has been at the center of the entertainment industry since he left college where he pursued a bachelor’s degree in music engineering. Immediately after leaving school, he got some employment in a company that helped the artists in the management of their events. That was when Clayton Hutson gained the interest in organizing events for the artists in the preparations as they perform for their audience.

Since he started his career, Clayton Hutson has supported a lot of prominent artists in the management of their live events, all of which have been successful. He has managed the live performances for reputable artists and musicians which was loved by the artists and their audience. As a result of the great support and love that he got from the stakeholders of the events, Clayton Hutson developed a passion for becoming an event manager, which he had started perfecting while still employed. However, he felt that he could deliver better services to his clients if he provided the services on his own, without the dependence on the employer. That was when he quit his employment and started his company, which he leads to date in the management of events on behalf of a lot of artists and live performers in the region.

What Clayton Hutson says is that every event’s day is a busy day for him. He ensures that he wakes up early any time that he has a live event that he needs to plan for his clients. He moves to the venue before everyone arrives and take a look at the topography of the site. His assistants then arrive shortly after him with all the logistics that are required to make the event a success for the clients and their audience. His primary role is to supervise all the workers and ensure that they understand their roles correctly so that they can ensure that the event is perfect.

After the ground men have finished their part, Clayton Hutson then moves around the venue once more before the guests arrive to ensure that everything is in its right position and that the stage is set for the guests and their audience. This is a career that he enjoys very much.

Alex Pall Explains All

The upcoming release of The Chainsmokers new song “Closer,” which is a collaboration with the popular singer Halsey, whom they loved getting to work with because of her unique style, is also the singing debut for producer and group member Andrew Taggart. Written about what it is like to hook up with an ex, the duo has set themselves apart in the DJ industry.

Singing on their own track is something new in the DJ world. Most DJ’s rely on other artists to add vocals and bring the music to life. But these guys don’t want to be like everybody else. The other half of the hit making duo, Alex Pall, says the pair are always looking for ways to push the envelope and bring their listeners something new and different, always striving to be better than they were before.

Having a broader musical range enables them to reach across generations and cultivate fans of all ages, races, and nationalities. Since achieving stardom, Alex and Drew acquired fans all around the globe. They’ve experienced a young elementary school kid singing their songs, all the way up to a grandma humming one of their tunes.

Alex grew up being a DJ, eventually quitting his job as an adult to pursue his dream full time. Drew became a DJ in college after years of interest in it, even releasing his work on SoundCloud. When the two met through a mutual friend, they hit it off immediately. They clicked on everything about music, their goals, ethics, and their drive to make it big in the music industry. Drew moved to New York from Maine so he and Alex could start turning their shared vision into a reality.

“Closer” is a more personal song for The Chainsmokers. It is their fork in the road. Where most DJ’s stay on a straight path, these guys changed course for something better. Even their live shows will be getting an upgrade to make it a bigger, more elaborate performance for their adoring fans. There is no doubt this duo will continue to surprise us in the future.