The OSI was the very first American company to supply McDonalds with the hamburgers. McDonald’s representatives told us that 90% of the factory’s production was McDonald’s. Hygiene is the most important thing in this factory. Employees who have had stomach upsets are not allowed to carry on with their daily work until they are checked and diagnosed by a doctor to prevent the bacteria and viruses from spreading to the beef. Also to prevent other objects from coming into contact with the beef, one has to put on protective clothing and thoroughly wash their hands before getting in the factory. The following processes take place before the final production phase of the hamburgers.

First and foremost, the meat is checked from its entry point, and they ensure that there are no bones. McDonalds requested the OSI Group to get huge chunks of meat from the slaughterhouse to reduce contamination risks since they have a smaller surface area that is not easily contaminated by bacteria. Then, the meat is put in large containers of about 500 kilograms each. Around 500 containers of meat are needed per day to make enough burgers; thus a lot of work is needed to transport them to the right place. After that, the meat is taken to the blenders where it is ground. Then the minced meat is taken to another machine where it is shaped into burger patties. The machine used can also produce vegetarian burgers thus causing an increase in the factory’s production. These machines are so cold as ice forms on them, and water vapor present condenses too.

The burgers are made in an incredibly fast process making an average of 30 million burgers a week. The OSI Group and McDonalds usually don’t use the full capacity so that they can ensure that in case of an increase in demand they can use the extras. After that few burgers are tested to ensure that the fat content is right and ready for consumption. They are then packed and transported to McDonald’s restaurants.

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OSI Industries’ Strategy For Efficiently Conducting Business in the Food Industry

What would the world be like without food services? If the world’s food services were to shutdown, then society would literally come to a halt. Have you ever heard of a company named OSI Industries? If you haven’t heard about this progressive-acting company, then you’re not alone. OSI Industries is more than just a food provider. This particular company has grown into an enterprise of its own. Clients can choose from a variety of foods such as onions, pasta, panini, flatbread, cucumbers, pizza, Tofu, beef patties, hot dogs, turkey products, cheese, chicken wings, chicken nuggets, meatballs, fruit, pot roast, soups and many other foods.

Otto Kolschowski launched the company back at the start of the 20th century. Yes, OSI Industries has been around for more than a century. One of the biggest features of this company is that it has many technologically advanced facilities that are on multiple continents. There are a total of 65 technologically advanced facilities that reside in Poland, Ukraine, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Japan, Hungary, China, India, theNetherlands, Spain and many other locations. Having the ability to handle a wide load of topics is what OSI does best. From development to distribution, this food provider can do it all in the food industry.

OSI Industries can also be seen as a philanthropist thanks to partnering with numerous charitable organizations, including Ronald McDonald House and Northern Illinois Food Bank. The acquisition of controlling stake is another important factor in OSI’s success since it has acquired stake in a number of its competitors’ businesses. Excellence in global cuisine, an abundance of R&D specialists and custom food products has only made this food provider stronger. OSI Industries is basically winning by dominating the field, and that’s a guaranteed fact.

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OSI Industries, Global Leader in Food Production

OSI Industries began as a small food processing company that only sold meat. Currently, it is the largest food production and processing company in the United States. It not only has taken the US food production industry by storm but has also managed to reach a global scale. OSI is now in operation in seventeen countries in the world, and it has close to 65 facilities in these countries. OSI has more than twenty thousand people working in it as employees. Their global reach is attested to the quality products that they deliver to their customers worldwide. OSI ensures that all its food products are carefully inspected before they reach their customers. In terms of food-related services, OSI is the largest private company in the US.

OSI Industries uses its resources to give other food-related brands and restaurants an opportunity to grow. OSI does this through the partnerships it forms with these brands that are related to food. Most of these brands use OSI capabilities to expand their brands to a global scale. If one partners with OSI, they have the opportunity to develop their brand and expand their customer base internationally. OSI Industries controls the world’s food chain supplies, and this means they can leverage and secure the price. They can set standard prices that their consumers can afford and at the same time ensure the food products reaching them are safe. To know more about the company click here.

Safety and customer satisfaction is OSI’s main mission. This comes after the many deaths and diseases that are associated with unhealthy and poisonous food products. OSI Industries partners with other food brands to encourage them to produce food products that are safe for the customers and that contribute positively to their health. The poultry production at OSI was recently doubled from the normal twelve thousand tones to twenty-four thousand tones. This increase in production was made in the Spanish plant, and the decision came after a high demand for processed poultry. OSI is growing day by day, and this increase in demand goes to show how fast and quickly the company is expanding. Within no time, OSI will be on a larger global scale.

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Sheldon Lavin Talks about Finance

Sheldon Lavin is a finance manager, he’s the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group. Sheldon Lavin is a well known figure in the food industry, he is specifically known the sector of meat and food processing. He has a variety of roles in the business and also acts as a manager in the international branch of OSI.

Sheldon Lavin aims to stay busy and active in the sector but he also has a penchant for staying productive in the markets as well. One can find Sheldon Laving in global work, in making certain there is transparency and proper action being taken across the board in each component of their company.

His job is certainly one that that can be classified as a difficult one but it is well worth it. Lavin does not like to compromise on quality and neither should aspiring professionals such as yourself.

Let us learn a little bit more about Sheldon Lavin today.

Sheldon Laving Has Been In Finance

Sheldon Lavin has stuck with finance for a while now. He’s been in finance for more than 30 years. While that is a long time, it shows that he was dedicated and committed to the field of finance. Levin helped to finance Otto and Sons, the company which would evolve into OSI Group. Over the course of his life, Levin has taken decisive actions that has helped him to become a key leader in the field today.

It is not just his skill set but it is also his extraordinary leadership and insight that makes him a valuable and sought after executive in the field of business. It is because of his strategic actions and the fact that he has been able to lead his team where they need to go that OSI is where it is today. OSI went from being a simple domestic player in the food processing industry to an international player because of the right communication, strategy, and wisdom.

Being a leader is not just about having the right insight, it is about doing and continuing to do even when the thrill has gone, pressing on when the elation has passed. Lavin has obtained awards because of his leadership insight and action.

OSI Food Solution’s Rise To The Apex of Food Services

The food industry is one of the most vital industries on earth. This particular industry harvests, manufactures, ships, sources and develops a plethora of food products. If this exclusive industry were to shutdown, then the world would come to a complete stop.

OSI Food Solutions has become a major player throughout the world. The company has advanced facilities in up to 17 countries worldwide. Test kitchens, pilot plants, general offices and culinary-innovation centers are the actual DNA of this Illinois-based business. You are looking at more than 100 years of food service.

At the start of the 20th century, America was experiencing an influx of immigrants. When it came to the Chicago area, this particular city was taken in thousands of German-immigrants on a consistent basis. At one point in time, a quarter of the city’s population consisted of German-immigrants. Carl Sandburg, a famous poet during this time, stated that “Chicago is the city of big shoulders.” In addition to that, Sandburg has gone on say that “Chicago is the hog butcher of the world.” This is where OSI Food Solutions come into the picture because this company was founded by a German-immigrant.

OSI Food Solutions is a privately held company, and it has been ranked by Forbes on many occasions. As of 2019, this food processor has an estimated market value of over $6 billion. A lot of the company’s success has come from acquisitions. Yes, this is very true as OSI has acquired a number of competing businesses. In 2016, the Illinois-based food processor acquired Tyson Foods’ plant in Chicago for over $7 million. In addition to that, OSI Food Solutions would go on to acquire Flagship Europe as well as acquire BAHO Food. These two European food processors have expanded OSI’s range and have strengthened its foundation for the years to come.

Sheldon Lavin insights on leadership

According to Sheldon Lavin, leaders who seek to be innovators must be humble and maintain close ties with their employees and peers alike. Sheldon Lavin is the CEO of OSI Industries and is also a seasoned financial guru who knows the issues that break or make, small and big companies. In his career, Lavin has been largely successful and has always influenced momentous changes in companies he has worked in. The background of Sheldon Lavin’s expertise began way back in college when he majored in finance.

All through his magnificent career, Lavin has relied on his ability to look ahead and prepare for the future. The CEO says that making plans for the future, today puts a company or an individual at a better position to achieve the goals set. This is evident in the decisions OSI Industries has made, under the leadership of Lavin. OSI Industries is the fastest growing food company in the world and the company has achieved this because of consistent good decision making.

Among these includes mergers, partnerships and strategic acquisitions that the food company has made, thanks to its CEO, Sheldon Lavin. Because of Lavin’s deep knowledge and experience as an executive and also as a financial, he is able to make wise decisions when faced with a collection of variables and factors.

As the CEO he must be able to evaluate consumer behavior, source funds for expansions, anticipate and adopt technological changes and also be in control of the supply chain. According to Sheldon Lavin, it is nearly impossible for a manager to dictate all these factors, and that is why he is a big advocate for delegation. Lavin adds that every successful executive must surround himself/herself with many different experts so that he/she can be able to make a sound decision with minimal research.

The OSI Industries CEO further states that he is always updated on technological breakthroughs because he believes the future of every industry lies on the technological advancements made in their particular field. Lavin makes most of his money from investing his OSI’s profits into select money markets. His love for investing and leading a great company to higher heights, is what Lavin lives for, and it is why he still not retired, despite, him having advanced in age.

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For David McDonald, OSI Group is about Family

David McDonald grew up in farm country. His formative years were spent helping out his dad on a northeast Iowa farm where he learned the values of hard work, honesty, being a good neighbor and producing something good for the world.

These are the same values he brought to his first job at OSI Group after graduating from the University of Iowa. Perhaps the reason David McDonald has stayed at OSI for more than 30 years is that he essentially found another family. Today as president of this giant American meat processor, Mr. McDonald uses that term a lot — “family” — to describe the corporate culture of OSI Group.

Along with OSI Group CEO Sheldon Lavin, David McDonald has presided over remarkable growth of his organization. OSI Group now operates 70 facilities in 17 countries around the world. It employs 20,000 people and was listed by Forbes at No. 58 on its tally of largest American privately-held companies.

Mr. McDonald credits the success of OSI on its philosophy of going the extra mile for its customers. When you take care of the people that are buying and consuming the product, he says, everything else falls into place.

Another aspect of OSI growth has been the formation of dynamic partnerships. Certainly, the foremost example of that is OSI’s legendary partnership with McDonald’s restaurants. (McDonald’s and David McDonald are not related!) OSI has been the primary supplier of McDonald’s hamburgers since 1955. The two companies have continued their relationship across Europe and in other countries.

Only one thing can be said for certain about today’s food industry: everything changes, McDonald said. That means managing an organization that can remain extremely adaptable, flexible and constantly ready to react to rapidly-changing customer demands.

Food tastes have evolved dramatically in recent years. The food-cosumming market is more savvy than ever and more eager than ever to try new tastes, flavors and kinds of food. Also, the way food is sold on the retail level has transformed dramatically.

For David McDonald, it’s those kinds of challenges that makes his job seem still new and interesting after three decades.

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The growth of OSI Group under the management of President McDonald

OSI Group an American company that is the biggest privately owned food processing company in the world. The company has been dealing with manufacturing of food products which range from bacon, poultry products, pork products, hamburgers, and sandwiches. The company started in 1909 as a meat shop before it developed and became the biggest company on the globe. The company has been steered to growth by the two people who care about this business because they have invested heavily in it. There is the CEO, Sheldon Lavin and there is the president David McDonald. The two people have been instrumental in the growth of this company.

OSI Group has shown a lot of dedication in coming up with strategies that will lead to the growth of this business. The company has been doing all it takes to ensure that there is an expansion of business takes place and not just in the United States but to all parts of the world. There is needed for the company to compete in the international levels so that it can develop more products for the people. The company has taken the matter of expansion seriously, and in the last few years, it has moved out to other regions especially Europe where there is a high number of people who depend on processed food products.

According to President David McDonald, expansion of business to Europe will facilitate the growth of the company in many ways. One, they will be able to develop new food products for the people depending on their needs. They will now create products which they have never [processed before.

The company’s expansion into Europe has seen OSI Group acquire Baho Food, a Dutch manufacturer. Baho deals with foods such as snacks, deli meats, and other convenience foods. Baho has other five subsidiaries which have processing plants in Germany and Netherlands. With a market presence in over 18 European countries, the addition of Baho Food will be great for OSI Group.

About David McDonald

David McDonald is the president of the company who has served it with diligence until it has reached the level of being a leading global firm. McDonald holds a degree in Animal Science. He was one the project manager of OSI before he was promoted.

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