Jim Toner Specialist

Jim Toner is a very educated and successful fertility doctor. He is truly a specialist and has written many articles about fertility. Dr Toner has won many awards and is considered a very successful speaker. Dr Toner cares about all of his patients from every aspect. He has a degree in psychology which helps him understand the emotional stress from patients with infertility and recurring miscarriages. Jim Toner is the best at what he does and he is highly recommended, not only from his high qualifications and many degrees, but also because of the amount of compassion and the level of understanding he has for each and every one of his patients.

Jim Toner is also a family man and knows what it is like to be a parent, which makes him more on his patients level. He has many years of experience and specializes in infertility. His many awards are from the highest and some of them include, The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Ciba-Geigy award,the American Fertility Society Ortho Award, among many others.Jim Toner also served as president for the Society For Assisted Reproductive Technology. Jim Toner joined the Atlanta Center for Reproductive medicine in 2000. He is highly recommended and has many feats under his belt. All of his patients have nothing but great things to say about him. His approach, his kindness, his warmth, compassion, understanding, and many years of experience make him one of the best. He comes highly qualified and has a very high rate of success making families dreams come true. Being a parent himself he knows that a child is the greatest gift and blessing in the world. He has the ability and means to provide this blessing for his patients and it is a breath of fresh air. Jim Toner has accomplished a lot in his life and cares a lot about his work from every angle that you look at it. He understands his patients and works with them to fulfill all of their needs and find the right approach to help each and every one of them the best way he sees fit. His credentials speak for themselves.

Ryan Emmon’s Waiakea Water Shakes up the Bottled Water Industry

Soft drinks previously had a hold on the market of on-the-go refreshments, and even though it still does, bottled water is now a 100 billion dollar industry. Previously, no one could imagine that so many people would buy water on a daily basis. Manufacturers of soft drinks have even gotten into the bottled water business, attempting to profit from an ever growing industry.

The bottled water industry has become so competitive that simply offering pure bottled water isn’t enough. Companies have resorted to celebrity sponsorships, extravagant ad campaigns, and added supplements to move more units. If a company truly wants to stand out from the competition, it needs more than an advertising campaign.

In Comes Waiakea Water

Waiakea water is one of the truly unique brands of water on the market. The idea comes from the mind of Ryan Emmons, who while in Hawaii got the idea to use the island’s natural volcanic rock structures to naturally filter water. The result was Waiakea water, a spring water with a PH value of around 8, instead of the normal value of pure water, 7. The added PH value is a result of the filtering process. Minerals are added to the water during the process, just one of the healthy benefits of volcanic water.

The name itself provides consumers with an image of naturalness. The name is a Hawaiian word that means broad waters and the image of a Hawaiian word is meant to make the consumer imagine the healthy lifestyle that the Pacific island is known for. This idea, by Emmons, was one that played a major role in the success of his brand.

The bottled water industry may be assisting in creating a healthier population, but it is creating an unhealthy environment for sea life. Over 8 million tons of plastic are dumped in our oceans every year. Waiakea has introduced a bottle that completely degrades in only 15 years – it takes other 450-1000 years.

Waiakea water has already been sold in 5,000 stores nationwide since its recent creation. Ryan Emmons, using his innovative filtering process and 100% biodegradable bottles, has managed to become successful in the overpopulated bottled water industry.



Dr. Johanan Rand helps us age well, not just get old

Dr. Johanan Rand, specialist in age management medicine is based in New Jersey and assists both men and women with age related issues. One of his techniques is called bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Our bodies change as we age sometimes with multiple unpleasant symptoms and makes our bodies vulnerable to development of various diseases.

Depending on your lab results, Dr Rand’s program will be custom created for you providing the critical balance of hormones that we all enjoyed during our younger years. We we feel more invigorated everyday and our bodies can better ward off age related diseases.

We are all aware of how a woman’s body and mental attitude changes when she enters menopause, but less attention has been made of the required increased levels of testosterone needed by a man as he ages (https://www.northnewjerseyhcg.com/). This manly process actually has a name, andropause. But wait, there’s more! Not only does the level of testosterone decrease in men as we age but estrogen increases! The rate of testosterone drop and increase in estrogen for men is not as rapid as what women experience in menopause. Left untreated, increased testosterone deficiency can lead to obesity, increased risk of heart disease and hypertension. Fact is, men who suffer heart attacks are often found with lower levels of testosterone and higher levels of estrogen.

Dr. Johanan Rand only practices Peer-Review medicine. If he cannot support it with a medical journal or article he will not recommend or prescribe treatment. Dr. Rand is also a health and fitness expert and at 50 years old, a role model to his patents. Dr. Rand is also an expert in presenting the “evidence based support” of bio-identical hormones. After your initial visit that includes an executive physical examination, a comprehensive plan that identifies your total health picture will be initiated to include bio-identical hormones, fitness, nutrition and dietary supplements.