Talkspace Continues Its Impressive Growth As It Branches Out Into New Territory:

Talkspace is a revolutionary platform that provides therapy through licensed counselors in a talk therapy manner that is accessed through devices such as tablets and smartphones. The service can operate via text or video. The original focus of Talkspace has been in the area of mental health and has dealt with patients that suffer from issues such as depression and anxiety. Talkspace has been rapidly growing in recent years under the leadership of its Chief Executive and founder Oren Frank. Now Talkspace is expanding its revolutionary platform to the area of therapy for couples. The team at Talkspace are making the bold claim that their platform can be as beneficial to couples as a real-time session in person with a therapist.

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The Talkspace platform allows for individuals, and now for couples as well, to connect with the licensed therapists that are able to help them with the problems that they may be facing. Regardless of whether a Talkspace user is at home, work or anywhere else, they will always be able to get ahold of a therapist when and where they need to. This is the revolutionary aspect that Talkspace offers to its users and it is something that is really picking up steam and growing impressively.

One of the major reasons why Talkspace has caught on so well and is helping so many individuals and couples is due to the fact that one of its goals is to provide therapy at a much more cost-effective price tag. It is also much more convenient as users do not have to physically go to an office to engage with a therapist. This heightened level of convenience also has the effect of getting some that may have previously been reluctant to seek therapy to do so. This is really what the Talkspace experience is all about. Getting people the therapy that they need when and where they need it is the goal that Talkspace has and the company has been quite impressive in its efforts to achieve this exact goal. The future certainly looks bright for this revolutionary new concept in therapy. Visit:

Sussex Healthcare is Confident in Its Future with Amanda Morgan-Taylor as CEO

The hot topic around the Sussex Healthcare facilities is the appointment of a new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The person that will be taking on the role is Amanda Morgan-Taylor. An individual with decades of experience in leadership positions. Although she just stepped into the role at the beginning of the year she knew she had the position at the end of 2017. As the consummate professional she is she began preparing with the management team well before formally joining the team. She even took the time to educate herself about the ins-and-outs of the company, the needs of its residents and unique culture. Visit Job Medic to know more about Sussex Healthcare.

In the short amount of time that Amanda has been the CEO she has already made a positive impact within Sussex Healthcare. She created a new position that is expected to benefit the company substantially. Sussex Healthcare has built a reputation for its innovative approach and holistic style of care and Amanda wants to preserve this culture moving forward. The new CEO appointment is an important step for Sussex as it feels Amanda can help the company evolve for the future. This just serves as more proof that Sussex is truly dedicated to providing the highest quality of care possible. Read more at about Sussex Healthcare.

Amanda Morgan-Taylor’s background in healthcare and social care goes back to 1984. Back then she was a mental health nurse. it was in her time as a nurse that she came to the realization that many healthcare facilities didn’t provide adequate care for the elderly and mentally handicapped. She was inspired to help make a real change and pursued a management role. In her career she has been vital in the reshaping of several healthcare systems in both the independent and public sectors. With a track record like this it isn’t hard to understand why Sussex Healthcare is so high on her as the new CEO.