Thor Halvorrsen: A Champion of Human Rights

Most people have enough empathy in nod in approval when they see a human rights activist. They have enough empathy to sneer in disgust when they see a violation. They might donate a dollar here or there, but they do not give their lives for the sake of others. They do not dedicate themselves completely to a worthy cause. Even when somebody becomes a missionary for a week, they still come home and merge back into their daily life. There are very few people who will dedicate everything to fighting injustice and standing for human rights. Thor Halvorrsen is among the few individuals who fight for what is right with all of his being. Thor is the President of the Human Rights Foundation.

The Human Rights Foundation Fights For Freedom of Worship

Religion is something that people hold dear to their heart. It is more than a few little rituals to them. It is the nature of reality and defines how they are supposed to conduct themselves in the world. However, sometimes people can become so inflamed by their religious beliefs that they want to violently stomp out all other religions. Thor Halvorrsen and the Human Rights Foundation recognizes that this is an injustice. They believe that people should have freedom of worship. Even religious minorities should have this freedom.

The Fight Against Socialism And Freedom To Acquire Property

One of Thor’s central campaigns is the fight against socialism, especially since it seems to be on the rise in the United States. Halvorrsen recognizes this as a troubling trend. This is not because he believes that all socialist governments are corrupt but rather because they can become corrupt quite easily. On socialism, people cannot own land or property. The government owns everything and distributes it. Accordingly, socialism is recognized as a basic violation of human rights. While the central theme of socialist rhetoric may be to help the poor, it actually ends up hurting them.

As the President of the Human Rights Foundation, Thor Halvorrsen knows how to identify human rights violations and how to take action against them.