How White Shark Media has Handled Common Customer Complaints about Service Improvement

White Shark Media is a digital marketing agency offering solutions to online marketing. It focuses more on the small and medium-sized enterprises. Since it was founded back in 2011, it has grown to be one of the fastest growing digital marketing agencies, offering customer satisfactory results in their work.

Fortunately, the company has always taken the relevant measures to ensure that the complaints are reduced, and service delivery is perfected. Some of the complaints and the measures put up to handle them are highlighted in this article. Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints: and

The reporting procedures the company had were not that efficient, thus making it difficult for clients to review the company’s reports. The company now ensures that each client gets a detailed report of their new campaigns. Knowing your campaign helps one know where to check to see a keyword’s performance.

The Communication had also been criticized for not being efficient. As a marketing agency, communication with the clients is an important aspect. Good communication accompanied by great results gives a company an edge over its competitors. Therefore, in the bid to improve the communication platform, the company implemented several measures that include:

• Every month, individual clients get monthly status calls with GoToMeeting. 30-day results and report are sent to the customers as a way to keep track of their performance.

• Direct extension phone systems have also been set up. It allows the clients to get to their contact person directly. This provision also equips the client with the contact person’s information, and that of their supervisor.

Another common complaint was that older campaigns were performing better than new ones. As such, the company ensures that all the existing campaigns are used and improved on for better results. Also, the supervisors are keen to oversee all campaign management for effectiveness and results. The campaigns are developed from new AdWords accounts. Old White Shark Media Complaints client’s campaigns with better performance can be improved too.

Situations have occurred where one signs with a contractor who isn’t in tune with one’s needs. Therefore, the company ensures its senior SEM Consultants follow each client all along. This way, one get served by a relating contact for more efficiency.

Tracking of AdWords account that had been an issue before is now handled more effectively with an in-house process that enables the company track calls, conversations and google analytics for free for its clients.
Other measures taken to improve service delivery and best customer experience include a review of SEO Company work for their customers since they do not offer SEO services. White Shark Media has also partnered with Marchex for call tracking of their clients since a majority of customer inquiries are through the phone.