Wes Eden’s Wealth and Investments

Wes Eden’s Wealth and Investments

Wesley Robert Edens, also known as Wes, or Wes Edens, is an American who was born in the year 1961 in New York. Wes Edens is the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group LLC, alongside other four principals. The firm was founded in the year 1998. He serves as his company’s private equity chief investment officer and invests in several industries such as financial services, real estate, healthcare, infrastructure, and transportation. He is also the company’s co-chief executive officer, co-chairman, head of private equity, president of private equity, principal, and private equity chief investment officer. Edens is the founder and owner of a number of other companies that include Brightline Train, the team FlyQuest, and recently, he alongside another billionaire purchased the Aston Villa soccer team. Wes Edens has made his career a big success due to the choice of courses he undertook in school which were finance and business administration at Oregon State University. He received his Bachelor of Science in Finance and Business Administration in 1984.

Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group LLC is a leading diversified global investment company with approximately forty billion dollars of assets as of March 2018. During this time, Fortress had 932 asset management employees, including 205 investment professions in their affiliate offices around the globe. Fortress expertise expands to pricing, owning, financing, and overseeing the management of physical and financial assets.

Wes Eden’s Brightline Train

Wes Eden brought the Brightline train to life in May 2018, a commuter train that transports passengers from Miami to Fort Lauderdale, South Florida. The train trip takes only 30 minutes, unlike driving which takes 45 minutes. The train is designed by Rockwell Group and has the passenger’s comfort in mind. Passengers get to enjoy features such as leather seats, food service, and Wi-Fi. The train operates 365 days a year with adjusted schedules for holidays. According to Wes Edens, his vision for Brightline extends beyond the state of Florida. This rail system is co-managed by Fortress investment Group.

Wes Eden and Aston Villa

Wes Eden, alongside Egypt’s wealthiest person, Nassef Sawiris, reached an agreement to buy a majority stake by injecting significant investment capital into Aston Villa football club. This transpired when Aston Villa nearly missed rejoining the premier league. Wes Edens believes that this investment will strengthen the club and ensure that it returns to its rightful place in the upper ranks of the English Premier League. Bucks Wes Edens’ ‘take-home pay’ is $54M: New York Times


Learn How Hard Work Has Made Randal Nardone an Expensive Jewel

It is possible for a dedicated and hardworking person to acquire excellent leadership and management qualities that many companies covet to integrate in their operations. Randal Nardone has, without doubt, proved this fact. Randal is one of the great minds behind the founding of Fortress Investment Group that was started in the year 1998. Until the year 2003, Randal was the Chief Executive of the company. Presently, Randal works as a principal in the Fortress Credit Corporation. He is also charged with other responsibilities like being the president and chairperson of the widely known Springleaf Financial Holdings. Due to his hardworking personality, Newcastle Holdings LLC has entrusted Mr. Randal with two tasks. He is both the secretary and the vice-chairperson of the company.

This is not only what he does. Randal Nardone is the Chief Operating Officer, Secretary, and Portfolio Manager at RIC Co-investment Fund. These companies are only part of the many companies that Randal have had the privilege to serve. His exceptional attributes of being resilient, hardworking, and able to multitask have made many companies desire to incorporate him in their operations. They find him a great resource that can help the companies achieve their goals with ease. He is an inspiration to people who would like to be involved in several companies. It is important to get a gist of his life history to appreciate the journey Randal Nardone had to take in his career. Randal is a resident of United States of America by birth. While growing up, his inborn interest in business was visible. To enhance his skills, he had to go to school.

This made him join Boston University Law School. He later had the privilege to join the Connecticut University. Randal knows the importance of having a stable family. The way he esteems his family demonstrates this. He is happily married and has one kid. He lives in New York with his family. Randal Nardone values partnership. This can be confirmed from the fruitful partnership he had with Kauffman Robert, Briger Peter, and Wesley Edens. Working as a team has helped the four business gurus to become wealthy career people. Over the last 13 years, Randal has made approximately $100 million. The net worth of Randal in the year 2007 was $1.8 billion. His net worth and a wide range of experience qualified him to get listed as one of the billionaires in Forbes. He is the one who replaced the Fortress Investment Group’s Chief Executive Officer.

Southridge Capital LLC: a Financial Solutions Company in Connecticut

Southridge capital is dedicated financial advisories, which offer the economical solution to clients to help them make out the most out of their ventures. This firm attributes its success to their team of experts that help to establish the most effective strategies that will undoubtedly offer real-time remedies to the most pressing client needs. Since 1996, this firm has been able to invest more than $1.8 billion in various growth ventures worldwide. Additionally, they have financed more than 250 public entities. As such, they have the most relevant expertise to address the most common financial challenges that face clients.



Southridge Capital LLC Best Practices



Similarly, under the same advisory umbrella, this firm also caters to all economic basics. This entails the finical analysis where Southridge Capital generates projected and detailed financial statements, which are in terms of the business operational and financial assumptions. Additionally, they also help companies to maintain a right balance between their equity and debt, through the provision of balance sheet optimization. This is a move aimed at making desirable returns as well as avoiding landing into bad debts. Southridge Capital LLC also offers significant help when it comes to settling of litigations. This is done through the clearing of all defining legal requirement hence reducing the cost and time spent by the client in the course of sorting such issues. You can visit scribd.com for more.




Stephen M Hicks: founder and CEO of Southridge



According to PR Newswire, Stephen M Hicks is the founder and the chief executive officer at the Southridge. In this position, he generates strategic plans, which help to run Southridge companies, and he is responsible for execution as well as the other business operations. Having served in the financial entities for more than 30 years, Mr. Stephen M Hicks is experienced in risk arbitrage, investment banking, derivatives, and financial structuring.



Schooling and business


He is also a scholar having earned Bachelor of Science in business administration from the king’s college, New York. Furthermore, he is also a master degree holder in business administration from the Fordham University, New York. The ideal of Southridge initiative came to Mr. Stephen M Hicks when he was still serving in one of the smallest hedge funds in New York. However, he used the vast experience gained in his operations to bring this idea to life.


Read more: https://www.newswire.com/southridge-partners-ii-formerly/188538



Wes Edens And His Amazing Transformation From The Boardroom To The Locker Room

Wes Edens has experienced a meteoric rise in the world of investment banking and he will be drawing on these experiences to push the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks (and the league’s nascent NBA 2K league) to the next level.Wes Edens has enjoyed a prosperous career ever since his humble beginnings with the famed Lehman Brothers firm. He graduated from Oregon State University with a BS in Business and Finance Administration in 1984 and became a member of the Lehman Brothers firm three years later.He would become a managing director and partner in short order. It did not take long for him to experience a similar level of success at his next stop: BlackRock Asset Investors.This is where he would remain from 1993 to 1997.Once he had learned everything he needed to know at these two stops, he made his way to Fortress Investment Group.

As one of the five founding investors, Wes Edens positioned the company for the success that they would soon enjoy.Showing an immediate knack for making the right investment decisions, Wes Edens made contrarian bets that paid almost immediate dividends. According to BizJournals, Edens’ take home pay rose to a whopping $54 million as a result of these decisions. He helped to build the company’s portfolio and this led to a handsome windfall once public trading began.After awhile, Edens began to look for the next challenge and when the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks were placed up for sale by former owner Herb Kohl, he struck while the iron was hot. While the Bucks were purchased by Wes Edens and partner Marc Lasry for $550 million, the franchise’s valuation increased almost immediately.

The Bucks are now valued at over $1 billion, thanks to the efforts of Edens and Lasry. Edens is also making a strong foray into the world of e-sports. The NBA has elected to create an NBA 2K league for professional console gaming. This league is designed to enhance the interest of younger viewers, many of whom utilize console gaming on a regular basis.Edens has a long and storied track record of making bets like these and it seems as if it will only be a matter of time before the NBA’s 2K league experiences the same boost in popularity that his other ventures have been able to enjoy. With an additional investment in a League of Legends team, he is certainly covering all of his e-sports bases.

Randal Nardone Will Continue To Lead Fortress In The Wake Of Softbank Acquisition

When the news broke about the SoftBank acquisition of Fortress Investment Group, Randal Nardone’s name was one of the first that was discussed. While he has served an important leadership role for the company, some believed that he would be pushed aside in favor of a SoftBank executive. What these speculators could not know was that SoftBank purchased the company because they were fond of their leadership tactics and that the Japanese conglomerate does not wish to make massive changes at this time. They are merely looking to put their considerable might behind the company and push them forward.Randal Nardone has already stated that he will be keeping his position at the company in the future. Fortress is not going to lose its status as an independent company as a result of the merger.

SoftBank wishes to maintain the same structure that allowed Fortress Investment Group to become one of the biggest names in their financial sector.Randal Nardone is especially gifted when it comes to leading businesses forward and that is why he serves as a director to a wide range of other companies. When Randal Nardone is not working with Fortress Investment Group, he is serving as a director for Springleaf Finance Inc., Springleaf Finance Corporation, Eurocastle Investment Limited, Alea Group Holdings Limited and Brookdale Senior Living Inc.Before working with Fortress Investment Group, Randal Nardone received his education at the University of Connecticut and the Boston University School of Law.

After receiving a BS and a JD from these respective schools, he worked with the Thacher, Profitt and Wood law firm. He became a partner at this firm and was also a member of its executive committee.This would set the tone for the years to come. BlackRock Financial Management brought him aboard as a principal and he would remain in this role until joining UBS. After working a managing director at UBS, he was given the opportunity to join the group of principals that was responsible for the creation of the Fortress Investment Group.With his level of experience in the private equity finance sector and credit management, he is poised to lead Fortress Investment Group into the future. SoftBank will be allowing him to remain in his usual role and by all accounts, the current management structure is going to be remaining intact. This will keep the company from experiencing any unwanted hiccups during the transitional phase.

Highland Capital Management: The Gentle Giant Offering Over-sized Returns

Founded in 1993, Highland Capital Management LP is the realization of the shared dream of President James Dondero and CIO Mark Okada. These two industry leaders have shepherded a widely diversified alternative investment company for nearly a quarter of a century.


The firm has over 18.7 billion dollars in assets, making it a powerhouse in the alternative investment industry. With such abundant wealth and an expert leadership team, Highland is a company that meets the rising demand for hedged risk. Mr. Okada even had the honor of ringing the closing bell upon the relisting of Highland iBoxx Senior Loan ETF ($SNLN).


With its headquarters in Houston, Texas and offices in New York City; London, England,; Sao Paulo, Brazil and Singapore, Highland Capital Management has a truly global outlook. Indeed, its exposure to the East Asian healthcare market has led to impressive gains over the last few quarters. With the population of the developed world rapidly aging, this focus could pay major dividends. And, through hard work of Dondero, Okada and their team, the firm’s variety of investment products have seen appreciable returns over time.


Due to the intelligent risk management strategies or Mr. Dondero and Mr. Okada, Highland Small Cap Equity Fund ($HSZAX) provided nearly triple the return of the S&P 500 Index in 2016. This provides value investors an avenue for highly lucrative earnings in a volatile marketplace.


Highland Capital Management has also displayed an admirable commitment to corporate social responsibility, having given more than $10 million to deserving global charities over the span of twelve years. This reflects the social attitudes of the core leadership team as well as the values of the company as a whole.


Highland Capital Management has holdings in social media companies such as Facebook and Twitter, financial companies such as Visa and retail giants such as Amazon. For the value investor looking for reliable income from innovative, twenty-first-century companies, Highland Capital Management’s funds may just be the optimal asset to own.


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