Understand A Bit Of Robert Ivy’s Personal Details

Robert Ivy is a trade master when it comes to matters relating to architecture. He has even earned his masters in the discipline, which greatly enhances his experience. During his tenure at Architectural Record, Mr. Ivy influenced growth of the architectural journal and helped it grow into the most widely read in the world.

Robert has received highly-coveted awards several times to appreciate his relentless commitment to the editorial administration. Again in 2010, Robert was unanimously voted the master architect. The honors came as a result of his great value for design, which drove his effective communication in the industry. He has since been a force to reckon particularly because of being ahead of the curve in technological matters.

How Robert Portrays his Unparalleled Administrative Responsibilities

Mr. Ivy serves as the able CEO of American Institute of Architects where he has been emphasizing the position of architects in the economy and the market at large. When he got appointed as the AIA CEO, Robert set to launch two critical investigations in the societal role of architects. At the same time, he ventured in impacting the future of architectural practices. According to Ivy, the industry has not yet exploited their potential yet. He believes they have more opportunities to take advantage of as the world continues embracing technology. On the same, the AIA CEO devoted himself to a 10-year long endeavor to come up with a catalyst that would radically enhance public health through community planning, donations, and digitized programs.

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Is There Something to Pick From Robert Ivy?

It is unarguable that Robert is a real leader. As such, there is so much to borrow from his administrative roles. Pursuing initiatives to excellence is among the many qualities influencing Mr. Robert Ivy’s admirable way of doing things. Whether in publishing editorials or pushing for growth in this sector, Ivy aims at high-end service delivery. It is because of this virtue that Robert Ivy has delivered keynote speeches in America and beyond. The author of Fay Jones is also very passionate. His ardent character has enabled him to envision gigantic dreams for architecture. Having an authority like Robert in the trade assures you the industry has a positive future.


Accomplished authorities are continually rising, and thankfully, architecture has Robert Ivy. He has the heart of the industry engraved in him, something that inspires his daily moves. When pushing for reforms, he does so with boldness because he is also knowledgeable. Everyone has a leaf to pick from Ivy’s book.

Learn more about Robert Ivy: https://www.aiaaustin.org/content/honorary-dinner-robert-ivy-faia