Jorge Moll: A Man Quickly Making an Impact

Believe it or not, helping others may be as beneficial for yourself as it is the people you are assisting. In a study done by Jorge Moll, several people have posted a dilemma: if they were to somehow acquire a large sum of money, how would they use it? Would they give the money to charity, or keep it for themselves? While some of the participants decided to keep the money in this hypothetical scenario, an interesting side effect emerged for those who wanted to give it away. Upon making the decision that they would give the money away, these individual’s brains were “lighting up” in an interesting way. After making the decision, their brains demonstrated patterns similar to one’s onset by either food or sex. These findings were remarkable and lend credence to the possibility that altruism may be more than a social construct; instead, it may be a biological instinct that all humans possess. What started as a simple study for Jorge Moll ended up being so much more, and this discovery in 2006 paved the way for further investigation on the matter.

Jorge Moll, one of the essential parts of the study discussed above, has lived a productive life through both his time schooling and his contributions to the field of medicine and psychology afterward. Jorge Moll graduated from the Federal University of Rio De Janeiro and eventually obtained his doctorate at Sao Paulo University. After spending many years refining his knowledge and skill set in these programs, Moll found the D’Or Institute of Research and Education and the Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience Unit (Youtube). Without a doubt, Moll is one of the key thinkers in humanity’s ever-growing understanding of the human brain and the way it behaves. For those interested in neuroscience and other related fields, Jorge Moll is a great person to keep tabs on as he continues making enormous strides and progress.