Desiree Perez Bringing Tidal Back to Life after Rough Times.

Tidal has now announced that they will be streaming exclusive content for spring clients. These are news that will significantly impact the management at Tidal especially Desiree Perez. Desiree Perez, also known as Des Perez has been a close associate to the famous rapper and CEO of Tidal and Roc Nation Jay Z. Desire has in fact displayed utter excellence in the running of the SC Enterprise. Now, with Tidal under her leadership, she might take it to heights it has never before attained.


Music streaming industry is a million dollar worth business. With companies minting fortunes from the sector every year, Tidal can, however, be termed as an underdog in the industry. This is one factor that Desiree Perez is trying so hard to change. Since she was brought to the executive management of Tidal, The Company has started hitting the headlines once more with lucrative deals. Giving her the role may be the best decision that Jay Z made in a long time. Jump to this site.


Desiree has been put in charge of finalizing some multi-million dollar contracts that are going to be profitable for the artists as well as the Tidal Enterprise. This is a sector that she does best. Desiree has a history of perfection in her work. Some of her most remarkable achievements include the role she played in nailing the down the deets for the Formation Stadium tour by BeyoncĂ©. She also played an essential role in Rihanna’s deal with tech giants Samsung.C


Since Des started managing, the company has garnered numerous album exclusives from big names such as Rihanna, T.I, Kanye West, and Beyoncé. The Tidal app has continued to gain its ground and has over a million people subscribing as trial users. Desiree Perez is perfect when it comes to managing talent. She has a remarkable portfolio of excellence that she has brought to Tidal.


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