Eva Moskowitz Flies High the Education Reforms’ Banner

Most of us on the realization of inadequacy or inefficiency, we impromptu begin complaining and do nothing about it after that. However, Eva Moskowitz does not fall within this bracket. Earlier on in life, she began identifying some loophole in the education system that would distance high performing students from the low performing ones. She found out discrimination by the elementary school system that blocked some students from achieving their full potential in life.


According to Eva Moskowitz, the traditional model has made schools dysfunctional, and some tasks are not challenging enough to stir up intellect to some students. For this reason and the need to boost literacy levels among the disadvantaged children, she established a Charter school. This was a move to privatize education. Her new venture would be the Success Academy based in New York. 


The Success Academy uses tested approach in teaching and examining- including digital school content. The curriculum is working just fine as children from unwell of the background are performing just as much as those with all resources. This has proved that the public system is failing big time, but positively Eva Moskowitz reforms are being accepted into the school system and becoming less bureaucratic. For this contribution, the coveted Broad Prize for Public Charter Schools was taken by the Success Academy. In addition, has expansion plans to open an affiliate Institute.


About Eva Moskowitz

She was born in 1964 and went through the Stuyvesant High School for the foundational education. Eva later joined the University of Pennsylvania for undergraduate studies and the graduate school, Johns Hopkins University for studies in American History. She has taught history at the University of Virginia, Vanderbilt University, City University of New York and the Columbia University.


Elsewhere she has worked with the Harlem Education Fair and was once a council member for the Education committee. Politically, she vied for the Manhattan Borough Presidency in 2005. Currently, she is the Chief Executive Officer of Success Charter Schools.