New Website Opens Additional Opportunities for Investors with the U.S. Money Reserve

The U.S. Money Reserve now has a new face online. The updated website,, features a new look but also new applications to help their clients discover the benefits and investment strategies centered around gold, silver and U.S. Government-issued coins.

Core values such as trust, commitment and education are at the forefront with the new site. Customer service tools such as the ability to speak one on one with a U.S. reserve specialist will simplify the learning curve for new investors and give experienced investors an inside scoop on rare and valuable merchandise. That also makes offline transactions and purchasing assistance easier than it was on the old site.

Photo galleries depict a line of coins for investors to look at, since part of the value of investing in gold, coins, and metals is that it both looks beautiful and gains value over time, compared to other forms of investing which are completely intangible.

Investing will also be made easier through the new online shopping features.

They offer PCGS certified coins and exclusive products through the online shop, which has live competitive pricing for gold and silver bars, and bullion. Those who are interested in learning more about investing through the U.S. Money Reserve can request a complete information kit which will include a glossary of terms, and additionally information on how precious metal investing works. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Those who purchase through the U.S. Money Reserve online store will also receive one of the industry’s best return policies. They will provide full refunds for any certified coin orders at the current market value for up to thirty days after the purchase. Shipping is also streamlined using the fastest insured shipping companies in America, so investors have a lot to be excited about.

U.S. Money Reserve started with a group of investors and market experts who wanted to share the many benefits of gold, silver and precious metal investing with others. Through their years of dedication, it has grown into one of the largest private distributors of government-issued coinage and other metal products since 2001.

With the hundreds of thousands of clients in their network, U.S. Money Reserve works to expand and diversify investment assets around the world primarily with U.S gold and silver coins, but also other precious metals based upon a client’s individual interests and preferences.

Their team works diligently to meet and exceed industry standards for return on investment and portfolio growth