Johanan Rand’s success in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

Johanan Rand is a physiatrist located in Wayne; he attended medical school at Howard University College of Medicine. Currently, Rand is qualified to operate in New Jersey and works in Chilton Medical Center.

Johanan Rand has worked on several projects and has had several years’ experience in the medical field. However, one recent project that he has been working on is therapy for replacing bioidentical hormones in women.

Johanan Rand has devised an approach to women’s health. Rand deals with women aged between 30 and 60; during his check-up, one common issue affecting a high number of his female patients is the lack of energy, fatigue, and low libido.


Johanan’s Approach to Women’s Health

Rand starts by taking a detailed health history which he carefully analyses; this helps him to understand the patient’s body mass, fats as well as the metabolism rate.

He then studies a patient’s blood work; this study helps him identify cholesterol and inflammation marker, as well as the vitamin and hormone level. The third approach is a physical examination.

All the three approaches are helpful in guiding Dr. Rand to come up with a suitable bioidentical hormone therapy that fits your body and will work efficiently to balance the hormones.


How Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Works.

The estrogen and progesterone in women start to reduce; the decline is approximately 25 %. As one grows older, the drop becomes faster, and this causes hormonal imbalance. Hormonal imbalance has several hostile symptoms, and the imbalance may lead to the development of certain illnesses. Some of the conditions that occur due to hormonal imbalance include; breast cancer, depression, uterine cancer just to mention a few.

It is therefore important to manage the imbalance, and bioidentical hormone therapy works towards helping women age gracefully. When the estrogen hormone is in balance with progesterone helps protect women from conditions linked with aging.

The bioidentical replacement therapy creates a balance between the hormones and this method has proven to be effective since women who have used the treatment have a healthier life and for a longer time compared to women who had not undergone the treatment.