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When it comes to money and investing, mistakes can be costly. Sometimes people have made decisions that have led to financially catastrophic outcomes.

Stansberry Research provides the investing community with the safest, most profitable investment ideas that help clients despite the ups and downs of the often unpredictable financial markets.

More than 500, 000 subscribers worldwide make their investment decisions based on ideas and recommendations this company provides. In fact, more than 70,000 individual investors have chosen to become life subscribers.

Working with Stansberry Research lets you benefit from 175-plus years of combined analyst experience.


Stansberry Research Services

The company offers premium research services that translate into a whole new way of safeguarding and building your legacy. The company’s top financial analysts work together to create Stansberry Portfolio Solutions that eliminate guesswork from the strategies their clients choose.

Whether you need help with your strategy in dividend and value investing, fixed income, alternative assets, energy and precious metal investments or income-generating options, Stansberry Research have you covered.

Regardless of how educated you are in the areas of finance, economics or accounting, the ideas and knowledge you get from this company make you smarter and wiser.


Investor Resources

If you do not feel ready to use the company’s premium research services, consider taking advantage of the other resources they provide.

You might want to read a few books first to gain some confidence; visit their bookstore and familiarize yourself with various topics on investing and finance. Experienced investors will also find something that adds to their knowledge.

You can use their user-friendly investment glossary as a reference guide for essential investing terms. Or, you can start with their free wealth management resources from their education center. Check out their website for all these and more.

Do not just work; save. Do not just save — invest. Partner with Stansberry Research on your journey to financial freedom.



Southridge Capital Integrates Philanthropy in Its Overall Service

Southridge Capital is a company based in Ridgefield, Connecticut, USA. The firm is involved in providing advisory and structured finance services for companies that are publicly created and traded. Southridge Capital is led by five executives namely Stephen Hicks, CEO and Founder of Sourthridge; Narine Persaud, CFO and Controller; Laurence Ditkoff CPA, CFA and Research Director; Henry Sargent CFA, JD, General Counsel and COO; and Linda Carlsen portfolio management team member.

The structured services given by Southridge are made up of securitization, credit enhancing, and financing solutions. Whereas its advisory services portfolio comprises of financial analysis, balance sheet optimization, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring analysis, bankruptcy advice, and legal settlement.

In providing the structured services aspects of the firm, Southridge provides an “outside the box” solutions where unconventional financial overhauls such as loaning against insiders’ capital, capital assets and other assets are undertaken. The elimination of debt by offering creditors common stock shares, and the use of the firm’s EPA or Equity Purchase Agreement to raise the clients capital at their own request irrespective of the market situation. Check out for more info.

In effecting its advisory services, the firm enhances the clients financial statements based on accepted accounting norms, where a comprehensive restructuring process is done including guidance on bankruptcy filing and legal settlements.

Aside from offering its excellent services in their clients’ financial requirements, Southridge Capital is likewise engaged in philanthropic activities where it exhibits its responsibility towards the society. In answer to the social needs of the communities it serves, the firm promotes community leadership and volunteer work. The team at Southridge consider that giving is a means to have a positive impact on the society, and to reinforce the firm’s overall operation.

To follow through with their social commitment, the firm concentrates its activities in providing support by augmenting the efforts that are disseminated by national charities and non-profit organizations. So, Stephen Hicks and Mary, his wife, started the Daystar Foundation that backs and sustains numerous charitable entities. By doling out time, money and effort for the comprehensive improvement of the society, both husband and wife strive to make a direct influence on the lives of the less-fortunate. You can visit for more details.


Financial Planning Powerhouse: Richard Dewayne Blair

When it comes to reaching your financial goals, Richard Dwayne Blair, a registered investment advisor at Wealth Solutions, believes the best way to have financial success is to follow the guidance of the Three Pillar Approach.

The First Pillar lays out a client’s specific financial goals and the best way to reach them, a roadmap. Through constant and open communication, it is at this stage that Blair is able to build a long lasting and trustworthy relationship with his clients. The Second Pillar is development. It is at this point that an effective strategy is created that is custom to each client’s individual needs. Richard Dwayne Blair personally manages client assets to ensure that they are functioning at maximum performance when the market is good and minimizes the potential loss when the market is down. The Third Pillar is implementation and monitoring. It is at this phase that Blair continues to implement the designated plan and monitor what is happening in regard to the client’s ultimate goal by keeping record and comparing expectations and historical data.

After graduating college with a degree in finance, Richard Dwayne Blair wanted the ability to help make a positive difference in people’s, families, and small business owner’s lives, so he created Wealth Solutions in 1994. Blair has always had a great understanding of finance and realized one way he could help these people was by helping them meet their financial goals.

In order to give his clients unprecedented service, Richard Dwayne Blair exclusively works with clients in the Austin, Texas area. This allows Blair to more easily have frequent, face-to-face communication, which further helps him build the trust of his clients. To add to his resume, Blair holds a number of financial titles including: Certified Annuity Specialist, Certified Estate and Trust Specialist, Certified Fund Specialist, Certified Income Specialist, Certified Tax Specialist, and a Retirement Income Certified Professional. All of these specialties give Blair the knowledge need to give his clients unparalleled financial planning services.


The RealReal Prepares For Another Round Of Funding

“For many years, RealReal’s Chief Executive Officer Julie Wainwright proclaimed her companies next private financing round would be the last before its eventual public offering — only then would they go ahead to secure new investments. Perhaps the 3rd time is going to be the proverbial charm.

Wainwright, who founded the luxury consignment site which specializes with the sales of secondhand clothes from luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci, is now pitching investors to raise a new $100 million of fresh funding, according to different sources. The RealReal already raised over $170 million in funding since the inital launch seven years prior to now.

There is a number of ways you can view the reasoning for these fundraising endeavors. On one hand, the possibility is that they have yet to reach the scale which would be appealing to public-sector acquirers and investors — or maybe they need more capital and time to prove the long-term viability of the business.

Another possibility, it may be that the company and their investors realize the market for second-hand luxury goods turned out to be way larger than initially perceived, and the company feels confident the website is able to take a greater share of the market by investing in growth.

What began as a website focused around women’s fashion, branched out into jewelry, art, menswear, home decor, and even watches. They have a location in New York and possibly more locations in the future. The company is among the handful of online businesses backed by venture investment in the resale fashion industry which still stands and is trying to expanding the current market.

For many years, luxury brands viewed companies such as The RealReal as their arch enemies. That is not the case anymore, partly because the company drives substantial sales. Julie attributes the success to honing in towards the current luxury market, while maintaining a focus on trust over everything else, and ensuring every item The RealReal sells is authenticated and inspected before shipping out to the customers. Julie also stated they are weighing the strategy of debuting a range of brick & mortar locations, beginning with the New York City location now in the making.”

The Success of the Academy of Art University

Disney-Pixar’s Coco won an Oscar for Best Animated Feature at 2018’s Academy Awards and the proudest of them all was Daniel Arriaga, Pixar’s Animation Studios senior director and alumni of the Academy of Art University (AAU). Coco vibrant graphics were based on El Día de los Muertos and Mexican heritage/culture and for AAU’s alumni Daniel Arriaga it is his accumulative education of artistic direction and animation that aided in Coco’s success. He aimed for a respectable and authentic display of Dia de los Muertos. Coco dismiss the American understanding of this holiday (Mexican Halloween) and shows its truth (honor of dead love ones) and Daniel admit the skeleton ancestors was a creative challenge, but in the end successful. During the interview, Mr. Arriaga answered AAU’s students’ questions who have interest in arts/animation careers. He advised making portfolios of their proud work, telling them to be open-minded, and determination for perfect their craft, as he did through-out attending AAU and presently.

Moreover, other than the Academy of Art University producing a great director it stands by its objectives in which consist of educating their students about the broad range of art and design, cultures, global issues, and diverse perspectives, and lastly but not least how to govern in an ethical and efficient fashion. The university maintain up-to-date industry professionals, advanced facilities, and a wide variety of majors. Some of the university’s majors included: Acting, Advertising, Animation & Visual Effects, Architecture, Art Edu., Art History, Fashion, Fine Art, Game Design, Graphic Design, Illustration, Industrial Design, Interior Arch. & Design, Jewelry & Metal Arts, etc.


And behind AAU’s success to produce accomplished alumni, is its accreditations. In 2007, the Academy of Art University received regional accreditation from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges; as well as, it being an accredited member of the National Association of Art and Design. Additionally, their Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and Master of Fine Arts degree are accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation. Lastly, their Master of Architecture degree is accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board and the Bachelor of Architecture program was granted.

In support of their students work AAU annually holds alumni art shows and gallery exhibitions in San Franciso consisting of over 70 students. Also, the Academy of Art University has been requested to present their students’ pieces twice a year at New York Fashion Week. Alumni from AAU have been hired by companies such as: Apple, EA, Nike, Pixar, Zynga, etc. Furthermore, their students constructed a user interface for NASA for astronauts can remotely land-based robots.


Malcolm CasSelle takes the Gaming Industry to New Heights

Malcolm Westley CasSelle is the current President of the Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) and the CIO of OPSKins. Through his leadership, WAX has become the world’s known platform for development of in-game virtual item exchanges, promoted by OPSkins.

Achievements at OPSkins

Malcolm CasSelle’s leadership abilities have enabled OPSkins to remain the global bitcoin merchant in the world. However, with the limitations of technological capabilities in the company’s technology, OPSkins has introduced WAX to enhance virtual asset trading. WAX is the platform through which virtual asset trading can be centralized thereby allowing traders to exchange their assets with each other.

Malcolm CasSelle is ambitious that WAX technology is going to improve efficiency of virtual trading ranging from improved transactions to reduced cases of fraud. With the rise of security and fraud issues in the virtual asset market, it is believed that WAX creates smart contracts which would be able to limit transactional intermediaries, thus, securing the delivery of goods. Malcolm CasSelle had asserted that the technology will enhance efficiency and safety in user operations.

About Malcolm CaSelle

Before joining WAX, Malcolm CasSelle served as the president and the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of New Ventures, tronc, Inc. Prior to the executive position; he was the General Manager and Senior Vice President of Digital Media of SeaChange International. He had joined the company (SeaChange) in 2015 when it acquired Timeline Labs where he was the CEO. Malcolm CasSelle had led various startups in the digital world including Xfire, MediaPass, and the joint venture with Groupon in China.

Malcolm CasSelle’s success is associated with his management skills. He believes in reaching out for information, and always remaining innovative. Through his risk-taking culture, he collaborated with others who had similar interest in the technology field to come up with WAX. Furthermore, the energetic thinker believes in the respect for body and positive spirit as the key ways to success. In an interview with, Malcolm CasSelle revealed that his daily routine impacts his success; with enough sleep, morning workout, and nutrient dense breakfast, he is able to perform his duties excellently.

Jim Toner Specialist

Jim Toner is a very educated and successful fertility doctor. He is truly a specialist and has written many articles about fertility. Dr Toner has won many awards and is considered a very successful speaker. Dr Toner cares about all of his patients from every aspect. He has a degree in psychology which helps him understand the emotional stress from patients with infertility and recurring miscarriages. Jim Toner is the best at what he does and he is highly recommended, not only from his high qualifications and many degrees, but also because of the amount of compassion and the level of understanding he has for each and every one of his patients.

Jim Toner is also a family man and knows what it is like to be a parent, which makes him more on his patients level. He has many years of experience and specializes in infertility. His many awards are from the highest and some of them include, The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Ciba-Geigy award,the American Fertility Society Ortho Award, among many others.Jim Toner also served as president for the Society For Assisted Reproductive Technology. Jim Toner joined the Atlanta Center for Reproductive medicine in 2000. He is highly recommended and has many feats under his belt. All of his patients have nothing but great things to say about him. His approach, his kindness, his warmth, compassion, understanding, and many years of experience make him one of the best. He comes highly qualified and has a very high rate of success making families dreams come true. Being a parent himself he knows that a child is the greatest gift and blessing in the world. He has the ability and means to provide this blessing for his patients and it is a breath of fresh air. Jim Toner has accomplished a lot in his life and cares a lot about his work from every angle that you look at it. He understands his patients and works with them to fulfill all of their needs and find the right approach to help each and every one of them the best way he sees fit. His credentials speak for themselves.

Centre for Policy Studies Trusts Graham Edwards of Telereal Trillium to Lead Housing

With the concurrent facts of a real post-Brexit market situation vastly approaching, many corporations are delving into the preparation of policy recommendations customized to deal with the particular issues that might be vastly approaching as the change comes. Some of the organizations that have recognized the need to work on such policies include The Centre for Policy Studies, a leading and revered organization known for producing some of UK’s think tanks.


Background Data

One, Sir Keith Joseph, established the Centre for Policy Studies with the assistance of Margaret Thatcher in the year 1974. The primary reason for founding it was appended to the fact that the society needs principles. Therefore, the institution has played a pivotal role in the dissemination of viable economic advice to various markets. As such, the latest move to elect a number of influential thinkers to head multiple policy-making departments is part of the revolutionary strategy. With that said, Graham Edwards is one of the candidates that the board of directors has pinpointed to chair this organization.


Why Graham Edwards?

Graham Edwards is a famous household name in the business and leadership worlds. Known as the chief executive officer of one privately owned company called Telereal Trillium, he is better placed as a massive contributor to the state of housing in the ever-transitioning industry. So far, he has worked hard to cement his name in the company’s leadership department since 2001 and now, he has earned massive leadership titles thanks to his effort to work on major business deals in the past. Also important to note is the fact that Graham Edwards has walked Telereal Trillium towards excellence since its inception.


The Overview

Moreover, Graham Edwards Telereal has integrally been linked to executive dealings in the company. For instance, he was the project manager for the initial transformation of the company where Telereal Trillium laid the groundwork to initiate the transfer of 6,700 properties from one TB to Telereal.


More into Graham Edwards

Before joining Tereleal, Edwards was the chief investment officer of one Talisman Global Asset Management. And before that, he served at Merrill Lynch Investment Management where he oversaw the operations of the finance department.


Fortress Investment Group Loans $57 Million to Kushner Cos. New Jersey Development

Fortress Investment Group a global investment firm loans $57 Million to Kushner Companies for the struggling real estate development project in New Jersey that consists of a two-tower development with 56 stories and has plans for 1500 residential units. Fortress Investment Group is providing the financing for Kushner Companies to provide the capital to finish the project and establish the funding needed to springboard this opportunity into a successful return on investment for the company. Fortress Investment Group is one of the leading alternative asset investment companies in the world by taking opportunities that are distressed, underperforming, or illiquid and infusing needed capital into the opportunities to produce successful returns on investment. Fortress Investment Group was established in 1998 by 5 partners including Wes Edens, Peter Briger, Randall Nardone, Michael Edwards and Rob Kauffman. These successful investment managers came together to form one of the largest alternative asset buyout companies in the world.

In fact, in 2007 Fortress Investment Group became the first buyout company to trade on the New York Stock Exchange. Fortress Investment Group has more than 1750 individual and institutional clients that are from around the globe that provide perspective and insight into opportunities on a global scale. In December 2017, Fortress Investment Group was sold to SoftBank Group a global technology company for $3.3 billion. After the acquisition by SoftBank Group Corp., Fortress continues to operate as an independent organization with the retention of the executive team and management staff. Currently, Wes Edens and Peter Briger serve as Co-Chief Executive Officers and provide high-level analysis and insight into the evaluation of various global opportunities to invest in illiquid and distressed investment opportunities. SoftBank Group saw thriving investment firm Fortress Investment Group as an opportunity to expand the corporate operation into the alternative asset investment industry and generate leverage and opportunity to increase their reach and scope within the industry.

SoftBank Group specializes in cutting-edge technological innovation and advancements by providing capital and resources to expand telecommunications, internet service, AI, Robotics, and various other innovations that will expand the world into the new information revolution. SoftBank seized the opportunity to gain footing within the alternative asset industry by investing in one of the larger buyout firms in the world by acquiring Fortress Investment Group. Fortress Investment Group currently manages over $30 Billion in assets within various industries and categories With the exceptional management expertise exhibited by the Co-Chief Executive officers Wes Edens and Peter Briger within Fortress Investment Group, the company continues to expand on the vision and mission of its founders by leveraging opportunities to invest in global alternative asset opportunities and capitalize on advanced knowledge from its leadership team. Fortress has established a reputation as one of the leading investment firms in the world by specializing in alternative asset investment opportunities like the $57 million investment loan executed to continue development of the Kushner Companies New Jersey development of the two-tower real estate investment project that stands at 56 stories and will encompass 1500 residential units.


OSI Group – your food solutions anywhere

With over 100 years of food solutions, OSI Group is the leading supplier of food products. OSI Group offers custom food tailored to your requests, with exceptional chefs and a team of product developers to create new food products and ideas to ensure originality and enlarge your food solutions supply.

OSI is also expanding by acquiring other food service companies, such as Baho foods. They are a Dutch manufacturer of convenience foods, deli meats and snacks. “OSI Group has outstanding relationships with both its customers and suppliers”.

Says managing director of Baho Foods John Balvers. They were happy to announce the new relationship and future endeavors with OSI being as they are excellent at what they do. President of OSI Group David G. McDonald states that adding Baho Food business compliments OSI’s products and brands. Giving the most to customers is their goal, and adding on to their business helps with doing so. OSI Group has purchased two other companies to complement them as well, Tyson Food plant and Flagship Europe. Tyson Food plant is in Chicago, with many of its employees moving on with OSI Group after almost closing its doors before being reintroduced as OSI.

Flagship Europe from the Flagship Food Group in Deveer, CO. provides goods to the UK food service market. With many new clients with OSI Groups business partners, they are seeking to support their clients needs as always. OSI Group is one of America’s top 100 food companies seeing that their diversity is punctilious amoungst other food suppliers.

They constantly are changing and expanding to costumers ever growing needs. Also being available globally and with their ownerships to different food service companies help grow and become bigger and better. For the best service and diversity it plays an important role to be a part of their team of experts. Coming up with new ideas to making sure consumers get the best quality is crucial. Having skills that require opening new doors for their company all while staying true to the most important people, their clients.

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