Founder of Sweet Green, Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru has built his restaurant chain to 40 restaurants, with more to follow. The first restaurant was in Washington DC, established in 2007. Since then it has expanded to New York and California. There are more restaurants planned for Boston and Chicago. The restaurant was started with a number of new ideas that have helped it grow and gain business.

Sweetgreen, the restaurant chain Ru has grown, is dedicated to providing nutritional salads at a reasonable price. Unlike the vast majority of restaurant, in particular fast food places, these restaurants provided food that is actually good for you. Even better is that the salads are substantial and filling and so serve as an excellent choice for lunch or dinner. They offer a variety of salads that are sure to appeal to most people.

Sweetgreen has a unique way of sourcing its food. When it decides to enter a market the first thing it does is talk to local farmers. Ru wants to know what the farmers are growing rather than dictating what they want. In this way they can obtain ingredients that are new to customers. This also has the added benefit of reducing food waste as they are buying what is actually being grown. An example would be broccoli, where the leaves of the plant were being tilled back into the earth the farmers as nobody wanted them. It turns out their just as healthy as the crowns so Ru made a deal to buy these which saves on food waste and gives customers something they haven’t had before.

Their real estate strategy relies on the sequencing of new stores. They open stores in upper class areas of the city in order to be near where people live, rather than where they work. In this way they want to be able to sell not just for lunch but dinners and weekends as well.

In 2007 Nathaniel Ru obtained a bachelors degree Finance from Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business. That same year he opened Sweetgreen with two other individuals. The goal of the company is to provide local, sustainable food that is healthy and well priced. In 2010 Ru and his partners also launched Sweetlife, which is a music festival. One of the goals of the festival he established is to be carbon neutral and also celebrate healthy living.


Thor Halvorrsen: A Champion of Human Rights

Most people have enough empathy in nod in approval when they see a human rights activist. They have enough empathy to sneer in disgust when they see a violation. They might donate a dollar here or there, but they do not give their lives for the sake of others. They do not dedicate themselves completely to a worthy cause. Even when somebody becomes a missionary for a week, they still come home and merge back into their daily life. There are very few people who will dedicate everything to fighting injustice and standing for human rights. Thor Halvorrsen is among the few individuals who fight for what is right with all of his being. Thor is the President of the Human Rights Foundation.

The Human Rights Foundation Fights For Freedom of Worship

Religion is something that people hold dear to their heart. It is more than a few little rituals to them. It is the nature of reality and defines how they are supposed to conduct themselves in the world. However, sometimes people can become so inflamed by their religious beliefs that they want to violently stomp out all other religions. Thor Halvorrsen and the Human Rights Foundation recognizes that this is an injustice. They believe that people should have freedom of worship. Even religious minorities should have this freedom.

The Fight Against Socialism And Freedom To Acquire Property

One of Thor’s central campaigns is the fight against socialism, especially since it seems to be on the rise in the United States. Halvorrsen recognizes this as a troubling trend. This is not because he believes that all socialist governments are corrupt but rather because they can become corrupt quite easily. On socialism, people cannot own land or property. The government owns everything and distributes it. Accordingly, socialism is recognized as a basic violation of human rights. While the central theme of socialist rhetoric may be to help the poor, it actually ends up hurting them.

As the President of the Human Rights Foundation, Thor Halvorrsen knows how to identify human rights violations and how to take action against them.

MB2 Dental Solutions Makes Running a Dental Practice a Little Bit Easier

Teeth are important. We all know it, even if we don’t talk about them regularly. Likewise, everyone knows the best way to take care of your teeth is regular visits to your local dentist. But what most people do not know is how much effort goes into being a dentist, and not just in terms of education and skill. Just running the practice takes a lot of work, and not all dentists can handle it. Fortunately, MB2 Dental Solutions is there to help make running a dental practice easier.


A lot more goes into running a good dental practice than just cleaning teeth and filling cavities. Human resources, finances, billing, and so much more are also important, and not everyone can handle it. That’s where MB2 comes into play. They work with their affiliated dental offices nationwide, providing a wide range of services to keep even the busiest practices running smoothly. They can handle all your staffing needs, from the initial hiring to dealing with their weekly paychecks. They can help optimize your marketing plans to bring more clients in through the doors. And once you have more patients, they will help you keep track of bills, collections, and all those other financial necessities. They make it so that you can focus on the patients and their needs, not how many employees you need and how many bills to send out. They have the knowledge and experience to make your dental practice run smoothly and effectively. And they are not just limited to one state. No, they have offices in six, and are looking to grow. Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Alaska all have practices who receive help from MB2, giving them excellent range around the country.


Every dentist knows it takes hard work and dedication to run a good dental practice. MB2 Dental Solutions can help make it just a little bit easier. With their wide range of expert services, they can take the edge off an already difficult job. So if you have a practice in one of the six states they service, or just want to see what they can do, check out what MB2 Dental Solutions can do for you and your dental practice.

IAP, Worldwide Leader

IAP Worldwide is a global leader. They are a large-scale provider of logistics (on a global scale), facilities management, and professional and technical services, all on an advanced scale. IAP has more than 2,000 employees, and they offer services in more than 25 countries, so you can’t beat the service qualifications and the best deals you can find for their private and public-sector work.

IAP can meet a disaster head-on, and can be ready to meet the requirements of a large-scale plan to help aid those who are affected. They maintain military operations, and they keep up with them to make sure they are working properly. IAP Worldwide also maintain civilian operations, and they have logistical services that they can offer, too.

IAP Worldwide Services has been around for almost sixty years, and you can be sure to find what you need with them, for they have maintained their status as a market leader for all this time. IAP Worldwide believe in adopting their customers’ missions, and they believe wholeheartedly in making sure that the customer is always satisfied. With their acute preparations, and their ability to serve, they’ve got the right attitude for making sure to get the job done.

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They believe in corporate responsibility, and they also believe in leadership. They partner with a wide range of businesses that they can rely on to be there for them when they need to call on someone to help save the day. So, IAP Worldwide Services maintains market standards and also maintains a life as a valuable company with much to offer.

IAP Worldwide Services also believes in ethics and compliance. They are able to help with just about any problem, and they maintain strict standards of work and are able to make sure that they follow the rules, and make sure others do too. They also have a wide variety of government contract vehicles that they rely on to get their work done, and you can find out more about them if you ask. With top standards, all around, IAP Worldwide Services is one of the best companies out there.

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Markus Rothkranz Spreads His Inspiration Around The Globe

The Markus IncrediPizza – raw vegan gluten-free healthy pizza

Markus Rothkranz is an entrepreneur of sorts, and is well known around the world as a film director, motivational speaker, author, artist, and health expert. He has helped and continues to help many around the world by teaching his philosophies on being successful in every aspect of life.

He has created books and videos that have given people the courage to achieve freedom and success. He has helped people with their health issues, including those with prostate, bladder, breast, and pancreatic cancer. Markus has been all over the world speaking to many people and has even been a health consultant to the United States military.

Speech of a Lifetime_Passionate Words to Live By: Markus Rothkranz

His book, Free Food and Medicine is an edible plant guide that shows people how to use plans as food and herbal medicine. Heal Yourself 101 is a manual, written by Markus, for natural health and healing. The Prosperity Secret and Instructions for a New Life are both manuals created by Markus for modern success and freedom.

He has written many other books as guides for helping people. Love on a Plate is an “uncookbook” created by Markus and his wife, and features recipes for amazing tasting food made without dairy, meat, sugar, wheat, or anything else that’s not natural. Heal Your Face is a book about the health of your face. It explains how every piece of your face can be explained and is connected to your body and your health.

Markus Rothkranz has also been an artist his whole life. His paintings have been labeled as “photorealistic” because people look at them and assume they’re photographs. At one point, he taught night classes at an art school and soon he realized he had some potential. He quit his job and was soon being featured in some of the biggest art galleries in the world. Ironically enough, Markus was never truly passionate about painting. He was much more passionate about the idea of making his art move.

Markus Rothkranz: The Power of Raw Foods (1/2)

Markus began his entertainment industry career as a special visual effects artist and designer. He has worked on movies like Die Hard, Red Planet, and Total Recall. In addition, he’s worked on more than 200 TV commercials and many music videos. In 1995, he even got the opportunity to write and direct his own movie, which received 2.5 million dollars in budgeting, entitled, “To the Ends of Time”. His movie received global distribution and was even picked up by the SyFy channel.

As a well-known motivational speaker, Markus Rothkranz conveys his very passionate message of self-healing, inspiration, and personal freedom to people all over the world. His inspiration has translated in over 30 languages and he has spoken to millions of people through TV and private events. He gives people a successful, yet different way of thinking.

He is known as the “Renaissance Rockstar” of public speaking. His extremely unique style of speaking has helped him become one of the most requested professionals in the areas of healthy living, raw foods, and positive thinking. He is approachable, passionate, and kind.

How To Be Limitless_ The Only Way to Freedom

Online Reputation Management Joins The Inc 500

The Inc Magazine 500 list has been populated by traditional businesses for decades, but the list has been infiltrated by online businesses who are coming out of the woodwork. Status Labs is only one of the companies to join the list in the digital age, and they do unique work that recovers the images of their clients. This article explains how the company does its work, how it is managed and what clients may expect to see.

#1: The Client Comes To Status Labs In Crisis

Clients approach Status Labs in crisis, and they ask for assistance with situations that are quite damaging. They have been pushed over the edge in the news, and the company feels as though it will lose every customer from it rolls in the interim. Status Labs becomes the official public relations provider for the client, and they create a new image to substitute.

#2: Status Labs Completes Quite A Lot Of Work

Status Labs is willing to produce press releases, write up items for online publishing and change the company’s website. They do a complete makeover of the public relations of a client, and they push the envelope until they believe the client is no longer in danger of a public relations frenzy. They act a bit like a lawyer in that they begin their work on a sort of retainer, and they continue their work for quite some time until they are finished.

#3: The Best Companies Have Public Relations Problems

The finest companies in the world are struck quite hard by public relations disasters that haunt them for years. Online searches return the same problematic items every year, and the company cannot remove such content from the Internet. They must hire Status Labs to remove the content from the Internet, and they will wait as Status Labs solves their problem.

Status Labs is an expanding business that has reached the Inc 500 because they are reaching out to thousands of clients a year. They are making a living creating fine public images, and they may be trusted with any crisis a client may experience.

Twitter: @statuslabs

Sweet, Fresh and Healthy with Sweetgreen

Nathaniel Ru and his friends were in their final year at the Georgetown University in Washington DC when they were hit with the idea of Sweetgreen. They thought of the way they could provide a place where they could offer a healthy eating place within the University. After laboring for the first few years, Sweetgreen has managed to establish itself into a 21 store chain across the United States of America. They faced difficulty during the startup as the landlord would not listen to their idea. The landlord had a prior experience with these boys as she happened to be the landlord of the building that these boys lived in.


The three gentlemen could not be deterred by the landlord. To show their determination, they would call her at least once in a day for a whole month until she agreed to meet with them. For Nathaniel Ru, this would be the first day he wore a suit as well as the last one. During this meeting, they armed themselves with a business plan detailing their plan and a budget. The landlord advised these three gentlemen to look for an architect as well as some investors. She also advised them to prepare a real plan that would look appealing to investors. Nathaniel and his friends spent around three weeks looking for an architect and financial investors.


According to the head of marketing for Sweetgreen, the startup uses as marketing strategy similar to the one of Apple. First, the strategy allows the company to be social and at the same time smart and sexy. The strategy also focuses on been local. Despite having expanded to various cities, Sweetgreen has maintained its core values, and it continues to serve the community. Some of the core values of Sweetgreen include:

  • Win, win and win. This means that everyone should benefit from the startup. This includes workers, customers and even the owners and the entire community.
  • Every decision by Sweetgreen should consider the long term effects.
  • The third core value of Sweetgreen is keeping it real. This means that everyone and everything associated with Sweetgreen should be authentic and original.


Over the years, Sweetgreen has managed to open branches in other cities across the United States. There are stores in New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington DC. The startup continues to offer healthy and fresh products to its customers. To ensure local participation, Sweetgreen acquires its product locally. Over the years, the company has held educational forums in different states to educate students on the need for healthy living.


Markus Rothkranz: Be Limitless

Health guru Markus Rothkranz has worked tirelessly to provide the public with food and health tips. Believing health is an important factor of our everyday life, Markus Rothkranz took the time to explain his tips on the journey to freedom.

Markus centered the video around his phrase “to be limitless you must rid yourself of limitations”. Many individuals seek the need to become free. Most individuals rarely take the time to shed the limitations placed upon them. Markus explains how those limitations will cause you to slow down. Without shedding limitations one can never achieve true limitless freedom.

Markus explains how we are born into limitations. From birth parents and society limit what is an acceptable accomplishment to the youth. By hearing “no” and “don’t do that” repeatedly, individuals manifest the idea that some things can not be achieved.

Markus strongly believes the only way to live limitless is to do what you feel is correct. He recommends all individuals seek personal satisfaction and happiness. Following true happiness will attract positive energy and people into your life. The more positive energy around you, individuals will experience a more powerful outcome. Living in a negative mindset will produce a negative outcome.

Markus urge individuals not to chase money. Finances is only a tool. He believes money will never change or shape the true character of a person. Markus explains the only journey to freedom is positive energy and self satisfaction. Mark recommends everyone take chances and stand out in the pursuit of their own happiness and freedom.

The Cleanse: Providing Insight Into the World of Herbal Healing


Medicine is expensive. We all know it, but there’s no way to avoid the stuff when we’re sick or injured. At least, that’s what big medicine wants us to think. The cleanse from Dherbs is an online repository that says otherwise. They believe in herbal and natural remedies, and is ready to help you understand why.

Herbal remedies have been used for centuries to promote health and well being, and Yelp helps tell you why Dherbs is so effective. They publish informative, well researched articles that inform you on why natural remedies are a viable, and in many cases preferable, alternative to chemical medicines. They do their research well, not relying on hearsay and folktales. They keep abreast of all the latest information regarding the world market on fruits and vegetables, nutrition, and research into medicinal herbs and plants.


Not only do they inform, they also help you gather. Their online store is filled with the highest quality herbal remedies and medicines for reasonable, affordable prices. And they don’t just sell remedies either. They sell high quality, all natural soaps, cosmetics, supplements, and skin and hair care supplies. And all of it is well within even the tightest of budgets.


So the next time you want to try natural remedies, skin care supplies, or anything else natural, look up Dherbs cleanse at there website: You’ll quickly see all the benefits that herbal and natural remedies and treatments can provide, and all the information to help you make the best choices for you body and your family.  Learn even more on the official Tumblr account of

Tale of How Three Entrepreneurs Created A Value Driven-Business Now Worth Millions

Everyone in Georgetown knows and loves Sweetgreen. They must have all sampled the mouth-watering delicacies, especially the salads sold by Sweetgreen. In the short span of a few years, this company has transformed from a little unknown venture into one of the most profitable healthy fast foods not only in Georgetown but the entire nation as well. The company was started by Nathaniel Ru, Jonathan Neman, and Nicholas Jammet. The trio was motivated to start a business which would satisfactorily address the problem of affordable and healthy food around the campus.


Sweetgreen’s First Store

Admittedly, they only had passion; the necessary skills and experience were grossly lacking. The first location they chose was on M Street. The fact that it was only 500 square feet did not discourage them pursuing their dreams and aspirations. The trio used their collective ingenuity and creativity to overcome all the hurdles and obstacles that came their way. From an early stage, the boys knew they had to create a business which would resonate positively with the community. To that effect, their brand soon incorporated music on top of food. It was here that the annual music and food festival started.


Enjoy Kendrick Lamar Music to a Salad

Neman, one of the co-founders, was quoted saying that it was a cool thing to attend a Kendrick Lamar concert and eat a bowl of salad or some quinoa at the same time. The markets responded really well to the franchise. From its humble beginnings, it now hosts 15,000 person events. Events which attract global music sensations the likes of Avicii, Calvin Harris, The Weekend and The 1975.


Here are the five primary core objectives:-

  1. Win, Win, and Win
  2. Think Sustainably
  3. Keep it Real
  4. Add the Sweet Touch
  5. Make an Impact


To this very date, Georgetown remains dear to the hearts of the founders of Sweetgreen. The entrepreneurs believe in creating genuine human connections and reaching and relating to their clients at an emotional level. Moving forward the firm hopes to continue educating the students of Georgetown and its environs on the importance of proper dieting and of living a positive life.


About Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel is one of the co-founders of Sweetgreen. Mr. Ru graduated from Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business in the year 2007. He attained a BS in Finance. In 2010, Nathan with his partners started Sweetlife. Sweetlife is a musical showcase bringing together musicians from all over the world. The show attracts well over 20K attendants. It also brings together top chefs, food trucks, and farmers together. Nathan is deeply involved in philanthropy.