How Sheldon Lavin Made OSI Food Solutions an Industry Giant

Sheldon Lavin had been involved in the finance world for several years before being introduced to OSI Food Solutions, then known as Otto & Sons. At the time, the company was looking for finance to help build their first meat processing plant in Chicago so that they could continue to expand. As luck would have it, Lavin was the person who helped get this financing in order. While doing so, however, both he and those running Otto & Sons became good friends, which eventually led to Sheldon Lavin becoming increasingly more involved with the company’s daily operations.

As such, for the past several decades, Lavin has served as the company’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, while leading the company to become one of the largest privately held companies in the United States. According to many reports, OSI Food Solutions had grown to have 65 facilities in 17 countries, which is a significant expansion compared to the single plant that it was opening when Lavin first became involved. Much of this expansion was initially because of the financing that Sheldon Lavin provided to the company; throughout this time, he gained an extensive amount of expertise in the area, and his many innovative strategies led to both him and OSI Food Solutions being seen as pioneers in the meat processing industry.

When it came to growing the business, Lavin has also been behind or had a hand in, a variety of key partnerships that have helped the company thrive. Some of the most prominent examples of these include with partners in the likes of China, India and the Philippines, each of which has helped drive the company’s overall growth. However, that doesn’t mean that Sheldon Lavin has only been concerned with profit margins. On the contrary, he’s also been behind a variety of efforts to make the company as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible; many of these efforts have led to Lavin and OSI Food Solutions being awarded a number of environmental awards over the years. Furthermore, he’s actively ensured that employees are given the support and recognition that they deserve, which has helped the overall company thrive over the past few decades.

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