OSI Group – your food solutions anywhere

With over 100 years of food solutions, OSI Group is the leading supplier of food products. OSI Group offers custom food tailored to your requests, with exceptional chefs and a team of product developers to create new food products and ideas to ensure originality and enlarge your food solutions supply.

OSI is also expanding by acquiring other food service companies, such as Baho foods. They are a Dutch manufacturer of convenience foods, deli meats and snacks. “OSI Group has outstanding relationships with both its customers and suppliers”.

Says managing director of Baho Foods John Balvers. They were happy to announce the new relationship and future endeavors with OSI being as they are excellent at what they do. President of OSI Group David G. McDonald states that adding Baho Food business compliments OSI’s products and brands. Giving the most to customers is their goal, and adding on to their business helps with doing so. OSI Group has purchased two other companies to complement them as well, Tyson Food plant and Flagship Europe. Tyson Food plant is in Chicago, with many of its employees moving on with OSI Group after almost closing its doors before being reintroduced as OSI.

Flagship Europe from the Flagship Food Group in Deveer, CO. provides goods to the UK food service market. With many new clients with OSI Groups business partners, they are seeking to support their clients needs as always. OSI Group is one of America’s top 100 food companies seeing that their diversity is punctilious amoungst other food suppliers.

They constantly are changing and expanding to costumers ever growing needs. Also being available globally and with their ownerships to different food service companies help grow and become bigger and better. For the best service and diversity it plays an important role to be a part of their team of experts. Coming up with new ideas to making sure consumers get the best quality is crucial. Having skills that require opening new doors for their company all while staying true to the most important people, their clients.